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ARI Quiz Lite ComponentModule

ARI Quiz Lite has been updated. New version is compatible with Joomla! 3.0.

ARI Quiz Lite is a simple Joomla! quiz component which provides ability of creating various tests to evaluate respondent's level of knowledge. It can help organizing quizzes on your Joomla! site.

* provides statistics of test results
* allows to group tests via categories
* provides 3 predefined types of questions
* question templates support
* supports CSS templates for quiz
* ability to create templates for result pages, emailing results, print versions
* export results to CSV
* ability to randomly select number of questions from question-pool or use them in queue

ARI Quiz Lite contains 4 modules:

Last result: shows N results of last passed tests
Top result: shows N best results of passed tests
User last result: shows N results of last passed tests for logged user
User top result: shows N best results of passed test for logged user

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Reviews: 2
Just perfect for making quizzes for my students. Thanks a lot !
Reviews: 1
Very well made, easy to use and work very fine. To me the best free quiz component. Two things I appreciated best: it is very intuitive and essential.
So it's not complicated, but It has all you need, so you don't need to study on it and it take few time to start with your tests.
And the support is very good!
I'm using it as integration of language classes.

I'm considering the full version. It seems good too.
Only on the question types, still missing the "Fill in the blank"
Such as: "In first aid, the mnemonic ABC stands for _____, _____, and _____."
So that learners can compile the fields in blank (or in option the ability to select a choise for each blank field by a drop-down list).
I hope ari team will consider it for the next release...
Reviews: 2
It's a great component for the quiz and online exam. You can easily monitor the results of the applicants. Thanks ari team.....
Reviews: 2
If you want a functional, very intuitive and customisable quiz/survey extension, there is no doubt ARI quiz Lite is going to meet your expectations. Support is also available if you need it and it's quick and efficient. I am very impressed!
Reviews: 51
The free quiz component is a good addition to any website. We have a small diving club, and being able to make some educational quizez on the website, is very nice, and good training for the members.
The support is good, and the component works, the documentation is a bit missing, but it's easy to figure out what's going on.
I would like to have more 'questionmodes' than the standardly provided, but so far it's quite good.
Reviews: 1
I spent 2 whole days, going through the features, and trying out various quiz extensions. Ari is the one with all the features required to run professional quizzes. Very easy installation, no technical expertize required. Up and running within minutes. And the best part is their excellent and instant support, which would generally not be required. I required it for a very specific purpose, and it was promptly delivered.

Thanks a lot Ari Soft.
Reviews: 1
I have spent hours with various other quiz components and this is by far the easiest and least problematic. I like that each question shows up separately. The progress bar and customizable results report are great features, too. It is fast, friendly and reliable.
Reviews: 1
The first template I have succesfully installed and used to good effect. In fact I am going to purchase the paid for version based on my experince with this.
The paid for version allows you to give detailed results to users whereas the Lite version just gives a summary of how many questions the quiz taker got right. But the good thing with the Lite version is that you can see how the thing works before you pay your money to get the full version.
I particularly liked the fact that when you select Menu Manager to add a new item, Ari Quiz is listed as one of the menu alternatives. Simple even I figured it out.
Reviews: 2
ARI Quiz lite is excellent component but I'm unable to find correct answers. Yo should provide list of incorrect answers with result.
Reviews: 2
The main disadvantage with the lite version is it's inability to display detailed anwsers to quizzes.

In addition, it's inabillity for the admin to delete tests taken by the user.

If the lite version is meant as some kind of demo for the full version, I think it does a poor job.

However, spending $75 for the full version seems fair to me, but I would like to try a demo first.
Owner's reply

"ARI Quiz Lite" is a simple quiz extension which provides basic functions to create quizzes on Joomla! sites. "ARI Quiz Lite" and "ARI Quiz" are two different extensions. You can find the comparison table for these extensions on our site.

It is possible to try both extensions in action on our demo site.

