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MyCloud Module

MyCloud generates a Cloud or a List of the meta keywords of your content.


1. Shows cloud of meta-keywords of your articles
2. Shows different size of your keywords
3. Shows different opacity of your keywords
4. Shows rank of keyword in brackets or as a power
5. You can select categories of articles, where module takes keywords from
6. You can choose "Search" or "Smart Search" component to use
7. You can select a language of articles, where tags will be taken

Report Extension



Reviews: 2
I am searching a tag cloud based on keywords. This extension does what I expect. And the sizes of the words are enlarged according to the popularity of the keywords. Nice work !
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a tag cloud which uses the article's keywords as tags and displays the corresponding articles as a list. This module does exactly this. It uses the Joomla! search to display the list of articles. It is possible to include or exclude keywords and some other features.

The support is great. After installing the module I saw that the legacy search of Joomla was used. I asked if it is possible to extend the module by using the advanced search (com_finder) and short time later the developer supplied an extended version of MyCloud which supports it. Great!