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Social 2s is a Joomla Plugin to display and link your website with the most popular social networks (twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, google+, G+1, tumblr, vk).

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There are lots of Joomla plugins that do that. So why Social 2s is special?

Social 2s doesn't load external javascript if not needed, and only loads the required javascript. Say goodbye to load hundreds of unnecessary scripts and say hello to a faster web.

More features:
Article and Category view display
Supports OpenGraph
Supports FontAwesome
Supports Bootstrap 3
Supports for Virtuemart
Different styles (dark, colored, icon).

minor aesthetic changes

Opengraph customized image option except article content
Opengraph extended tags: amount, currency, dates start, dates end

Opengraph customized image

New style coloured icons
Adjustments in all styles and behaviors
Cookie style tuned

Preliminary support for virtuemart
Minor language fix
Added Modern Base template (css3)
Minor aesthetic changes in colour and dark style

Minor bugfix with position (if you have problems with that, please open plugin configuration, choose after, before or both positions and save)

Minor aesthetic bugfix
Intro and full images check

> 1.0.46
group buttons and button sizes UNLOCKED!
better arrange of buttons

> 1.0.45
New api for tumblr with localise
Category support for tumblr

> 1.0.44
Category support for pinterest & linkedin

> 1.0.43
Category support for twitter & facebook

> 1.0.42
improved bootstrap buttons

facebook opengraph metas images

first implementation facebook opengraph metas

fix FontAwesome font path
FontAwesome updated 4.3.0

improved colored template

improved dark template

add base css
add style system for better templating
adapt sizes to Bootstrap3
minor fixes

Fb language fixed (thanks to Heikki Jokinen)

FontAwesome updated to 4.2
VK added
Minor bugfix

Tumblr added

fixed arrow with offscreen elements

beta versions
offscreen check
update bootstrap 3.2.0

Twitter api updated
Facebook api updated
Pinterest updated
Fixed error with pinterest count

license check updated
minor bugfix

minor bugfix

Suppor for joomla 3.2 beta
Better organization
Template system
Dark template added
minor bugfix

Excellent extension

Posted on 20 January 2015

Quick installer, and great performance. Excelent layout and everything work perfect.

Ease of use

"Easy to use" defines this extension. You do not need support or documentacion, really intuitive.

I used this to: I am using the extension on the following website:

I've been using social share plugins for years and years, until I found out that they added about 2 seconds to my page load time, regardless of whether they were used on the page. That's when I decided to try this free plugin. It works perfectly for what I need, and, most important, it doesn't slow my site down unnecessarily. A nice little feature is of course the fact it can use fontAwesome: I'm a graet fan! And I was pleased to find it automatically uses my template colours. What could be better than that? A great thanks to the builder!

Owner's reply: Thank you very much for you review. Your comment gives to me power to continue developing plugins and components. I focused in speed and security (facebook spies us, you know :p) and european cookie confirm law support (in pro version).

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dx FontAwesome button

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Social 2s

Last updated:
Jun 04 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
Uses updater:
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