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Joomla! sport component that allows you to create and manage your sport website with your league statistic and sport league tournaments information. Product includes huge number of features like single, team and knockout Tournaments, Clubs, Teams, Players, photo galleries management and much more included! JoomSport can be used as a complete single league or multiple leagues platform supporting almost any kind of Sport event, team or championship with complicated structure. Still the most popular are Football (or soccer), Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Rugby, Softball, Hockey, Darts, e-sport and e-games.


  • Integrated with football data API service
  • Team/Single types of Tournament (it allows managing several kinds of sport on one website and build leagues)
  • Player/Team management (customizable profiles, league Statistic, league Matches list, Photos)
  • Match with Statistic and Photos
  • Round robin/Knockout types of Matchday
  • League Calendar with multiple views
  • Flexible Season table and Ranking criteria
  • Extra fields for match, player, team, venue, club
  • Club
  • Venue

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A variety of eSport league features allows to use JoomSport for online game leagues.
- Customizable FE management
- Player/Team registration via FE
- Connect players with Joomla! users so they can edit their profile via Front End
- Players registration to the Season ability with "dates" and "number of participants" option
- Players Nickname instead of real name
- Ability to invite/add participant to a Match/Team via FE
- Ability to create Paid tournaments

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JoomSport functionality can be improved by following add-ons
- Match Generator - allows you to generate sport league schedule
- Matrix - shows standings as a matrix table
- Predictions - create predictions for your sport league
- PayPal add-on - gives you ability to create paid tournaments

Sports supported

As reported by our customers JoomSport was used for:
- Football
- Hockey
- Basketball
- Volleyball
- American football
- Softball
- Rugby
- Tennis
- Handball
- Lawn balls
- Fastball
- Soccer
- Cricket
- Futsal
- Pool
- Water polo
- Badminton
- Billiard
- Ping-Pong
- Dart
- Chess
- Ping-Pong
- eSport games (Counter Strike, World of Warcraft (WoW), Fifa, etc.)

Showcases and references

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Try it out and make your own Sport League website!

It is a product with multiple features that works very smoothly 'out of the box' and Front End Management available for Team/Season admins.
Ease of use
It is easy to set up and use with clear, well structured, flexible layouts and provides a quality user experience.for visitors and members.
The support is excellent and has a team that is focused on providing the best solutions for their customers.
The documentation is very detailed with clear instructions and diagrams. A feedback section allows customers to post and vote on new ideas.
Value for money
The annual cost is only 50 cents per day with large discounts from year two onwards and a 15 day money back guarantee, providing great value
I used this to: My Community Sports Website on Joomla 3.8.2. We only work with suppliers that we consider to be totally reliable with high quality products, a similar level of support and value for money. JoomSport easily meets all those conditions and is an essential part of our website.
Matrix view, Current form, Comprehensive Player statistics and Scroll matches module
Ease of use
It is very easy to use it even as beginner thanks to integrated manager/menu.
Firts I didn't know I need a support. They contacted me, proposed some improvements and they did great job. For free.
There is a text for every feature, but there is always something that could be improved.
Value for money
First years I used free version only. But since I installed Pro version, my players/users can much better interact with the site.
I used this to: part of sport portal, dedicated for a regional minifootball league
Dispone de lo necesario para crear todo tipo de competiciones (ligas, partidos amistosos, competiciones de eliminación directa...).
Ease of use
Es un software muy intuitivo y sencillo de utilizar. Una vez dominadas sus características hay pocas restricciones.
Nuestra experiencia en este sentido ha sido muy positiva. Siempe disponibles, cercanos y con ganas de ayudar. Perfecto.
Cuenta con un manual detallado que permite avanzar rápidamente en el conocimiento del programa.
Value for money
Sin duda merece la pena la inversión en un producto que, además, va evolucionando con el paso del tiempo
I used this to: Una competición de fútbol.


