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Latest News Enhanced Extended is an all-in-one news/articles module presenting the latest, featured, popular, future (even pending), related or random article snippets in a consistent professional fashion. It has tons of features and is extremely flexible. It is highly configurable and expandable but remains easy to use.

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  • multiple ways to select news articles (standard Joomla! or K2): by categories, by tags, by author and/or by date range (past or future),
  • exclude/include specific articles,
  • configure items with images from the article, author's picture or calendar,
  • link to articles (or use link a, link b or link c for standard Joomla!) from the title and/or 'read more' links,
  • style items from responsive-ready designs,
  • crop and resize the pictures to fit the configuration (thumbnails can be stored in /images),
  • style calendars from pre-made calendar configurations,
  • limit the into text to be shown,
  • add detailed information (author, hits, ratings, categories, date, keywords, tags, links, ...),
  • format dates and times,
  • add pagination and/or pre-configured animations,
  • cache the created on-the-fly stylesheets and scripts for faster loading...

Version 2 brings:

  • Bootstrap ready buttons and pagination,
  • social sharing,
  • jComments integration,
  • better K2 integration (user avatar...)
  • a better, cleaner, easier to understand user interface,
  • open articles in popup windows,
  • degraded items configurations to show less information after showing X items,
  • more styling choices (shadows, hover effects...),
  • more pagination choices,
  • minimum item size to limit how small an item can be when resized,
  • calendar images located in the /images directory,
  • common stylesheet for all instances to limit the stylesheets footprint...


Superior in every way. The sky is the limit in my experience. Highly functional.

Ease of use

With so many options it's still easy to use. It does have a lot of things you can customize so you have to spend some time learning it. Nice


This is the crème de la crème of Joomla extension support. The developer literally blew my mind with the comprehensive support provided!


There is good documentation on this explaining the myriad of options available. Did I mention the support!? You will have no problems.

Value for money

Extremely good.

I used this to: I needed a highly specialized module for a new client to display certain parts of an article in a module. I soon realized this was exactly what I needed. The developer helped me tweak this to absolute perfection. I could not believe how great this worked out. Brilliant!
Owner's reply: Thank you so much for this enthusiastic review.
I certainly was glad to provide support and it really helped on improving the module's functionality. So a win-win in my opinion!

I downloaded this extension had a quick fiddle with it and was displaying the most recently updated articles in no time at all.

It really is that simple, after selecting the display configuration, embed the module inside an article using the {loadpostion} Joomla plug in.

I had an issue with the commercial licence whereby I was asked, and paid, a commercial fee to post to the forum even after having purchased the Extended edition.

I had a bit of moan about this to Olivier and he advised I should not have paid the extra commercial fee and refunded this within 12 hours.

The forum is great and well attended by the developer (Take heed some of you JEDers out there who think help is an swear word)

Owner's reply: Thank you so much for this great review. I really do appreciate it. I take great pride in my work and the help I can provide when things don't always go as smoothly as expected. Thank you!

This module is swiss knife for display news (articles)

On my page is used on many ways:

on my frontpage for display featured articles, as module for display related articles, as module for display news in sliding animation, as module for display calendar events (because has nice calendar icon for display date)

New versions (upgrades) are frequent, and owner of module Oliver listen to the suggestion of users..

At end, support is really fast and friendly

Go ahead Oliver..

Owner's reply: Thank you so much for the review and for using the module so extensively! Your real life examples sure show what can be done with it. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. I do appreciate it very much!

I use this module three times for a music band site and it is working like a charme. Latest News Enhanced Extended is easy to install, to configure and the result is as expected. It's parameter and translation / caption is very helpfull while configuring it. It allows you to let your site view different just using one module in various variations.

On top of that the developer runs a forum and a great help site, is responding fast and always willing to help. Highly recommended!

Owner's reply: Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I really appreciate this.

I use this module on frontpage of my magazine site. Using multiple copies of this module (with varying settings) I get good looking magazine site.

Author of module (Oliver) has great support and gladly helps me if I had trouble :-)

Owner's reply: I do appreciate the review, thank you very much. I am here to help as much as I can with issues and I must say it is rather gratifying to know I have a satisfied user...

Excellent product

Posted on 10 February 2013

I used this extension for a magazine site, Latest News Enhanced Extended has a lot of definable parameters and easy to configure. Great Job and great support.

Owner's reply: Thank you very much for the review!

