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RokBox Plugin

RokBox is a fully responsive modal plug-in for Joomla. The extension can display many different media formats such as images, videos, music, embedded widgets, Ajax content and Joomla modules and takes advantage of the new technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

★ Features

- HTML5 and CSS3
- Fully Responsive
- Auto thumbnails generator
- Captions supporting HTML syntax
- Ajax Content listener
- Multiple media types supported:
- Images: base64 encoded, jpg, gif, png, bmp, webp
- HTML5 Video and Audio
- TwitPic
- Instagram
- YouTube
- Vimeo
- Telly (ex TwitVid)
- Metacafe
- Dailymotion
- Spotify
- Google Maps
- Fit/Unfit Screen: If an image is too big it gets shrunk to fit the view-port but you can always click the Fit Screen icon to expand it and scroll.
- Albums to group related images
- Key Bindings for easy navigation: ⇠ (Previous), ⇢ (Next), f Fitscreen/Unfitscreen, esc Close

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Reviews: 4
This tool have many options and nice popup system, but its not working in ie, i am checking code, hope i can solve this problem.
Reviews: 1
Well, a mediabox which generates valid W3C HTML code, with a graphical interface!
Reviews: 9
Tools worked great until we added the component JGive to our joomla 2.5 installation. We were not able to get JGive properly running and found out after some days that the RokBox was causing this. We worked on it but found the solution in eliminating RokBox.
Reviews: 4
The plugin is very nice and non comercial, but I wonder that there is no support like forum for not club members.
For instance, I have problem to use it in Joomla 1,7 with tables. I want to align to wrap in text and always used for that purpose tables. Now Joomla 1,7 don't like tables and table with border="0" show border anyway.
How to configure rokbox without tables I don't find a way.

If you don't activate my review, please answer, because I can't write in Rokbox forum like I am not a member of club.
Reviews: 1
I installed this extension and it worked really well and I was very happy with it until I tested in IE9. It simply doesn't display the video files. I finally did manage to get the light box to pop up on IE9 but the files simply don't load. I also tested on the Ipad and Iphone same problem! I tried emailing the developers and has already been 5 days and no reply. It's a real pity because I was very happy until the IE9 and Ipad issues. Is there a solution to this?
Reviews: 8
Works great, once I'd figured out how to use it!
Reviews: 6
This is probably the best tool to show your media files in a beautiful popup + there is a lot of configuration options .
Reviews: 9
Clicking enable produced instant "Restricted Access" on both back and front end.

Had to remove manually from files and database.

Not worth paying for support just to fix and see if we can fix it.
Reviews: 4
It is a nice looking plugin.
However when i set the with and the height to a percentage, then all my javescript of the admin panel stoppes working. And it costed me many hours to find out that a small setting like that can cause so many problems on your website.
thats why i wouldn't recommend this plugin for the moment.
Reviews: 1
Quite easy to use and has some nice features like auto-thumbnail generation. Image galleries look good. Documentation doesn't explain some of the options very well, such as albums and how to use the syntax if you don't have one (it never actually explained what it meant by 'albums', or where/how these are stored).

I had a problem whereby reloading a page would not load the script/link tags into the Head tag (it appears to replace the tag with 4 script/link lines followed by ), but the replace doesn't work on a refresh, and the only way to report this bug or get support is to pay $50 minimum membership for their forums. I had to uninstall since refreshing a page with a gallery on lead to non-displaying images.
Reviews: 12
for a long time i`m using this great plugin:)
its really perfect,
-auto thumbnail generation
-cross browsers(not fully!)
-nice templates
-and so on!

but i rate this "Good" because with some other plugins i have problem in ie6,7 !
(the site closed with error)
this plugin is not so compatible with some other components like Usertoolbar

i mean rokbox.js is not so clear and cross-browser

Reviews: 3
I've been using Rokbox since Joomla 1.0.x, and currently use the Joomla 1.5 versions 1.5/2.2 of the content and system plugins, respectively.

I haven't found a better extension for handling multimedia files. Rokbox is easy to add to content items, handles links to video hosted at YouTube and Hulu, and works marvelously for images--the automatic thumbnail creation is great--with a couple of tweaks.

For some reason, out-of-the-box Rokbox is hard-coded to crop images when it creates thumbnails. I routinely change the line of code to scale rather than crop images when it creates thumbnails. It also doesn't add height and width attributes to the image tags it creates, which would be a small modification for the developers to make.

I have never gotten the local or remote FLV display to work. Apparently, this happens with some servers running mod_security that won't allow JWPlayer to access and play the videos, though other plugins, like Mgmediabot2, are able to do so. It will play other video file formats, so I usually convert FLV to MPEG if I need to run a local file.

The forum for Rokbox is pretty helpful if have issues, though it seems some posts go without response from the developers there are quite a few other users who respond. There are a Tips and Tricks and Solved Issues topics that are a must read if you have issues.

Rokbox, based on Mootools, doesn't play well with JQuery, though it is much better about this in Joomla 1.5.x than it was in Joomla 1.0.x. Think twice before you spend a lot of time on it if you're using a JQuery-dependent extension you can't live without.
Reviews: 1
I've seen the Demo site and this is exactly what i was looking for! but after a search in many discussions and youtube instruction movies i didn't find the solution to embed a youtube video.

Is there a standard link, where i can place my youtube URL's? or is there anyone who can explain me step by step what to do (the only thing i did till now is activate the plugin)

Reviews: 1
I aloso tried many other simular lightbox style plugins to display videos such as YouTube or Googlevideo.
But other plugins can't display control player.

Only "RokBox" can do it!!

Thanks a lot!!
Reviews: 3
I really like this plugin and would love to use it.
The numerous features are great and the look is awesome.

It works very well with Firefox 3.5.6 but I have javascript errors in IE8 as soon as I enable the "system - rokbox" plugin.

Am I supposed to pay 50$ for a membership of 60 days to not be sure it will work properly at the end...? May be a conflict with an other extension ?

Please the authors, let me know.
Reviews: 1
One of the best add-ons. I've been using it since the beginning
Reviews: 6
Thank you for such a great extension. Everything that I wanted to do with this extension worked flawlessly. Sure I had to make some thumbnail images and convert my video files to FLV but that was minor.

Thank you!

Check my Gallery and Testimonials webpages for the Rokbox at work:

Manny V
Reviews: 2
this is a nice tool for photos but a nightmare for video ! i've tried every syntax and copied code to get it to work like the example... don't know how they did that .. :(
Reviews: 4
As everything else that comes from this publisher (I'm a very happy member), this is a great extension. Easy to install, easy to use, although I had to get used to the different style of coding... but works like a charm. I only have one problem - I want to be able to add a link from within the Rokbox pop up. This way I can show an image of a website I've designed, add a header title and description, and then a link to the live site. But nothing I do will allow me to add the live link from the description area of the popup. Been going nuts looking for a solution. Other than that one problem this is perfect for me. Thank you!!
Reviews: 1
Hi there, I love the demo of this, but I cannot seem to get it to work - it just opens a new full browser window for anything I put in. I use joomla 1.5.14 and version 2.1 of the rokbox plugin both system and content are enabled. Does this only work with rockettheme templates I have a gavick and joomlart template and does not seem to create the nice popup effect? I could not use the support forum as its paid for only and obviously this plugin is free so have to post here for any help. Looks great but wish I could get it to work.
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