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IPrice calculator LIGHT is the simple and flexible component for a quote calculation. It allows to create interactive price lists of products or services on your Joomla site. User can select necessary products or services and send order to the manager.

- Hierarchy of items - categories;
- Calculate an item total, a category subtotal, grand total;
- Multicurrency - allows to choose the currency for item list;
- Import items from CSV file;
- Allows to use tabs for items of a category;
- Allows to send an order to the manager and to the customer. Store the order into the order table;
- Viewing and removal of orders;
- Captcha protect an order form from spam;
- Flexible price-list table allows to hide some fields on narrow screens
- It is possible to organize several price-lists using the filter of categories in the menu item parameters of the component;


version 1.1.61:
- Bug fixed: Can't save item after editing

version 1.1.60:
- Now the component is ready to use for Joomla 4
- Some minor improvements

version 1.1.59:
- Added global options for the component, allowing you to set the minimum and maximum quantity for all items when they are selected by the user.

version 1.1.58:
- Added global options for the component, allowing you to set the step of changing the quantity of items when it is selected and the quantity of items selected by default for all items in the price list at once.

version 1.1.57:
- Added the ability to set the minimum number of item for selection by the user

version 1.1.56:
- Added the ability to set the maximum number of item for selection by the user

version 1.1.55:
- Now the item option "Disable editing quantity" also works if a predefined list of values is specified for the item quantity.

version 1.1.54:
- Added the item parameter "Increment qty of an item" - the step of changing the quantity of item when changing the quantity using arrows. This allows you to restrict the user to order a batch of items for several pieces, if you also use the "Disable editing quantity" parameter.

version 1.1.53:
- Added the parameter of the component "Send a copy of the order to e-mail addresses", which allows you to specify additional e-mail addresses of recipients user's order.

version 1.1.52:
- Now you can select the manager of orders from Joomla user list instead of specifing ID of the user

version 1.1.51:
- Improved filters in the component's admin panel.

version 1.1.50:
- Improved Captcha support for the latest Joomla version.

version 1.1.49:
- Added component parameters with which you can allow hiding certain price list fields on narrow screens.

version 1.1.48:
- Added the ability to set a list of values for selecting the quantity of an item. The user must select the item quantity from this list.

version 1.1.47:
- Improved display of price list on narrow screens of mobile devices. Now columns for short descriptions, prices and additional. fields will be automatically hidden in the price list on narrow screens.
- Improved display of prices. Now on narrow screens the price digits will not be wrapped to a new line if they contain digit separators or a currency symbol separated from the amount by a space.

version 1.1.46:
- Improved the display of the selection area for the quantity of items in the price list, which was sometimes incorrectly displayed on some templates.

version 1.1.45:
- Added the ability to hide totals by category.

version 1.1.44:
- The amounts precision increased. Now You can use up to 4 decimals for amounts.

version 1.1.43:
- Fixed a bug when filtering orders in backend

version 1.1.42:
- Fixed a bug where in some cases the input of the quantity exceeded the border of the input field

Pretty good for basic options. What's lacking is selecting the optional and non-optional fields, f.e.
Ease of use
Easy to use.
I used this to: When finalizing order, I get error message: "Notice: Could not instantiate mail function." Underneath is the "successful sent" message and the email is delivered.
Using php mailer, my email address is on my domain, the same for super user and global config

SPAM problem

Posted on 19 January 2014
In 5 minute after install appear first SPAM. I used this module before but i remember the reason for uninstalling, just for the same reason. I activate the reCaptcha and after that not sending email and not go to first page. I
Owner's reply: Please, pay attention for the new version 1.1.9. It has an improved captcha support
Congratulations! Thank you!

All functions are perfect!

Pretty nice!

Posted on 10 September 2013
This is a pretty nice ordering form for joomla 2.5 (product list + contact form)

There are some issues: for example in EUR, CSV import does not allow decimals.

Support is also non-existent: i left 2 questions on the English forum which after one month had no reaction, but this is understandable for a free component.

All in all, the perfect component for the task that I needed if for, giving only 4 stars out of 5 because of the decimals problem and the complete absence of support.

Still, great stuff! :)
Owner's reply: Unfortunately I can not always pay attention on the users free component. Especially now, when I'm busy of huge work on a adaptation components of family IPrice for Joomla 3.x. When the hard work is over, I'll try to pay more attention to the free versions of the component
I needed a simple order form and after searching and testing several modules and components I selected iPrice Light.

I supports order calculation in a very user friendly form. It is very easy to configure even for a newbie like me. The admin menus need a little of styling and formatting but it is really something I can live with.

Simply the best order form for basic application.

Owner's reply: The layout of the admin panel of the component is optimized for Joomla 3.0. It may not be entirely accurate for Joomla 2.5
I searched for a long time to get an extension that will do what IPrice Calculator Does. It allows a simple order form for online ordering ant totals the price and sends the owner an email with the order. It is very easy to configure and I had a recent problem but the support was great and now it is solved.


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IPrice calculator LIGHT

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Feb 03 2023
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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