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Phoca Open Graph Plugin

Phoca Open Graph Plugin is a Joomla! CMS Plugin. It allows adding of open graph information into site. Such information stored in meta tags can be then automatically displayed on e.g. Facebook while some visitior of the site commented e.g. article.

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Reviews: 5
Excellent. You can also add your own metadata.
Good work!!
Reviews: 32
Using Phoca Open Graph in Joomla 2.5 since version 2.0.0 (September 2013).
Advantages: Very easy to use plugin. Helped to make the pages more informative description (for some social networks). Allows you to specify images that will be attached to the description of the article.
Disadvantages: There is no possibility of creating descriptions and titles for pages. They duplicated meta-descriptions.
Support: Did not use.
Chose this plugin because it allows you to automatically mark all pages. Does not affect the site performance.
Engaged in web technologies since March 2007. Use Joomla since December 2009.
Reviews: 1
Yes, you made it work! It's nearly impossible to have errors fixed using the Facebook debugger for a Joomla website as it's confusing to know in which file to look. This plugin removes all errors just by activating it and has some very clear extra options for setting image, url or other og: information. Thanks!
Reviews: 5
After hours of trying to debug facebook's open graph, this extension did it in seconds.
Reviews: 9
Very easy to configure, works perfectly. Higly recommended.
Reviews: 1
This plugin does what it says, works almost perfect in my site, BUT if you have a site here you have a module of blog articles in your main page, the "og:title" will be set with one of that articles titles.

If that bug is fixed I think this will be a 95% perfect!
(100% will be if the plugin can add the XMLNS attribute also :P)
Owner's reply


Phoca Site can do the trick (there are two plugins, one content and other system - because it is not possible to add open graph information by system plugin and XMLNS parameters by content plugin into Joomla! output).

So, for adding open graph information, use Phoca Open Graph Plugin:

For adding XMLNS parameters, use Phoca Site Plugin:

I am not sure, if I understand this correctly:

"if you have a site here you have a module of blog articles in your main page, the "og:title" will be set with one of that articles titles."

Will be great, if you can describe more details about this issue in Phoca Forum -

Thank you, Jan