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EU Cookie Directive Lite Plugin

Joomla EU Cookie Directive plugin, in response to introduction of new UK/EU privacy laws relating to the use of cookies on web sites.

This plugin:
- Informs the users the the site uses cookies
- Asks for their consent
- Remembers their answer
- Links to your privacy policy page, to which you should add what cookies are used and why
- Doesn't conflict with JQuery
- Is mobile optimized

This extension DOES NOT prevent the setting of any cookies or interfere with the workings of the website

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Reviews: 3
The free version is useless if you run a website with another language than english, since you are urged to buy the pro version if you want to change it to your native language.
Reviews: 14
Perfect, simple, fast. With the whole issue about having to display this EU directed regulation, the last thing I or my clients want is anything other than a simple solution. This fits the bill perfectly.
Reviews: 1
That's a great extension for everyone. If you're a programmer you can turn it into even better extension with your custom theme, text and - what was important to me - make it valid (html, css, js an joomla compatible).
Reviews: 10
This plugin helps you to comply with the EU Cookie Directive. It is easy to configure and use. The possibility to customized background and text colors is only available in the PRO version. I think it you should be part of the LITE version, too.
Reviews: 24
Very good and simple to use.

It displays a resizable black banner with a link to your privacy page and to the developers for extra info on the Cookie directive.

Painless to use on multiple sites and a commercial version available for configuration.

Would have like to see an option for presumed consent so that users don't have to click the accept button, but nonetheless it meets my needs and works without any hassle.
Reviews: 10
I made a quick test of this plugin. I didn't experience any errors. It's nice and small, so it's quick to setup. However, I had to discharge it, as some of the text displayed is in English, and cannot be customized. What a shame.
Owner's reply

Hi TMakro, thanks for downloading the plugin.

We would just like to let you know that the Pro version of this extension allows for all of the text to be edited, so you can use whatever language you like.

The light version, as you mentioned, has a more limited set of customization features.

Thanks again

Reviews: 1
Nice and fast plugin. No plug-in or java conflicts.
Reviews: 4
I purchased the Pro version, as I believe in supporting Developers, without whom we wouldn't have such great extensions.
The Plugin did EXACTLY as described. It was simple to configure, although I had a simple question which was answered promptly by Support.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 4
Using it for a few hours now. No issues. A lot better than some I have used.

Would like to see options for changing colour background and button in the interface, but the way it looks now doesn't interfere with the module.
Reviews: 5
It was very easy to install this plugin - had it up and running in less that 2 minutes ans best of all it works! The only issue I have is the info button back to the developers website but it's a free plugin so I really can't complain :)