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IPrice calculator LIGHT is the simple and flexible component for a quote calculation. It allows to create interactive price lists of products or services on your Joomla site. User can select necessary products or services and send order to the manager.

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- Hierarchy of items - categories;
- Calculate an item total, a category subtotal, grand total;
- Multicurrency - allows to choose the currency for item list;
- Import items from CSV file;
- Allows to use tabs for items of a category;
- Allows to send an order to the manager and to the customer. Store the order into the order table;
- Viewing and removal of orders;
- Captcha protect an order form from spam;
- It is possible to organize several price-lists using the filter of categories in the menu item parameters of the component;


version 1.1.16:
- Added parameter "Force user login for view price list". It allows to force login for non-registered users to view price list.
- Improved '+', '-' buttons for a quantity field: disabled a text selecting when double click these buttons.

version 1.1.15:
- Fixed the bug: decimal separator does not show for amounts.

version 1.1.14:
- Fixed incompatibility with K2 system plugin.
- Fixed rounding error of amounts in a price-list and in an order.
- Some minor improvements.

version 1.1.13:
- Improved an order layout. Now HTML layout of an order is not truncated by web-mail clients, which are not support CSS styles in e-mail body.
- Some minor improvements.

SPAM problem

Posted on 19 January 2014

In 5 minute after install appear first SPAM. I used this module before but i remember the reason for uninstalling, just for the same reason. I activate the reCaptcha and after that not sending email and not go to first page. I

Owner's reply: Please, pay attention for the new version 1.1.9. It has an improved captcha support

Congratulations! Thank you!

All functions are perfect!

Pretty nice!

Posted on 10 September 2013

This is a pretty nice ordering form for joomla 2.5 (product list + contact form)

There are some issues: for example in EUR, CSV import does not allow decimals.

Support is also non-existent: i left 2 questions on the English forum which after one month had no reaction, but this is understandable for a free component.

All in all, the perfect component for the task that I needed if for, giving only 4 stars out of 5 because of the decimals problem and the complete absence of support.

Still, great stuff! :)

Owner's reply: Unfortunately I can not always pay attention on the users free component. Especially now, when I'm busy of huge work on a adaptation components of family IPrice for Joomla 3.x. When the hard work is over, I'll try to pay more attention to the free versions of the component

I needed a simple order form and after searching and testing several modules and components I selected iPrice Light.

I supports order calculation in a very user friendly form. It is very easy to configure even for a newbie like me. The admin menus need a little of styling and formatting but it is really something I can live with.

Simply the best order form for basic application.


Owner's reply: The layout of the admin panel of the component is optimized for Joomla 3.0. It may not be entirely accurate for Joomla 2.5

I searched for a long time to get an extension that will do what IPrice Calculator Does. It allows a simple order form for online ordering ant totals the price and sends the owner an email with the order. It is very easy to configure and I had a recent problem but the support was great and now it is solved.



Free | Images | Igort
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Many Joomla! users have faced the need to output articles in a category or section blog layout, especially multi-column, with smaller pictures while retaining their original size inside the article view. It may sometimes also be necessary to include a picture of reduced size accompanied with a link to the full size image in the article view. SmartResizer plug-in is a universal solution to those needs. This light plug-in creates two thumbnails for an image inside an article: the first is for inclusion inside the article and the second is for a category or section blog. This makes it possible to create a small thumbnail for a category blog, section blog and front page articles, and a midsize thumbnail for the article view. The plug-in also automatically creates a link to a full-size image if the picture has the thumbnail inside the article. The plug-in can create a third large thumbnail to open as the fullsize image. Nice feature, if a site upload photos directly from the camera with a very large size. There are some features of the plugin: - crop or fit image to thumbnail size. - Auto ajust size of thumbnail, if you set only width or only height of thumbnail. - Three ways to store thumbnails: in the same folder as original image; in cache folder; in subfolder 'smart_thumbs' of original folder. - Processing of remote images. - Three ways to open original image: popup window, Joomla SqweezBox, Highslide effect. - Allows to show the caption under or above the thumbnail. Supported image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF. Languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish, German Read more at Documentation URL. Version updates: verion 1.18: - Bug fixed: large thumbnail do not open in popup window as original image. - Allows to show the caption under or above the thumbnail. verion 1.17: - Bug fixed: double initialization of Highslide when processing more than 1 image. - Bug fixed: do not show the full image in Popup window, if the image path is relative. - Bug fixed: do not show the full image with Highslide effect, if the image path is relative. verion 1.16: - Plugin is now compatible with Joomla 3.0. - Bug fixed: incorrect size detection of the original image. - Now plugin allows to create large thumbnail for fullsize image. Nice feature, if your users upload photos to site directly from the camera with a very large size. Plug-in can create a thumbnail given size to open fullsize image.
IPrice calculator

IPrice calculator

Paid download | Shopping Cart | Igort
0 reviews
IPrice calculator is the mini e-shop for your Joomla site. Main features: - Two ways to display of products: functional and flexible interactive price-list and interactive catalogue. - Calculation of totals, taxes, discounts "on-the-fly". - Allows to make "Quick order" without adding items to a shopping cart. - Flexible discounts. - One step shopping cart. - Multicurrency. - Import items from CSV file. - Two level of hierarchy: Section-category. - Allows to insert the price-list, catalogue or "Buy" button into an article or content of other extensions using the content plugin IPrice. - Allows to redirect to the specified URL after sending order. Such as redirect to PayPal to pay an order. Languages: English, Russian Version history: 1.5.18 - Now You can specify the default sorting for product list. Also You can allow/disallow to sort a product list by any field. - Some minor improvement of usability of selecting quantity. 1.5.17 - Now You can configure up to 5 additional custom searchable fields for an item in price-list - Impoved automatic database upgrade from IPrice calculator LIGHT. - Improved compatibility with PHP 5.4 or higher. 1.5.16 - Now User can view and print order after sending order (need additional setting of component parameter) (DEMO). - Improved compatibility with PHP 5.4 or higher. 1.5.15 - Now it is possible to force user authentication before making an order. - Improved order layout. - Some minor improvements. 1.5.14 - Now it is possible to add, edit. remove, publish/unpublish order contact fields. Now you can specify the default selected quantity for an item. - Now you can use 'camera' icon instead of image of an item in price-list to make price-list more compact (Demo). - Now you can specify more parameters to configure an order layout: 'Show short description column', 'Show unit column', 'Show discount column', 'Show total item column' - Some minor improvements. 1.5.13 - Improved support Captcha. Now the component supports any captcha plugins installed on your Joomla site. - Improved "quick order" mode - the user can send an order without adding items into shopping cart. - Some minor improvements.
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IPrice calculator LIGHT

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Mar 05 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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