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Highlighter GK4 Module

Our Smooth News Rotator enables an attractive presentation of chosen articles. Thanks to multiple options, you can adjust it to your needs. Additionally, it can be integrated with any source of information.

GK4 is a new generation of our extensions based on the GNU General Public License.

Highlighter GK4 is news rotator which enables an attractive presentation of chosen articles. Thanks to multiple options, you may adjust it to your needs. Additionally, Highlighter GK4 can be integrated with any source of information.

In comparison with News Highlighter GK1, GK4 brings in changes in four aspects:

- Module options rebuilt totally
- Changes in module structure and CSS styles
- Data support from XML files in a format specified added. It allows you to integrate any component from Highlighter GK4
- Scripts responsible for module animation improved

Moreover, this module includes options connected with parameters configuration, such as: content quantity displayed in the form of news in the title, also in introtext; options connected with sorting, and filtering articles known from News Show Pro GK4; or options used for generating text, like XHTML tags filtering, plugin parsing, etc.

Added support for K2 component

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Reviews: 1
Extension works great and installs easily. Configuration isn't too bad either.

However, if you are at all concerned about SEO look elsewhere. The extension will create a duplicate url for every article on your site. In some instances 3 urls.

If you want to use this one then you will need a SEFurl extension like SH404 or AceSEF and manually change each url as you add content to your site.
Reviews: 8
Configuring this module is a breeze. Look no further if you need a news ticker. I tried several other solutions but this one is by quit a margin the best available.
Reviews: 7
This is such an easy hassle free little module that does JUST the job. Thumbs up for the developers :-)
Reviews: 2
Very nicely and thoroughly developed!
Reviews: 3
Installation/configuration was a breeze. Definitely a nice looking product. I am having issues with mosets tree with it, so I can't use it on the site I got it for, but either will figure it out, or use it on other sites. Great Job!
Reviews: 6
This is not the first module I tested for news flash. The major advantage of this module is that it works perfect on all modern browsers. Other modules I tried to use had visual problems in some browsers.
Reviews: 6
Thank you very very much. Your work (module) is excellent prepaired and the parameters-compatible are JUST what i want!

Thanks again...!
Keep your fine work!
Reviews: 10
I rated this extension as just average because it doesn't support K2. Now, that wouldn't be an issue, except that they include it in their K2 native templates. Why would you include a news display module in a template designed for K2 that didn't work with K2 ? If you have a non-K2 template, I think you'll like this extension.
Reviews: 5
The module works very well and has good documentation. Highgly recomended.
Reviews: 12
This extension is working fine.
If you could have any option to choose which page title should this extension present, it would be Just Perfect.

I use sh404sef and i have custom page titles created by this extension and unfortunately News Highlighter GK1 is displaying Joomla page title.

Nevertheless is great.
Reviews: 5
This is what all Joomla extensions should be. Simple to use but with lots of well thought-out parameters.

So often an extension is almost right if it only had one more parameter to suit the specific need - this one has more than you need but you can pretty much ignore the ones you don't want. I had this up an running in minutes.
Reviews: 11
Love this extension and it does exactly what it says. Wish they would make the same thing for Twitter tweets. :)
Reviews: 7
I just have to say.. thanks! I did had a minor issue asI got some kind of conflict so I had to enable the function that is added so content will rotate if there is a script issue (i dont rememeber the name of the function), i believe is force mootols (again, not sure) but at the end the result was the expected. so easy to use
Reviews: 4
I don't know what the last reviewer was talking about; I had my highlighter up and running in less than 5 minutes! Works like a charm! PLUS the developer has a great sense of humor which adds to the enjoyment of using a great FREE product.
Reviews: 2
I would love to have given this a good review.

However, I found it quite impossible to do in the absence of ANY PERFORMANCE WHATSOEVER, good bad or indifferent, from this quite glowingly advertised module.

In short the software proved incapable of retrieving date from the db, so, while its display was highly configurable, its interface nothing short of beautiful, despite the fact that it caused no problems whatsoever with other JS driven modules/components on my Site, it was a pointless waste of four-and-a-half hours of careful, by-the-book, installing, 'configurating' and troubleshooting.

If it can't retrieve data for display, it is useless, a grievous waste of my time, and seems rigged to do nothing more than coerce a 'subscription' to a plan that gives access to their 'experts' via forum.

I would love to have had a chance to actually try the product before having to spend money on it.

VERY POOR public relations strategy -- only thing it got me to do was UNINSTALL THE CLUNKER and submit this BAD REVIEW.
Reviews: 7
Out of the box gavick pro components and modules provides you everything that you can use to make your site professional, that too for free. If I would have been a millionaire i would have given a millions to them for their, Photoslide component, News component, Tabs Component etc. Thanks Thanks Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 2
I've been involved in Joomla for a couple of years now, building websites for myself as well as my numerous clients. Although the majority of code provided is free I rarely come across an extension that, right "out of the box" provides so many configuration options and ease of use as this module. Not only that, but the results it produces from the start immediately transform ANY website. Congratulations and thank you very much GAVICK for providing a FREE module (with almost the versatility of a full on component) which works so well (I've only been using it for literally 10 mins)

6 stars
Reviews: 2
Aside from me not unzipping first, this extension is great - I use it for news alerts on my community sites.

The extension is free after registration and if you change the color of the link text, the link text changes - kinda simple. The documentation is very professional.

Good work!
Reviews: 1
User friendly and good looking. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I installed, everything okey, but i can not find how to change text color. There are many color in your demo site, but if i change text color only article changed.
How can i change color of my text.
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