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Comprehensive Joomla! (1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x) component that allows you to create and manage your Sport Website.

Perfect to add the information about football World Cup 2014 in Brazil in particular!

Despite of the wide range of features the component is really user-friendly and at the same time adjustive for the most kinds of sport. The most common sports JoomSport Pro is used for:
- Football
- Basketball
- Volleyball
- American football
- Softball
- Rugby
- etc…
The full list of sports that our customers used to support with JoomSport Pro can be found here:

Main features and functions are:
- Team/Single types of Tournament (it allows managing several kinds of sport on one website)
- Player/Team management (customizable profiles, Statistic, Match list, Photos)
- Match with Statistic and Photos
- Group/Double elimination/Knockout types of MatchDay
- Ability to create detailed Calendar
- Friendly Match feature
- Flexible Season table and Ranking criteria
- Club
- Venue
- …

A variety of eSport features makes JoomSport Pro an appropriate component also for online games websites. These are:
- Customizable FE management
- Player/Team registration via FE
- Connect players with Joomla! users so they can edit their profile via Front End
- Players registration to the Season ability with "dates" and "number of participants" option
- Players Nickname instead of real name
- Game maps
- Ability to invite/add participant to a Match/Team via FE
- Ability to comment matches via FE
- Ability to create Paid tournaments

Please see the detailed features list (

Finally JoomSport comes with 4 modules and 2 plugins that improve JoomSport functionality and simplify FE navigation on your website.

You might be also interested to look at the best examples ( we selected to present how JoomSport can be used.

Try it out and make your own Sport Website!

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Reviews: 1
Great Support, great Component, perfect for my requirements
conclusion: absolute recommendation !!!
Reviews: 1
Joomsport is the very best component to create a league.
work with joomsport is a very easy and intuitive. Moreover what is absolutely perfect, the support is excellent. We needed help 3 times and we always get a professional answer.
I highly recommend joomsport component.
Reviews: 1
I was unsure weather to get JoomSport at first but I am glad I did. It fits perfectly in to my site and when I needed support the BearDev staff responded quickly and efficiently. Really pleased I chose this product it really is fantastic! Keep up the good work :)
Reviews: 9
Folks, there is no other way to put it; this is the all-in-one complete package for ANY league!

It has complete customization capabilities built-in, quick support response from the help desk, amazing support quality, and active forums for users/support staff.

If you are creating a league website of any kind, JoomSport PRO is the only true option. Anything else is just settling for less.
Reviews: 2
We are almost finishing our local basketball team website and the JoomSport PRO component now is the main part of it.
We have searched through all the extensions in Sports section and decided to use paid version of JoomSport because of the three reasons mostly:
- Software should be able to support knockouts as well as leagues standings
- There should be an ability to manage team by team administrators
- The scope of other features in JoomSport was robust indeed
The main thing I would like to emphasize is that the latest release looks very good after our several testing rounds. It also fixes most of the problems they had in previous one as the forum shows.
After about two months we staid very satisfied with the support service the team provided. We communicated via support ticket system only (5/6 questions) and were receiving all the replies within one business day maximum. Small installation problem connected with our site template CSS was solved by the team at no charges within 2 days.
Finally we have ordered a small customization (the view displaying different events of the match) and this service was good. They have provided customization requirements document before started and this helped us to improve the UI requirements before the development started. In spite of the waiting time for about three weeks the deadline was hold as promised.
Thanks you guys for the component and in particular big thanks to Irene for all the support provided!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your appreciation, eVuln! We worked hard on the latest release and glad that it covered a lot of open queries.

Reviews: 1
All what you need for your football team! Excellent support! Knockout feature - it is what i need for my football tournament.
Thanks for your work!
Reviews: 1
I've been using this component since dec 2010. When I used for 1st time, I got time for make my own development over the original one, because it was a mess.
After more than 1 year, and because it was very important for my bussiness, I bought again. Big, big mistake.
The code its every time worst, and the component becomes total useless.
The SQL its terrible, incredible for a professional dev team.
Simple steps, as generate a team registration menu, doesnt works.
The translations its very bad.

After I registered for complain about the component, 3 people of their forum, contact me asking for help!!!!

The worst part, its they know exactly what is bugged since april (last update), because a great user has been reporting EVERYTHING. But, its not only they dont had released any update, but they tell us in their forum about the next patch fixing bugs will be available in sept/oct of this year. Almost 6 months just for fix some bugs!!!!

I hope you can read the whole pro-version forum to know what is going on there before you buy this. I recommend to wait until they fix it before buying.
Owner's reply

Thank you Marchelo for your feedback!
There are some true points in your words. The changes of the coming version are really big and a lot of improvements have been done. We have updated our forums with the list of changes that we've made. We decided to release and test proper build instead of providing customers non tested and quick solutions. That is why its taking so long for a new version. Much hope people enjoy it as before because it delivers quite a lot of flexibility and we've paid a lot of attention to usability and software processes at this time.

Reviews: 2
I bought JoomSport Pro 4 month ago and tried to run it for a soccer club with 11 teams. I spent hundreds of hours writing bug reports and finding system designs errors. You can delegate managing teams to team moderators and managing seasons to season admin. That’s what is suggested on the developers website. You don’t get detailed documentation, only the marketing presentation – called documentation --- on the developers website, saying nothing about the functionality of the system. After 4 month its clear to me why you don’t get any documentation : Nobody would spent any money for this component, because it’s not working as expected and/or advertised. I want to give you 2 examples: A so called season admin should be able to manage the objects in the season, he was set for. But the season admin cannot pick existing teams to his new season. He always has to create new teams, what will lead to tons of duplicate teams. A season admin cannot disconnect a team from his season, he is only able to delete a team, with the result, that he also deletes all matches, match and player statistics of this team, not only for his season but for all seasons, that the team was part of. When you discuss this functionality with the supporter, you will get the answer : This is JoomSport functionality and if you don’t like it, switch it of.

So if you like endless discussions about obvious bugs and misdesigns, duplicates rows in your database, unwanted mass deletion of historic data, frustrated season admins, comedy like answers in their forums, no forum reaction between Friday evening and Monday evening and if you have no hobby and tons of time to discuss evidential basics … buy this component … you will have all of this garanteed for the next years.

I waited 4 month to write a review, because I thought, the component would become better ….
Owner's reply

Hello GTvB,

Thank you, for your negative response!
Well... a lot to think both for now and for future development.

We will try our best to help you on all ongoing issues on forum and through personal emails.
Thank you for being active exploring our component and helping us to make it better.

Reviews: 3
I bought the Professional version a while back and was very patient with the development process from bearDev. However i strongly advise against the purchase of this software, i almost consider it a SCAM. Why? Because standard functions are still lacking.

Just have a look into the forum over there where the support is eager to tell people that everything is ok as it is, beside everyone there is complaining of problems say have with JoomSport or JoomSport Pro.

This component extension is very poorly coded and the support is not taking customers complaints seriously.
Reviews: 4
First, I want to say THANKS again for all the help. I ordered some custom development and while they took a week or so to respond sometimes, they always were able to help with my issue. We were able to create an excellent portal for online registration for REAL sports tournaments with printable rosters and multiple teams per coach. It was well worth the money spent!
Reviews: 3
I've tried different extensions for our new 1.7 Joomla based sport site and found that one most attractive because of the features scope and 1.7 support. Was very easy to install and support team was excellent (contacted 2 times to get help with functionality and got the answer on the same day).
Reviews: 1
The new release of JoomSport is again more powerful and more detailed. And the thing most important is the assistance H24, always available and polite, until customer is satisfied!