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showplus is an eye-catching slideshow to display a set of images with user-defined transition between them. It is easy to get started with but offers a number of customization options for more advanced users.

showplus is powered by a slideshow script built entirely with the MooTools JavaScript framework that ships with Joomla, and uses no Flash technology. Having a showplus slideshow on a page incurs a footprint of about 30 Kb with only a single CSS file and a JavaScript file included in the page header. No jQuery or other libraries are imported, possibly leading to script conflicts.

* choose from six customizable transition types: fade, zoom, pan, Ken Burns effect, push, wipe
* attach captions to images with multilingual support using a labels file with fall-back to a default caption
* link each image to an arbitrary location
* order images according to filename or last modified time, shuffle images each time the page is shown, or specify custom order
* display horizontal or vertical navigation bar with small thumbnail images that allow for fast navigation
* set most important styles in the administration back-end

* Joomla 2.5 or later (including Joomla 3.x)
* Joomla 1.5.19 or later with MooTools Upgrade system plug-in enabled and PHP 5.2 or later

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Reviews: 1
Love this plug.

I especially like the Ken Burns effect transition. Only thing I'd really like to know is how to slow down the Ken Burns effect, runs a bit fast for me.

Great addition to my Joomla sites.
Reviews: 1
Thanks again for the perfect support! I asked for an additional feature and got it. Great!
Reviews: 7
Great module, no fuss, supports multiple instances

Good faq
Reviews: 4
If you're looking for a slider that will simply scroll through color photographs automatically, then this might do well. It's free, and it installed without issue. Our application was different however. We were creating slide decks that are like a Powerpoint presentation for a lecture. The two big issues for us are first of all you can NOT use clear Gifs or Pngs. On some sliders if you try to use a clear png it just changes it to a white opaque background. On this one however it turned everything BLACK. Another issue was the lack of nav buttons. On ours we couldn't make it auto scroll as the person needs to read the text at their own speed. There is a Previous and Next hyperlink at the bottom, but due to the layout we wanted the left and right nav buttons on the sides of the slides. There is a set you can get to come up when you hover over the slide, but they blended in with the white background and will only show while hovering.
Reviews: 30
I like the fact that it uses the Joomla images folder, so it's very easy to change my slideshow whenever I want.

This module installed very easily, setup was a breeze and it looks wonderful. I'm very glad I tried this module first; I don't need to look any further!
Reviews: 3
Another great extension. Simple to install and easy to use with good options. Thanks.
Reviews: 6
This module is easy to set-up and feature rich.
Reviews: 2
No longer than 3 minutes to install! Run OK on the first try. Easy to configure! This is an example of a well developed module and it's free!!
Reviews: 1
I am new to joomla and websites. I've been with them for only around 4 months, and i'm getting into it. I came to a situation where i needed a slow slideshow and i came across showplus.

Although i could do what i wanted there is one thing more. that is a 'Share on social networks' button so that visitors can share my pictures.
Please consider.
Reviews: 2
Works fine, very customizable, simple and objective!!
Reviews: 3
I come off of a wasted $35 for an extension that was not documented nor very easy to use. This one is just the opposite. It is very easy to use with concise but effective documentation (think walk through)and looks great and is very light on bandwidth. IOW it works!
Reviews: 3
I tried the showplus module (and the boxplus extention)for over one year and it just works without any issues. Installing and configuration is very fast and easy.
It just does the job, it should do.
So thanks to the developer for sharing this. Great job!
Reviews: 4
This is a great module! I just logged in to say thank you for this great extension :) I've set it up in just under 2 minutes and it worked as advertised! I wish if all the extensions were made as elegant as this one. The best rating of course! :) Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 2
Love it! Thanks for the beautiful extension. Easy to setup and runs a dream on our site,
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this great module, as i have started using it recently and got it running on few of my clients website. Its good to have this plugin Easy to Install, uses less resources .. . Thanks
Reviews: 10
What else can I say. I wanted to add my vote to promote this excellent module. Bravo!
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this great module, it does exactly what it says and is perfect for my website. Thanks
Reviews: 2
I've been using ShowPlus for a coule of years now. It's so simple - just what I needed to quickly add a slideshow to my webpages.

Support for the product is also great. I had a problem with the upgrade from Joomla 1.7 to 2.5, with the slideshow not showing. The developer, responded straight away and then debugged the pages. Turned out to be a problem with GoogleAJAXLib plugin which was set to use MooTools 1.3.0 (OK with Joomla 1.7) but does not work with Joomla 2.5 (needs 1.4.x). Changed the version of MooTools in GoogleAJAXLib, and ShowPlus now working perfectly again.

Brilliant support - thanks very much. Great product - download it!
Reviews: 2
My sincere compliments to this developer...! I have used two of his products - sigplus Image Gallery, and this product showplus Image Slideshow. Both products were, as advertised, simple to download, install, and implement (and with great, easy to understand documentation, too!). I highly recommend both of these products, to Joomla "newbies" and to those who have more experience! Thanks again, and keep up the terrific "clean" work you're doing, developer!!!
Reviews: 1
Showplus is just what I was looking for, a simple to use, easy to setup application to share a time-lapse of our construction site for our school.

In using the program, it was up and running in minutes. However, after some adjusting for my needs, I found a little bug. I emailed Levente and he responded quickly. Within a day of hearing what the issue was, he emailed me a fix. Unbelievable customer support!

The only con I see is that it takes a while for my images to load, so the computer needs to wait till it loads before showing anything. I don't know if that is something that can be programed to fix, or if that is just a bandwidth thing. Either way I love this program.

Thank you for a wonderful app!
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