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Art Gallery is responsive image gallery component with nice zoom feature.

- Create gallery, indicate image folder and you are all set
- 2 layouts: random image positions (responsive) and rows/columns
- Rotates images within a defined angle
- Several settings
- Lightbox (zoom) feature when image is clicked
- Can go through the images in a lightbox
- Images can be dragged and dropped on the page
- Thumbnails are generated from full-size images
- Can be used to introduce products or show image gallery
- Ability to specify width and height of thumbnails

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Reviews: 2
This extension is very efficient and support is very reactive. I have been able to browse my whole Library of photos dinamically thanks to quick mod only by requesting it by mail.
Thanks a lot artetics team, that is the way I like to work!
Reviews: 2
I have experienced problem with effects on image and effect on my dropdown menu. And I didn't manage to make working both.
Owner's reply


Thank you for your review.

Sometimes the extensions can conflict with each other. Nobody of extensions developers can guarantee 100% that other extension will not conflict with his extension.

That's why we provide free support - just contact us by email or on our forum and we will solve the issue within 24 hours.

Reviews: 2
It's the second extension I've tried to make gallery and I was expecting more choice regarding the themes display. First the css (responsive part) broke a part my theme then I found the solution.

Support is good.
Owner's reply

The extension can be easily customized by using CSS. We will be happy to help you with any issues or questions you have - just contact us on our forum or by email:

It's difficult to guarantee that other third-party extensions will not conflict with our extension - that's why we always provide free and fast support.

Our support team answers requests within 24 hours.

Reviews: 1
nice frontend to present photos in different albums, just by arranging the structure of image folders. There are just a few backend parameters, but layout can be changed at components/com_artgallery/css/artgallery.css
Reviews: 1
After I had bought this extension I had problems with configuring it the way I wanted it. I contacted Artetics and the support they gave was first class.

In no time they made adjustments and sorted out the problem for me. Really stunning to see such a great support.

I would recommend this company for sure. The extension runs smooth and looks nice!
Reviews: 4
I've used a lot of plugins and themes, and getting support, even for commercial products, is hit or miss at best. When I had some problems on J3.0, the Artetics team helped troubleshoot and answered all my questions in a timely fashion.

And the plugin works great!
Reviews: 3
I have been so impressed by this module! I still cannot believe it is free and the support is the best I have ever experienced!
Reviews: 1
I had some problems with install the components but in few minutes the support helps me. Thank´s a lot. I can recommend it very much.
Reviews: 2
The best extension is not a great experience when the customer service is poor. You won't have this problem with Artetics. I've been using this extension for 6 months now and took advantage of the customer support twice so far. I'm amazed how quick you have an answer back and the problem solving quality was just top. Thanks very much. I highly recommend Artetics.
Reviews: 1
For users like me, who want to in no time deploy a smart and simple Gallery, thay should choose Art Gallery.

Easy installation, nice zoom feature, thank you.
Reviews: 4
At first it looked like an under developed extension. Not much to write home about when looking at the installed component. But Wow! This extension does exactly what it says it does and I had no problem installing it on Joomla 2.5.6 even though it came out only a few days ago. I had a few questions and support was EXCELLENT! Quick responses and very helpful. Well done guys. I like your products.
Reviews: 1
Must say that I got an excellent support. I even got an updated version with some adding in the script I was looking for. Keep up the good support. Super thanks from Sweden!!!
Reviews: 12
I have nothing but praise for this extension and Artetics. It installed without drama and works EXACTLY as described and bug-free. I needed help customizing it and changing a few things and received a response very quickly to my email.

The support is outstanding and so rare to find these days. I highly recommend these developers and their extensions. I'll be buying more.
Reviews: 1
A really cute extensions and a friendly, efficient and reactive support !!!

Thank you so much for this really good job !!!
Reviews: 1
Extension easy to use, efficient and attractive. Support very fast, efficient and friendly. In conclusion, very good buy. Thank you for all.
Reviews: 1
The gallery is a very attractive way for displaying pictures on your site. Original, offer the possibility for viewers interaction, and is highly adaptable.
I have used other galleries, however the original display of thumbnails and the exceptionally swift and accurate helpdesk behind this extension make it a pleasure to integrate it in my website.
You may have multiple galleries on your website, as well as various ways of integrating it.
Attractive extension, the service provided applied btw also for other extensions from this company.
Reviews: 1
Although I do prefer a manual for an extension, the Artetics crew did an excellent job on their support. Questions asked on the forum are answered within a day and they will come up with a fix for your questions and problems very quickly. The extension is simple, but it does what it says and shows a very nicely laid out gallery.
Reviews: 1
It's a very good product. Does exactly what it says. It's definitely worth purchasing. Additionally, the support you get is second to none - friendly, quick and very helpful.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use extension, looks very nice, no cons in my opinion.
At first I experienced some trouble trying to edit the size of the thumbnails, but thanks to their great support it was fixed in less than a day!
Reviews: 1
What can I say. Great product that *really works and is simple to use. Looks great and is exactly as described. Customer support is second to none. Highly recommended.
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