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Asynchronous Social Buttons Plugin

Boost your website performance with Asynchronous Social Buttons plugin! This extensions allows you to load your favorite social buttons, in your articles, without affecting your website performance.

Because the buttons will be displayed after the page has fully loaded, Asynchronous Social Buttons allows you to promote your website content on social networks without a negative impact on your website performance.

Asynchronous Social Buttons Plugin allows you to choose which social buttons will be displayed and to choose the position where your favorite social buttons will be loaded.

Asynchronous Social Buttons main features:

- top or bottom positioning

- asynchronous loading

- Twitter Button

- Facebook Like button

- Facebook Send button

- Google Plus button

- LinkedIn button

- Buffer button

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Reviews: 1
This simple plugin delivers exactly what it claims: the most important social buttons, loaded asynchronously so that they won't slow down your site. Very easy to install, with minimal configuration.
The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that it offers, in my opinion, too little in the way of configuration options. For example, I had to hardcode my Twitter handle into the plugin in order to have the via @USERNAME attribution appear in tweets. If that option, and analogous settings for FB and G+ were added to the plugin options, it would be truly perfect. Many thanks to the developer for a useful and unbloated plugin.
Reviews: 4
Hi there, i think this is a good plugin that does the job as it should. Unfortunately I was annoyed by the visible red arrow with a link to the developers. I removed this manually since there was no information on the website how to do that nor was a setting in the plugin to turn it off.
Owner's reply

removed forever, it was there as a signal of jQuery not loading properly.

Reviews: 3
My pages load much faster, more exactly 0.9 seconds faster.Thanks
Reviews: 2
After a week i can see some improvements on site performance. WMT indicates a decrease from 3,8 seconds to 2,7 seconds for my page load time.
Reviews: 6
Sometimes it's just that easy: this plugin does not work. When activated in the backend all i got was a red arrow at the bottom of the article which pointed me towards the developers' homepage. Hmmm....
Owner's reply

And sometimes, users waste time on ratings berore trying to setup properly the plugin or before asking for support :)