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J2XML is an easy to use import/export solution for your Joomla!® 2.5+ powered website.

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Export articles, users and weblinks to an xml file.
Import articles, users and weblinks from an xml file (generated by J2XML)
Send articles, users and weblinks to another Joomla! 2.5+ site.
CLI (command line interface)


Seems to e the only to manage transfert from 1.5 to 3.x. It worked like a charm.

Ease of use

Read carefully the instructions and it do the job


Need support ?



Hands down I must give this component at PERFECT score. Would score higher if that was possible. Outstanding job.

Ease of use

I can now say I am an expert in Joomla design. BUT when I started I wasn't. This component is for ANYONE beginner or expert. VERY EASY!


Never needed it. Just that great of a component. Works out of the box.

I used this to: I maintain two very complicated websites -- school based. Needed to export hundreds of articles and categories. Did this with ease. Really.


This component is one of the most beautiful things ever!

Ease of use

Super easy to set up and use.


Easy to understand.

I used this to: I used it to migrate articles from one website to a new one.

Migration magic!

Posted on 21 January 2015

Imagine the parameters you would want to set if you wanted to export content to use elsewhere. Those parameters are all here in the options.

Ease of use
I used this to: I exported the entire content from a J2.5.28 site and imported into a clean J3.3.6 install both using J2XML. It worked without any issues. It's taken me longer to write up this review than to migrate my data.

excellent, brilliant!

Posted on 22 December 2014

I am very satisfied, beautiful extension!

Ease of use

Very easy to use.


I had a very small hard time to find the exact procedure how to implement the procedure of exporting and importing.

I used this to: migration of articles and pictures from local to remote site

Excellent Component

Posted on 19 December 2014

Did exactly what it said it would do.

Ease of use

This extension worked out-of-the-box. Simple and hassle free.


No support but the extension is so easy to use, you don't really need any support.


Documentation is a little hard to find. But it is there if you need it, which you wont.

I used this to: I used this to export a stack of articles from Joomla 2-5 site, and imported them into Joomla 3.3.6 site.
It worked very well.
Had one small error where the receiving site couldn't read the format of the .xml file it was trying to import. {j2xml file format unknown. impossible

Nothing else does this

Posted on 19 October 2014

With this simple but amazing extension you can export individual articles or categories of articles from one site and then import them into another site, retaining article ID's if desired.

It does more things, but that's what I used it for. In my case, I imported articles from two different Joomla sites into a new site.

Even though the component is free there is support. I was confused about something and within hours the developer clarified what I needed to do in my case.

Needless to say I clicked on his paypal donation button and was happy to give him a donation -- for such a time saver. Without this component I would have spent countless hours -- and it took care of it all in minutes.


Man this was an absolute lifesaver in at least 5 customer-joomlas for me, I thank you so much for this great piece of code!

5 minutes and I had all my articles exported from old 2.5 site and imported in a fresh new 3.x site, saving all my articles and categories.

For users: if you have articles in the joomla archiv, dont forget to export them too.

After installation from the component there is an additional export button in the articles overview, select all articles, click export, you got an xml file, and import that in the new joomla with the same installed component, ready.

5 stars for you, thank you!

Making Life Easy...

Posted on 26 August 2014

This one made is so simple to throw articles from one Joomla to other Joomla site.

I was able to move articles from multiple and selected categories to my new site in just few minutes.

Thank you again for such wonderful addition.

This is my first time reviewing anything in any depth, but as the director of a start-up, all volunteer non-profit, I discovered J2XML at a desperate time. Our J1.5 site was mercilessly hacked and needed to migrate to get back online. J2XML was the only product we could find (and afford), so we decided to test it out.

I was skeptical. I've used highly rated free apps, most fail to deliver. Those that do often don't do so uniformly. I was THRILLED when it turned out J2XML was a rare exceptional exception. Kudos Eshiol(?)... no, just looked it up - Kudos, Helios Ciancio!

In short, J2XML made migration of content from J1.5 to 3.3 quite easy and instructions were easy to follow. I have yet to encounter a donation-requested-not-mandated (free) app of this high quality and was highly impressed by the developers commitment to excellence. Frankly, I was also very moved by the (your) generous sharing of hard work, without expectation of anything in return, given the few if any freely shared Joomla migration apps made available.

With that said, J2XML doesn't do everything for you, nor does it claim to.

For our NGO, the migration process has stalled for lack of expertise in customizing Jv.3 templates to match our Jv1.5. So, depending on your needs, your level of expertise and/or free time, you may find yourself in the same boat. It may be that there's an app out there that can do it, for a fee, but I'm under the impression the paid apps do not substantially differ in function from J2XML.

While an app capable of seeing the remainder of the process would have been ideal, the limited scope of the app in no way diminishes the quality of this developers' work. We've made it 3/4 of the way there, which means less funds going to a professional to get our site live again... So, THANK YOU for your help and THANK YOU on behalf of our community - families and the children who've been abused in residential and rehabilitation centers. :)

J2XML Importer

J2XML Importer

Free | Joomla Migration | Helios Ciancio
55 reviews
J2XML Importer is the easy way to migrate contents from Joomla!® 1.5 to 1.7+. You have to export the contents from Joomla!® 1.5 using J2XML and then import into Joomla!® 1.7+ web site using J2XML Importer. Features * import articles (keep ids) * import categories/sections * import users (keep ids) * import images * import weblinks

J2XML Set images

Free | Data Import & Export | Helios Ciancio
2.5 3
0 reviews
Set the intro image and the full article image to articles imported via J2XML or any other way. This plugin allows you to use the first image of the intro text as the intro image, and the first image of full text or intro text as the full article image. You can also set the fields caption, alt and float. Features + Set the intro image and the full article image to articles imported via J2XML. + Import or remove external and embedded images.
J2XML Wordpress Importer

J2XML Wordpress Importer

Free | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | Helios Ciancio
2.5 3
0 reviews
J2XML Wordpress Importer is the plugin for J2XML 3.1 that allows you to import posts and categories from a WordPress export file. Requires J2XML 3.1.rc2 or above.
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Helios Ciancio
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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