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Dropdown Articles Module

This very basic module shows articles as a drop down list. Upon selection, the article is retrieved.

- Output can be restricted to one or more categories/sections.
- Title Alias can be displayed instead of Title.
- Basic styling is possible from module configuration.
- Available for Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5
- Joomafish compatible
- core SEF and sh404SEF compatible

- latest version (1.5.2) improved SEF and added a parameter to handle Itemid in different ways.

Sometimes less is more ;)

BTW: we are taking note of the really fine suggestions from our reviewers.

Report Extension



Reviews: 11
I was looking for display some articles in dedicated module and the default Joomla Articles Category module was not adapted for my case. I tested some others modules and this Dropdown Article module is more less what I wanted. Easy to configure and use, he work very well and is perfect for my site. Very useful for display article title in compact manner. Many thank to developer for this excellent and free addon!
Reviews: 1
I have a small problem in assigning the module to the menus. But the entire module works well.
Reviews: 21
I tried almost all the article listing plugins to get one that would even work much less display articles without taking up yet another chunk of real estate.

This worked perfectly out of the box. Simple, clear easy configuration with clear tootips made it a snap.

Now, I have dozens and dozens of articles at site visitor's fingertips available and the real estate needed?
A title plus a single line that fits in a sidebar.

Very well done. Thank you.
Reviews: 5
This module is fantastic. easy install, easy configure.It's easily manageable and always works as expected.

Thanks for sharing with us.
Reviews: 24
i like it. It saves page space, works fine, has clear settings to do the expected job the best way. There are only 2 or 3 dropdown article modules in the JED, but this is the one and only to use without any rottent compromise;) Just a nice thing. With itemId handling and SEF url's, one is best served.
Reviews: 2
Not being very experienced with customizing extensions, I found it being just what I needed but I agree with those who ask for some more styling and article selection options.

I really hope to see updates soon. Good work!
Reviews: 3
I have just installed the module and immediately start using it. So easy and very helpful. I recommended! Thank you for having developed it!Kind regards!
Reviews: 5
Simple but very usefull and customizable module; exactly what I looking for; find this made my week!!! Thank's.
Reviews: 7
Very nice module!

Can I suggest options to sort the articles by date/ID/author/etc...

That would be terrific.
Reviews: 1
Just what I was looking for! Though I wish I could change the way the dropdown sorts the articles. And the SEF doesn't work...even though it's supposed to be compatible.

Otherwise it's perfect.
Reviews: 1
An excellent module, very useful if you have loads of articles within the site. I've modified it a little bit just to fit K2 categories. I'll gladly provide the files, if interested to put it on your site. Keep up to good work!
Reviews: 1
Very useful. Thanks :)
Reviews: 1
This extensions is really was I'm looking for but unfortunately it doesn't work with Joomla's core SEF.
When I select article from this drop down, URL article is Non-SEF URL however I've activate / enable Joomla's core SEF. Hope in next release, this extension can work with core SEF.
Reviews: 1

This module works Great, thank you very much.

The only thing missing to be perfect is the possibility to sort articles by created date,modified date, etc..

Thank you in advance to add this functionality.

Reviews: 4
This extension is very nice.
I would like to sugest to include option to set order of articles to show like by date.
Reviews: 11
This is one of the extensions my sites can not live without. It works out of the box. Well done. One suggestion for future releases: the option to select all categories/section and than exclude particular sections/categories. This would be nice, but is not essential.

Thanks to the developers.

Reviews: 22
This is a great extension and I think there is a need for something like this.
Had some minor problems with SEF URL's but support was great and got it up and running on no time.
Reviews: 54
Thank you very much MR Developer :-)

Exactly what I was looking for and it works like a charm!

Great Module. Simple and Easy to use!
Reviews: 1
Had to create an account to post this review.

This module is so simple, and yet a powerfull module!

So easy to setup, so little space to use on your site, and easy access to all your articles, or spec. sections and or categories.

Keep up this good work!
Reviews: 1
Space saver that was easy to instal.
All options are easily understood; I agrre with module manager 'sometimes less is more' in this case easy instal supplies excellent results.
I am not advertising but see for my use of this module.
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