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Speed up your Joomla! website instantly with JCH Optimize. This plugin combines your external JavaScript and CSS files into one to minimize expensive http requests. These files can be minified and gzipped to reduce bandwidth and further optimize download time. Typical results after plugin is configured with optimum settings for your site is a 6-10 point jump on Page Speed. This results in enhanced user experience and can favourably affect website traffic and Google ranking.

Major Features

- Combine javascript/css files into one
- Combine background images in a sprite
- Minify (Compress) and gzip aggregated files
- Exclude individual files or files from extensions that do not aggregate well
- Can defer javascript or place at end of page for optimized download


- Fixed bug with Sprite generator that changes the order of images on sprite if you add additional images.
- Improved quailty of sprite image for sites running GD2
- Now only using png image type for sprite as this offers the highest quality and widely supported.

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Reviews: 9
I buy this extensión and is compatible with my web site, the performance is much better.
Reviews: 2
I bought the pro version, without understanding how better it could be! The plugin is the best! Pagespeed Insight tells that from 22/100 for mobiles, my site after installation is 67/100! Great plugin!
Reviews: 9
I wish I could describe with details this plugin, but my english are poor. I can say that this plugin is a must have for the site owners. I always wondering how to deal with gtmetrix's suggestions. But now I don't need to worry. I installed this plugin, configured it and my site goes faster. The pro-version is very cheap. And it worths it! Support is fast and kind. THANK YOU!
Reviews: 11
Intuitive and easy to use, significantly reduces the size of the page. The best extension of the genre. Indispensable!
Reviews: 3
Using this plugin and the excellent support I solved many tricky and hide problems of my site.

I do not have words to thank they enough!

My site now runs fast as never before! I reduced load time by three times!

The PRO version is very cheap and worth a lot!

Thanks again!
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent extension addressing key loading speed issues in a number of my joomla sites. It has improved loading speeds and overall performance of the site enormously. I had a few queries that arose in one instance and Sam dealt with them promptly providing a clear explanation and guidance that has enabled me to avoid such problems in the future. Simply excellent customer service.
Reviews: 1
Well worth the VERY small price to purchase the PRO version.
The dev has put together a very smart little plugin. Does what it says, and has enough options to handle each site's uniqueness.
My site, for example, took some TLC, but the developer stuck with it and figured out how to make it work.
My home page has now gone from 53 requests down to 23. Obviously, this speeds it up quite a bit and will also help pagerank.
Would recommend.
Reviews: 12
Initially tried the free version and saw results. So then I upgraded to the Pro Version (for $5... ) and site Speed on Gmetrix increased from a 62 up to 94 and the YSlow Grade is running at 85.

I had an issue with one tweak affecting Phoca Gallery (plugin) and question was answered with a solution within a matter of hours.

Highly Recommend
Reviews: 4
I installed jch long time ago on one of my sites (free version) and results was amazing. Recently I changed old template with responsive one and find out that responsive design is not good on my mobile. Reinstall jch (use most recent version) and results was just great. Everything works out of the box...
Gmetrix results, page speed 88 High B, YSlow 85, high B, Google page insights, 75.
Few hours later, I by PRO version (just 5$) and turn on asynchronous load of js and make small adoptions and now Gmetrix results are, page speed 92 A, YSlow 90, A, Google page insights, 86.

Cant comment on support because I did not needed for now :)

Fully recommendation!
Reviews: 11
I tried this plugin a year or so ago and it worked OK but I couldn't enabled a number of the features.

Well I thought I'd try it again and I thought I'd just go silly and enable nearly all of the options (combining & minify CSS/JS, place JS at the end etc) and they all worked apart from Minify HTML (which I've since found out was another extension forcing responsive when it didn't need to, so Minify HTML is now working).

I was further impressed when I enabled the plugin to include other extensions (which in my experience is a common thing which breaks these performance extensions) and that worked out of the box, no tweaking, no excluding extensions (and I have a number installed)!

Since then I've bought the Pro version (which at the time of my review is only $5) and enabled the Pro features (which I also highly recommend) and they worked as well.

I did submit a ticket to the devs asking a couple of questions and they were answered within a day and all my questions were answered.

So yes, I can definitely recommend this extension.
Reviews: 2
I will never forget the day I purchased the PRO version.

Samuel's support was excellent. My site went to the top. (91% page speed grade in GTmetrix)

Fantastic plugin and highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
This is amazing!!! I ran my site on GT-Metrix and had a page Speed Rating of D-63 and Y-Slow grade of D-68. I installed the pro version, clicked 3 buttons (sort, clean cache, optimize) and my site rating went to Speed Rating A-94 and Y-Slow B-81. I can not say enough about this plug-in except that you HAVE TO GET IT!
Reviews: 5
We are in the process of using Joomla! to create a new website for our Railroad Historical Society.

The previous site was done years ago and had a very low metrics.

We decided to use the Pro version as it is only $5.

Out of the box the plugin has improved our page loading time by 23%.

We had a question about the use of the tool and got a response within hours of our request.

This plugin is amazing and it will improve your site's performance.
Reviews: 1
Great plugin that in just few clicks improved the speed of my website! I was looking for complex solution to speed up my page for a long time, and none of tested plugins worked perfectly. JCH Optimize WORKS AS A CHARM! What's more, support is very professional and solution-pointed - I had few questions, and always got answer quickly and with direct tips how to resolve my problem (which wasn't exactly connected with JCH Plugin)! RESPECT!
Reviews: 10
This is an outstandingly good plugin which delivers completely on the claims made for it. I installed the free version and was so impressed by the improvement in download speed that I bought the Pro version. IMO, a good move which at the price is a no-brainer. This software is a very polished performer and is matched by the rapid and responsive service. Try and you won't be disappointed. Buy and you'll be very happy. Thank you, JCH Optimizer.
Reviews: 2
Amazing plugin

Very easy to setup and worked beautifully, exceeding my expectations. After install, speed test on the website went from a B- to a A+ (98%).
Reviews: 47
I should say a Big thank you first to make it so well.

My site speed went up very nice.
Initially my score was "C Grade" on YSLow and now it's "A Grade".

Even the numbers on Google Page Insights have improved very well.

Thank you again.

Syed Shah
Reviews: 4
Do not go past this product. Easy to install and configure. No brainer.
Reviews: 2
If there was a sixth star available, I'd give it. My experience was very similar to reviewers before me: for a very low upgrade cost, I received courteous and expert response from the developer and my site's speed has improved dramatically. A billion thanks.
Reviews: 17
Yes, I´ve been amazed by the professional treatment I received from the support JCH Optimize.

I purchased the plugin (only $5 paid version) and I had a few small issues. All due to my website was a mess.
And every time I´ve been given an OUTSTANDING support. Explaining step by step, where my web failures were and how I had to fix it.
Honestly, I've been very pleased with the purchase and with the friendly and expert attention I received.

I give 5 stars because there was no more!
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