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Reset Hits Module

With this admin-module you can reset your article hits without fooling around in phpmyadmin.

It supports:
Joomla core components
* article hits
* article revisions
* weblinks hits
* poll votes
* banner views
* banner hits
* Redirect Hits (Joomla 2.5.5+)
* User reset password counter (Joomla 2.5.5+)

3rd party components
* Virtuemart
* Jomsocial
* Docman
* Iproperty
* Fastw3b Real Estate
* Fastw3b Gallery
* Ignite Gallery
* Rockettheme RokGallery
* Rockettheme RokDownloads
* Yootheme ZOO
* K2
* Akeeba Release System

The module is available in various languages. And can be used on Joomla 1.5.x. and 2.5.x

Report Extension




Reviews: 16
Perfect - Install, set position, publish. Check items to reset, click the button and... 0! I've never been so happy to have nothing.
Reviews: 3
Simple, saves accessing your database directly. Highly recommend it.
Reviews: 3
So, after using this admin module, I can say that it is super easy to install and use. Nothing but good things so far! Thank you very much!!!
Reviews: 2
It does just what I want : reset hits on articles ! Perfect for me !
Reviews: 1
This is the perfect module for eliminating article hits left over from template development pages.

Quick to install, easy to activate, does what it should.

Reviews: 4
Just what I was looking for, I develop my sites on my home pc and when they go live I need to reset article hits, banner impressions etc so that I can get accurate stats about how the site is being used.
The setup is very easy to to publish, any problems just open the module and the instructions are there. I would be happy to recommend this extension to everybody.
Reviews: 1
Excellent tool, easy to install, easy to handle and the results are perfect! Thany you!
Reviews: 2
Just used this in 2.5 and worked great. Will also use it with 3.0.
Easy to install and use.
Reviews: 11
The amount of time that can be spent in phpmyadmin or heidisql doing this (even with scripts) is all I need to mention to state how wonderful it is to have an option in the control panel.

Total winner!
Reviews: 2
This extension does 'exactly what is says on the can'. Simple to install and use. Thank you for an excellent extension.
Reviews: 6
This module accomplishes in a couple of mouse clicks what previously required me to log into my database and run a few SQL commands.

Kudos and great little module!
Reviews: 1
After migrating a site from J1.5 to J2.5, I wanted to leave the history of hits behind and have a clean start for content hits.

A simple search for Reset Hits gave me the link of this module. I have downloaded it in seconds (without registration, thanks!) and enabled it on my website.

Simple reset was done by radio button selection and a click on the Reset button and the job was done.

After this I uninstalled the module and was thankful to the author, so I decided to write this review.

Excellent job! Thanks for making my life simpler.
Reviews: 1
You can reset articles hits just in one click. So simple. Exactly what I needed. Thank you.
Reviews: 10
This administrator module rests your hits. It is very easy to install, configure and use. Additionally, you can not only reset your article hits but also the ones of many other items. Enjoy!!!
Reviews: 1
Needed a reset hits for articles before going live with the site and this did the job perfectly! Thank you.
Reviews: 3
This module had clear, easy-to-find illustrated instructions on the web site. Installing the module and resetting the articles to zero for the new year was never so easy. Thank you!
Reviews: 6
This module was so simple and easy to install and worked exactly as said. Much easier than doing changes in MyPHP or manually changing each article. It was great that there is lots of choice for which hit counters to reset.
It would make sense that this type of function be part of the Joomla core.
Reviews: 10
The extension does exactly what it says. Can reset articles and many other hits including support for quite a few third-party extensions.

I agree with previous comments about being able to reset individual articles. It could be implemented where it would be listed under each individual article with the rest of the article settings. Just click a "Reset" button next to the hits count.

Personally I'd like to see Joomla add in to the core the ability for admins to set Joomla to be able to ignore admins or whomever they want. That way, when admins are logged in, working on an article, and want to see how it looks from the front end, their view wouldn't be counted.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. We also agreed to previous comments and are already working on a individual and category-based reset function.

When you need more 3rd party components, you can always contact us.

Reviews: 4
Works exactly as described. If you're somewhat new to Joomla! though look for the two little things that you might miss during installation! They do tell you that after upload, you need to go to the Module Manager and publish it. If you're new to Joomla, once you go to the Module Manager the first pulldown menu to the right of the Search box must be changed from Site, to Administrator. Then you can see "Simple Reset." Don't just publish it by clicking on the red dot. Open it, set it to Published, AND REMEMBER TO SET THE POSITION TO "CPanel." Then you can go to your Control Panel and Simple Reset will be right there above Logged In Users, Most Popular Articles etc.
Reviews: 1
Easy & fast installation. Does exactly what it says.
I would give 5th star if it could remeber and show when the reset for each option has been done.
Development suggestion: this extension would be even more than good if user could reset single articles or category or section based.
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