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ARI Docs Viewer Plugin

ARI Docs Viewer has been updated. It provides better K2 support.

ARI Docs Viewer system plugin helps to embed remote pages, Joomla! articles and files in the following formats into any Joomla! content:

doc / docx - Microsoft Word Document
xls / xlsx - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
ppt / pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint
pps - PowerPoint Slideshow
odt - OpenDocument Text
ods - OpenDocument Spreadsheet
odp - OpenDocument Presentation
sxw - Writer Document
sxc - Calc Spreadsheet
sxi - Impress Presentation
wpd - Corel Word Perfect Document
pdf - Adobe Portable Document Format
rtf - Rich Text Format
html - Hyper Text Markup Language
txt - Plain Text Document
csv - Comma Separated Values
tsv - Tab Separated Values
pages - Apple Pages
ai - Adobe Illustrator
psd - Adobe Photoshop
dxf - Autodesk AutoCad
svg - Scalable Vector Graphics
eps / ps - PostScript
ttf - TrueType
xps - XML Paper Specification

One note, the extension uses online services for inserting documents into content so it requires internet connection. It means that this feature might not work on local network sites if they does not have access to the Internet.

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Reviews: 10
Wow. What a great little plugin! Solved a tricky issue was was presented with in seconds. Virtually no configuration required and looks/works just great. Was a bit worried about responsiveness but that worked too. Excellent.
Reviews: 4
Excellent plugin! It does the job for you. Simple to use.
Reviews: 9
This plugin let visualize my documents in the article of my website
Reviews: 4
Nice tool. It ii easy to install and to use. Documentation is clear and well-written.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install and use, worked very well out of the box with no configuration other than plugin parameters. I'd suggest building a component and an editor button plugin as a companion and for providing more ease of use.
Reviews: 3
That's a great plugin.
Easy to install, easy to use.
Great work.
Reviews: 1
Works as advertised. Makes it easy to displays a pdf document in a Joomla article... I use it to display .pdf club Newsletters... users like the Google rendering because they can easily zoom, switch pages, print, etc.
Reviews: 9
I do love all of the plugins these guys have to offer. I tried another extension that was supposed to do the same thing but didn't. I installed this one and got it working in less than 5 minutes. Thanks Again AriSoft. You are my favorite!
Reviews: 2
I found this plugin very good, just wasn't able to use "zoho" as viewer (got error from server), and I would like to see option to hide menu and make impossible to user option Save or Print... and Open in new window. Then it would be great IMHO. Thanks.
Reviews: 3
Excelent plugin...easy to use. I have only one problem. I'm using zoho viwer to preview excel files.
Problem is: whenever i change content of any file zoho doesnt load new content. To load newly added content i must rename file to sometnih else.This is big problem for our site.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. If you have any questions about the extension, contact us by email or via our forum.

Reviews: 1
I like this extension. Worked fine for 1 day, but now when i check my website its constantly loading. Even after reuploading the excel doc to both google docs and to zoho it still loads constantly. This extension is perfect for me as i need it as a progress report for the work im doing for people. Any help would be appreciated?
Reviews: 3
This is a really good plugin but I can't find the documentation or usage guide.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. The plugin contains documentation with samples of usage and description of available parameters. Open plugin settings page and click "Detailed help here" link in "Description" field. After this popup with documentation appears.