I've purchased this module to enhance our "What's New" Module. The default options in Joomla are limited, however this module is packed with options that will allow you to create some very creative ways to display your content. It can create Blog style pages using Joomla! loadposition in an article, it can create a news module with background images, calendar tags, lots and lots of great stuff! Can't wait for the update. :)

Owner's reply: Thank you so much for this great review and for being the first in posting one! I really appreciate it.
jQuery Easy

jQuery Easy

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This plugin is meant to help clean and resolve front and back end issues when using instances of jQuery alongside the Mootools libraries. WHAT IT DOES OUT-OF-THE BOX calls jQuery and jQuery UI libraries from the Google CDN (with or without protocol) - but you can do it locally too, places jQuery libraries after MooTools calls for perfect compatibility, adds the noConflict() code alongside the jQuery library call, strips out extra jQuery and jQuery UI libraries, including the noConflict() calls added by other modules or plugins, lets you choose jQuery UI basic styling or custom theme. WHAT YOU CAN TWEAK disable MooTools libraries tentatively in the frontend, enable or disable the plugin in specific portions of the site, from template to single page, use reporting to get feedback on what the plugin engine has done, add or remove scripts and stylesheets, strip blank lines left by the modifications made to the page, prevent some libraries to be stripped out, modify the way the engine works by default (do not add or remove noConflict() code...), ... Try the new jQuery Easy Profiles for Joomla! 3+ that allows multiple configurations to work seamlessly for different parts of a site. Speed up your pages and limit your server load. More information on the developer's website.
Trombinoscope Extended

Trombinoscope Extended

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Trombisnoscope Extended is a component that shows a list of contacts in a picture-only or business card (vcard) style fashion (like a Year Book, a company's trombinoscope...). Contacts are still managed by the standard Joomla! contacts extension. It contains the following features: select contacts by categories, tags (Joomla 3.1+), keywords to create grid-like pages of contacts, select themes and modify the styles to your liking, format the name, choose a sort order, show contact information (every single field available, including links a..e) in 2 possible ways (plain text or just icon link), show those fields with or without labels or icons, restrict access (public, registered users...), format addresses, link them with automatic mapping, choose to link the contacts to open in a specific contact page (from the component or Joomla), add pagination, alphabetic, category and tags index for menu items, add print and search capabilities, use a default picture if the contact has none, or show no photo at all, crop, resize and filter the pictures (grayscale...), use links a..e to link to Facebook, Twitter..., the icons are automatically selected or (v2+ only) use the plugin that adds social fields to the contact, obfuscate the email addresses to hide them from spambots, edit the contacts on the public side of a site through the user profile, use the module to show a specific contact, the logged-in user or related contacts to the one showing in contact view, import contacts through CSV, make the grid responsive, paysage-style cards turn into portrait-mode when too small, use the internationalization capabilities, link emails directly to a contact's form, (v2+ only) create contact views in 2 possible layouts (multi-columns or tabs), (v2+ only) use additional fields that are available throughout the extension (gender, birthdate, map, company, department, Facebook, LinkedIn... and many more), (v2+ only) download vcards that target personal or business profiles, more complete than the original vcard downloads proposed by Joomla and language-friendly, (v2+ only) give a specific look to the social icons, (v2+ only) use CSS3 hover effects on pictures and linked fields, (v2+ only) play with more styling options, (v2+ only) link addresses with a Google map URL, (v2+ only) use the mobile-ready features, (v2+ only) use the module carousel capabilities (module Trombinoscope is free to try), and so much more...
c m p
Custom reCaptcha

Custom reCaptcha

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Custom reCaptcha is a plugin that gives you control over the look of the Google's reCaptcha widget. It can replace the standard reCaptcha plugin packaged with Joomla! reCaptcha from Google is a 'one-size-fits-all-designs' widget that does not offer many possible styles. Until now it fit my projects but once I started working on responsive templates, the size of the default reCaptcha themes started being in the way, especially for mobile designs. Nothing is lost, as Google offers a way to get the widget in a 'raw' state and is (almost) fully skinnable (see Customizing the Look and Feel of reCAPTCHA). The purpose of this simple plugin is to give you access to the raw widget and allow you to perform your own skinning, right from your template. Hard core stylers and developers alike, go crazy and make it beautiful. Do not hesitate to show off your designs in the forum.