Posted on 16 August 2016
It is a very good application to generate full sport championship. We use it for a Soccer League in Canada and it does exactly what we need.
Ease of use
If you are in rush to play with it is very simple to use event without looking to the instruction it is simple to set up,
This is one of their best feature, they are fast to answer, and what ever it takes the find the solution, Very patient and comprehensive
Documentation is very usefull and seems complete , but as mentioned I mostly set up everything by playing and testing different options
Value for money
I used this to: A soccer league with many seasons and many clubs with few teams and players in each teams..Comes with complete standings, photos, descriptions stats. It gives the feeling that you are operating a full profesionnal league especially with the extra fields you can add
JoomSport does everything any amateur or professional sports league site would need. It meets and surpasses all of my needs and expectations
Ease of use
JoomSport is easy to use. Minor elements can be confusing from time to time but every version cleans the system up and makes it easier.
I cannot say anything more positive about their support. Irene and the team answer within several hours, even minutes, & give flawless help
The documentation gives a user everything they need to learn JoomSport. If not, their forum covers it in depth,
Value for money
Best value, best sports league extension. Simple as that
I used this to: I use JoomSport for multiple league websites and I could not be happier with it. It rivals the systems used by professional sports leagues on their sites.

Awesome support

Posted on 20 May 2016
It has much more functionality than I actually need but the things that I am using work like a charm.
Ease of use
The backend is really easy to use for common tasks.
Joomsport support is awesome. I ordered a few custom developments to accomodate all my needs and they were very kind and effective.
The forum is a great resource to solve common issues.
Value for money
Great investment.
I used this to: An sports association website to manage multiple sports, tournaments and seasons
It is working with a large number of sports, from tennis to football, you can do team or single tournament. Lots of options in menu, modules
Ease of use
It's been 4 years that I use joomsport for a local football club, and if you find how to add a team to a season all the rest is very simple
Joomsport support is great, always find a solution to your issue. it's already working with php7 and joomla 3.5.1
There is a documentation and a forum to take the best advantages when beginning to use it. If you have problems the support will guide you.
Value for money
As I said, I use joomsport for more than 4 years (2012-2016) and I took the life-time licence and I think I've made the wright decision
I used this to: I use this for a local amateur football club, not professionnal club. But it could be used for a pro club. What the supporters and I like is the ability to insert next matchs and matchs results modules in a newsletter. You can insert the results of a season too. Let have a try
Owner's reply: Hello Patrick,

Thank you for your feedback!

We are preparing the new major release shortly and we all pretty sure all JoomSport members will be very much happy about the changes as it will be completely new level of professional league management and no one will ever mention that it is hard to add team into the season ;), hey.
It has all the features you need, but suffers from dated coding style that is an absolute nightmare to extend on and style.
Ease of use
It's fairly easy to use, but it lacks a modern, bootstrappy interface. The amount of tables, td tr and in-line styles is depressing.
As a very technical user, I thankfully have not needed to use support and everything does work out the box...although mobile is just barely.
This is very comprehensive, but again, i's marred by a very old, dated development style. No divs, it's mostly tables and in-line styles.
Value for money
I cannot score this too highly because the architecture is so dated and difficult to do radical styling overhauls on.
I used this to: A major basketball league website in Ghana, Africa. It took an inordinately and unnecessarily long time to customise the extension to my requirements. It's reliance on tables, in-line styles, no SASS, no bootstrap and not very well commented code at all are major disappointments.
Owner's reply: Thank you for your review, Charles!

We will try to pay more attention on our code quality on next releases. It is indeed not very friendly for those who decided to customize the product their selves.
Some changes and fixed will be added to or responsive add-on, especially for the front end team management part.
Functionality is great
Ease of use
Very easy to use this software.
Support is excellent. Irene and her team will get back to you and handle any issues you have.
Documentation for JoomSport is on point. You can always refer to it if needed.
Value for money
I've been a user since 2011, the mistake I made was purchasing the one year license. Best to purchase the unlimited license.
I used this to: I use this software for a Major Football Tournament in Jamaica.
This component has most of the functions you need for a sporting site.
Ease of use
Easy to install and implement. Some of the registration pathways could be improved.
Very helpful support. My custom add-ons and suggestions were created quickly and worked well.
Value for money
This is great value for money.
I used this to: a football website for a local competition
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Match Generator add-on for JoomSport

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This Sports Predictions add-on is product powered by BearDev team. It extends the functionality of well known Joomla sport league management extension - JoomSport. The great thing about it is that to create predictions you don't need to enter matches, scores, teams and huge amount of data - this is all managed by JoomSport . Predictions add-on works pretty straight forward: 1. You need to create...

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