Reviews: 2
Very good component and excellent support. After a small problem with the installation of the component came immediate help from support. Thanks :-)
Reviews: 2
I have used Ari quiz lite. I like this component. Then I need more then this component features. I have bought Ari quiz. Ari quiz realy good component with lot of features.
But I want to mention an important fact. I use this component and 2 modules of ARI, and the fact is realy better then all extensions of ARI is their support. Now, if I need any extension, first of all I look throught Ari extensions.
I am sorry for my English!
Reviews: 1
First of all i appreciate the way this component is layouted, but i am facing a problem which struck me creating any quiz for my site, That is when i want to create question by selecting certain quiz, it doest not let me allow or when i click apply or save button it does nothing. Please verify or help in this reagards.. Thanks
Owner's reply

If you have any problem with the component, report about it on our forum and we will try to help.

Reviews: 6
After installing of components I got to much "fopen, fclose fwrite" warnings. To use this component you have to modify attrib via ftp of some files. On my Joomla! installation is ftp configured and works fine. It look like the component do not use this option. I hope nex release will not have this problems. On the demo site look good component.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. Unfortunately you haven't contacted us about this problem. It seems the component couldn't set writable permissions for "administrator/components/com_ariquizlite/cache" folder and all sub-folders. Contact us by email or on our forum for futher assistance.

Reviews: 1
I love this module. I am building a certification prep site and this is the only module I have tested that works the way I need it to for the site.

The only issue I have is that I need the ability to either specify point values that have a decimal in them i.e 2.5 or for no value to be entered for the points and the points are calculated by dividing 100 by the total number of test questions.

Also, I wonder if there is a way to upgrade this to the full version without losing data?
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. We will take into account suggestion about score system. The component can be upgraded to pro version without losing data. If you have other questions, feel free to ask them on our forum or by email.

Reviews: 6
Thank you very much for this great components, it is perfect, and you can make all kinds of tests with it.

in fact, all ARI extensions are great, good job
Reviews: 1
Wow, this is one the few times I've installed an extension and everything worked without a glitch. Creating a quiz was no problem after I found out how the system works with quiz categories, question categories, etc., and in which order you must create them. Fortunately, for the on-line help is very sparse, it's all pretty intuitive if you think about what you're doing.

Then, I published my first quiz... and almost fell down of my chair. The system had placed the modules with the various quiz results without asking me, even on the front page. When you edit a Joomla website on-line, real-time, this stresses you because suddenly users can see something they're not supposed to see. OK, I quickly disabled the modules, the quiz, took a deep breath and went to it, to understand how Ari Quiz Lite functions. Again, not difficult at all. After one hour I had published the first quiz and it all looked and behaved as I wanted. One hour more and I had customized the templates for the web and for e-mails with seal, signatures, etc.

Well, now it all looks pretty good and impressive. Ari Quiz Lite is a great extension! Congratulations to its creators at Ari Soft. It does everything it should and does it well. I found a couple of small bugs (nothing horrendous), but I'm not sure yet whether they are Ari bugs or Joomla bugs (Joomla sometimes has a mind of its own).

Since this great extension is free, I feel I should contribute by offering my assistance for free to anyone working with Ari Quiz Lite and needing help. Are you stuck? Do you have a question? Feel free to mail me.

To see the end result in proper action, please visit At the bottom of the front page, to the right, there's a demo test for our students with all functionalities, but visitors are welcome to take this test as well. For the real tests, you'd have to be a registered student.

If Ari Quiz Lite is this good, then one wonders how the full version must be!

Five stars to Ari Quiz Lite (and I'm known by my students for being stingy with grades).


Reviews: 1
I tried the demo and it worked fine, but had problem downloading this component, the website did not allow me to download the file, I tried registeriing and then downloading and this didnt work as well, If you click the download link it just opens a php file and does nothing
Owner's reply

If you have any problem with the extension, feel free to contact us via forum or by email and we will be glad to help resolve the problem.