Free | Address Book | Olivier Buisard
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Trombisnoscope is a module that shows a list of contacts in a one-column fashion. It is NOT a contact form replacement. Features: show contacts from categories, show a specific contact, related contacts or the contact info of the logged user, select sub-categories automatically, set the maximum number of contacts to show (if nothing specified, it will show all contacts), show only the published contacts, set the alignment in which the picture is shown (possible to alternate left and right), the images do not 'bleed' out of the column (automatic size restriction), set the order of the contacts (ascending or descending order with names formatted as one or 2 words, which is great for contacts with firstname/lastname), set the view format of the name, show a default picture if contact pictures are missing. If not set, will use the default fallback styling for contacts with no picture (default picture size is 100px X 120px), show up to 5 fields from the contacts, show extra fields like a formatted address, set the contact link label to access the contact page. If no label is specified, will use the name as the link, open the contact in a standard page or a popup (no form allowed in popup), several options to format the information (empty fields, spaces when information is missing), fully css customizable. Buy the enhanced version 'Trombinoscope Extended' for much more functionality!
jQuery Easy Profiles

jQuery Easy Profiles

Paid download | Performance | Olivier Buisard
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Take jQuery fixing to the next level and use the full power of the Joomla! framework to create separate jQuery Easy configuration profiles. Fine-tune your jQuery requirements (including jQuery UI and Mobile) and only fix issues on pages that cause problem. And now, you can even limit the plugin's processing to the head area of your site pages! That will consume less server resources and definitely improve performance. Manage different templates (perfect to separate desktop and mobile websites), select menu items, user access or language to completely make jQuery Easy work for your website. The jQuery Easy Profiles package contains a module and a plugin. Enable the plugin to run jQuery Easy on your website. No changes are mades until profiles (or module instances) are created. Set a custom template position that will be used by the modules and use the report feature to see the plugin in action. Restrict plugin access to Super Users and test your settings on your production site, without any risk. The visitors of your site won't suspect a thing. Create any number of profiles by using the module's framework and decide where the plugin will be active. Do finer tuning by using optional 'enable' and 'disable' parameters. Set the basic and expert parameters like it is already done in jQuery Easy.
m p
Article Details

Article Details

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Override article information details and show them the way YOU want. Some features: - choose which categories can be altered by the plugin or use the plugin's syntax to individually target articles, - modify the article, blog/list (category) and featured views, - choose which elements to show (hits, author, rating - voting included, dates, times, categories, keywords, tags, links A..C, social, email and print links, jcomments count...) without overriding article default options, - use plain text to create elaborate combinations of elements, - use publish down dates to use standard articles as events, - link keywords for immediate search results (standard or smart search), - add an optional calendar representation, - override CSS for display and print, - cache the stylesheets for better performance, - use on multi-language sites... This is also the perfect complement to Latest News Enhanced Extended.
Weblink Logos

Weblink Logos

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Display weblinks with logos from a category defined in the standard Joomla! Weblinks component in a grid or list-fashion. Add hover effects and carousel style animation. Features: - choose grid or list layout, - show the logo alongside caption, description and hits, - apply CSS3 hover effects, - apply filters to the images for standard hover effect, - animate the elements right to left or bottom to top, - show arrows and/or let the animation play by itself, - mobile and touch-ready...
Truly Responsive Slider

Truly Responsive Slider

Paid download | Slideshow | Olivier Buisard
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Truly Responsive Slider for Joomla! is not your typical slider: it specifically targets websites that are responsive in design. It not only resizes itself, using the full potential of the well-known jQuery-built Flexslider, but it handles different image sizes depending on devices viewports for faster page loading (using the ResponsiveImg jQuery plugin). With Truly Responsive Slider, you can now create slideshows that are friendly for search robots and interactive for your users since every slide's content is just plain html (and not an image containing text). Try before you buy version available! Features: any image directory, standard Joomla article or K2 items sets can be used as data source for your slides, source images are used to create the slide's background, source content is used as content for a slide, positioned in any determined area, several slider types are available (with or without thumbnails), background images can be optionally resized for mobile devices (using breakpoints), slide transition options are also available (speed, auto start...), a comprehensive interface when familiar with slideshow software, CSS customizable navigation arrows, cached and minimized stylesheets and scripts, full K2 support.

Latest News Enhanced Extended

1.5.1 - 2.0.2
Olivier Buisard
Last updated:
Jun 19 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Latest News Enhanced
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