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Ozio Gallery is a responsive photo gallery designed for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 or newer, written in javascript which shows images published on Google plus.

We want to present you the new Fuerte skin in the Ozio Gallery extension – the first FREE responsive and adaptive Joomla Image Gallery!

Ozio Gallery is made in Italy by
Project in Google code:

✔ Load image only from Google Plus album.
✔ Unlimited photo uploads.
✔ Automatically photo resized.
✔ Category and image title.
✔ Show also limited (private) albums from Google Plus.
✔ Support for adding image galleries inside your Joomla! articles or modules.
✔ Album list index view.
✔ Links that go directly to a single image.(Deep Linking).
✔ Full screen template (responsive & adaptive!).
✔ Photo statistic.
✔ Exif data support, also map point from GPS coordinates for every image.
✔ Map all gallery photos, displaying beautiful maps with your photos by using EXIF Data or geocoding.
✔ Photowall thumbnails.

You can also share photos in your site directly from your Android phone or iPhone.
Adaptive, detects your visitor's browser windows size and automatically creates, caches, and delivers device appropriate re-scaled versions of images.
Native Joomla extension, open source and GPL.

If you do not want to have visible menu items of every galleries that you have included in the content or modules or list you need to move these menu items to a new hidden menu. Create a new menu which we will call such 'hidden' here you can move or create your menu items of Ozio Gallery that you want to insert in content or module or list. This menu should remain published and also the menu items should remain published. The module of this menu may not be published so as not to appear on the site giving you the possibility to use also the galleries created in the hidden menu. Simple :)

Changelog Ozio Gallery
Ver. 4.2.0 : 20 Apr 2014 : New Skin Nano. Fixed link in "HoverEffect" List style. Fixed "Page Heading" form the menu item. Improved the administrator page. New parameter to set the photos order. Minor fixes
Ver. 4.1.1 : 25 Jan 2014 : Improved G+ ID form now also with Gmail email. New Photowall thumbnails!. Fixed problem in the map link no SEF. Fixed problem in HTTPS. New skin Fuerte advanced params to disable deeplink#. New maps params to set a Track KML file. Minor fixes
Ver. 4.1.0 : 15 Dic 2013 : Improved popup info-photo. New icon for Full Screen. New Map of all photos!. New skin Fuerte params to set Fixed height of the gallery. Minor fixes.
Ver. 4.0.6 : 24 Nov 2013 : Fixed popup info-photo now in bootstrap. New Fuerte params section to hide all the info in the popup info-photo. Improved compatibility with K2. New "Hover" style in the view "List of galleries". Added russian and german language . Minor fixes.
Ver. 3.3.15 & 4.0.5: 21 Oct 2013 : Fixed problem in the info box, Added pa

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Reviews: 10
This is a beautiful extension that is easy to configure an use. A real eye-catcher!
Reviews: 1
This gallery is beautiful, easily configurable and works so well. Really happy with it
Reviews: 2
Stunning feature and great simplicity. Easy to configure and manage. Nice skin for the gallery. Minor issues with Gantry framework and Bootstrap on datail popup box.
Reviews: 2
This is fabulous extension and my customers are really happy to have it because it provides them feature to add images easily!
Reviews: 1
Really happy with the extension. It goes a step closer to streamlining the management of multiple galleries in Joomla.

I bought the extended version and had issues which were promptly dealt with by the support team.

It shows that these guys put a lot of effort in after sales. I wish them success!
Reviews: 4
Great extension! support all screen sizes. loading time also good. thanks to its developers!
Reviews: 1
Not knowing this world I needed help and I was given up fast times I solved and I am really pleased with the gallery works as I want and now that I understand how it works is also simple to operate thanks
Reviews: 1
Great extension! Works fine, but it is especially easy to use, just upload the images and the rest of the work it does oziogallery. A sincere thanks to its developers!
Reviews: 1
Great extension, I'd like some more skin. Exceptional sharing with galleries google+, although at first sight it seems complicated to set up, reading the detailed guide, everything becomes simple. Compliments.
Reviews: 1
It is best component for Gallery!
Very simple to use and always up to date...
Reviews: 8
I really want to like this extension... in fact I think I do... enough that I have implemented it into a couple of my websites. There are a few changes that I think, if made, would make it even better:

1) The ability to align a gallery that is placed into an article (ie center, left, right).

2) Somewhere to get support like a forum or ticketing system (there might be one but I couldn't find it).

3) Clearer documentation in English. The instructions (while correct) are a little muddled/messy. Could use some clarity.

4) A global "Google+ User ID" setting so I don't have to keep putting in my number every time I want to insert a new gallery.

5) Some other system to manage galleries that are only used within articles other than having to create a false menu items. It works... but it's a little messy.

Apart from that I have found it to deliver on everything that it has promised. Good job guys.
Reviews: 1
I like this extension but:
- it do not work with the new custom Google + URLs
- i can't make it work with SEF joomla actived
Owner's reply

You can very easily see your G+ ID number in the URL of the page of the album on G+, even with the new custom Google + URLs.
Ozio Gallery work very well with SEF joomla actived, but there are known issues with external URL SEF extensions.

Reviews: 1
Best media gallery in the JED, responsive & with many options. Always up to date, easy to install and to use! Thanks Thanks Thanks
Reviews: 2
I recommend this extension to anyone needs a photogallery: it's very easy to use, the support is simply fantastic and any month they add new cool features. Very customizable.
Also commercial edition is very inexpensive. Well worth trying!
Reviews: 1
Excellent support. I had a problem/conflict with other applications and the developer solved the problem in just 20 hours. really great. Excellent extension too. I saved lot of time in linking the images saved on Google+ without resizing them. I saved money too saving the images on Google+ without using more than 25 Gb of hosting space. The fluidity of scrolling images is simply great. I'm really enthusiastic in using this extension and I recommend it really to anyone who wants to use a gallery in his website.
Reviews: 1
I love pictures this was a good one for me. My level is computer level is low but I enjoyed working with this one. Google pictures always has some good images to work with. Thanks
Reviews: 6
I have been looking for an extension like this one for a long time. Ozio Gallery works great for photography websites where quality and number of images tend to slow down the site in general. This extension provides a beautiful way of handling numerous images and integrates nicely with G+. Support is readily available which is as important to me as the extension itself. Kudos!
Reviews: 1
Very very excellent extension.
Oziogallery is a simple gallery with responsive use.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use and easy to configure. The best free and open source Gallery you can find!
Reviews: 1
Very very Simple and very easy to use.

Easy to install and use...

I love it :-)
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