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Unite Nivo Slider is a Nivo Slider extension for Joomla. It consists of a module and a component for maximum convenience, and has all the features that the original Nivo Slider js plugin has.

Also, it is "pure" coding without any links back or author trademarks in the code. You may use it freely on your website without any worries for hidden content.

It's very friendly to designers and coders, since you can create your custom Nivo Slider theme, and the module will detect it automatically.
The js slider plugin is created by dev7studios (, many thanks
to the author.

Important to mention unite nivo slider is a responsive slider that will work with all your responsive websites.

The UniteCMS team provides full support on every bug you may find, as well as any updates or requests you may have, so don't be hesitate to write us your requests in the comments section bellow, or on the website.

For any kind of support please open a support ticket at:

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Reviews: 4
I spent a chunk the day trying different sliders on our sites that will host slide decks that look like whiteboard or PowerPoint presentations. For our application we needed something that the user could manually scroll through the slides at their own speed as they read them. Overall this was probably the better of the free ones I loaded on our test sites.

First it installed flawlessly without issue. Obvously that's a biggie!

Secondly, it has the Module side and Component side which allows you to create different shows for different pages. Another plus.

Next, it's FREE. We all love free.

Sadly we couldn't use it for the following two reasons. Our slides are on clear/transparent backgrounds which is what we really wanted, but it wasn't a deal breaker. Unfortunately this program turns transparent backgrounds to a white opaque background. That was ok, as a white background was our second choice. This will make the presentations look like they're on a whiteboard. Unfortunately our sliders must be set so the reader can manually advance the slides as they read them. On this slider, you can't see the nav buttons if the slide has a white background. They blend in, so you just have to know that they're there.

Had it not been for that issue with the buttons, this would have worked well. I liked how it was laid out though, so we bought their Pro version. It won't support clear slides either, but other than that so far we love it. It's was only $12 and well worth it. I'll rate it in the next few day.

If nav buttons aren't an issue for you, this may be a good choice.
Reviews: 16
Simple, intuitive, fast loading slider. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I installed this module, published it, and my site crashed. I know it was this extension as when I unpublished it, the site came back. I have now uninstalled the extension, but my site is EXTREMELY SLOW. Will probably have to re-build from scratch. Not sure what happened, but it seems to be directly related to this extension. Very disappointed...
Owner's reply

Hi Friend,
I am sorry but your assumption is incorrect since when you uninstall a extension all its files are deleted. This is how Joomla works. If you would have opened a ticket we could have told you this, but instead you are trying to damage our business buy giving us a bad review for now reason.

Reviews: 1
I'm very happy with this slider, easy to use and effective. I was having a small problem and I got quick and conscise support from the team which fixed the issue, I had made a mistake with my layout. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
It's a fantiastic extension. Simple to install and use!
Reviews: 3
This is the type of extension that many many joomla sites need, and many joomla extension makers need to achieve; EASY to install, EASY to administer! Keep in mind that I've only had it a week, but based on what i've seen, the programmer must have had people use it a lot before it was released. Sophisticated like expensive software. GREAT JOB!
Reviews: 4
After upgrading several sites, I needed a new slideshow extension because the one I was using wasn't 2.5/3.0 compatible.

Installed this one on two sites so far, and it couldn't be easier. Installing and configuring is simple and straightforward. Had a problem with image jump on one site. Contacted the developer, and got a quick reply (less than 10 hours!) with a simple fix. Fantastic support for a free product!

Tested on IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, and Opera on Windows 7, Chrome on Android 4.0.4 phone, Chrome and FF on Android 4.2.2 tablet, FF and Safari on Mac OSX Mountain Lion, and Safari on iPad OS6. The slideshow displays consistently on all devices. If you're having a problem with the display, I can confidently say it's your css, and not this extension.

I highly recommend this component and module. You won't be disappointed.
Reviews: 3
The best of the freebie sliders that I have tried by a long shot. Well organised, flexible, and looks great. You add each slide individually which sounds cumbersome, but is easily the best way of achieving the results you want. And actually, it took less time to set up than many of the other sliders on offer that are 'simpler' in design.

There is a pro version which I haven't tried but if it's better than this free one then it's well worth the 12pounds they're asking!
Reviews: 3
I have tried about ten different slideshows and this is is by far the best I have used. It is really easy to use, simple to configure and logical in the way it works. Thank you for a wonderful contribution.
Reviews: 5
I was use many "responsive" extensions slide show and this is the best extensions i ever use.
Others extension usually have many css and js, conflict js, made site loading slow and wasting time to solved the problem.
But this extensions is very easy to understand and very easy to setup, no conflict js and it has many advantages, amazing product, fast loading.
This is the real responsive slide show in JED!.
Reviews: 5
Easy to intsall and configure but Safari on Windows just can't handle it. The browser displays the slides all stretched on top of each other before the slider effects kick in.
Reviews: 7
A Joomla! must-have. This slider is fantastic. It's easy to setup and looks amazing. You can use it for a slider or just for an interactive graphic.
Such a good buy, I'm just angry that I didn't finding it sooner.
Reviews: 1
Working in less than one minute. Configuration was incredibly easy, and being totally free there is no Copyright or backlink. Top rating! Thank you very much.
Reviews: 3
Works great, easy to set up and very flexible. Had a small CSS issue (my template, not the module) that was conflicting. Used the support site to send an e-mail and it was answered very quickly. I highly recommend this if you need a good slider!
Reviews: 1
Awesome module, it does what it's supposed to do. Really easy to set and use.

I got some questions, so I shot an email to the developers. They answered really quickly and helped me to solve my problems.

Really nice!
Reviews: 1
Good slideshow, easy to install and setting but the effects didn't work well on IE.
Reviews: 18
When I first used the extension, the version was not responsive, but the good fellows at Unite advised that they where very close to launching a responsive version.

Sure enough last week they emailed me that they had completed the extension and they provided me the module and plugin to try it out. I am not sure if the version on JED is the responsive version.

I was at first getting an jQuery conflict, but they resolved that for me, it was a bit of a work around, caused more by the template that I was using and not Unite Nivo Slider.

I have now tested it with an Artisteer 4.0 BETA 2.0 template and it works just fine no problems, see the second reference link.

Also of all the sliders around, and there are a lot based on the Nivo Slider, the Unite version offered the best user guide for its installation and configuration.

If you are looking for a responsive slider, look no further.
Reviews: 1
Very good module. Easy to install, tweak and work with. Also easy to customize.

The support is great. Very fast replies and great help.

Good job, keep it up!
Reviews: 2
Works very well. Got quick support response with clear answer. The code and structure is nice and clean. Easy to customize.
Reviews: 1
Simple and brilliant. I needed some help from their support and they were pretty quick and helpful.
Thank you for this extension.
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