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Maxi Menu CK Popular ModuleExtension Specific Addon

Make the same menu as on (top of this site).This is a RESPONSIVE Megamenu, dropdown menu with multicolumns and multirows. You can also load some modules inside. iPhone, iPad, Android compatible. Virtuemart, Hikashop compatible.

This menu provides some advanced features :
- Multicolumns AND multirows
- Themes are responsive design
- Mootools/jQuery dropdown with nice effects (open or slide)
- Description can be added for each link of the menu
- Loading of module in the menu
- Horizontal or vertical orientation
- MVC structure so the output can be easily overridable in the template
- Image only in the title of each link
- Fancy effect on first level items
- Possibility to have multiple modules on the same page, horizontal or/and vertical
- CSS class, href attribute and column specific width with the plugin Maximenu_CK Params
- Version Joomla! 1.5 compatible with Joomfish & sh404sef
- SEO optimized (all items are html coded and findable by the search engine)
- Compatible with mobile devices iPhone, iPad, Android
- option to open submenus on click, mouseover, close on click only
- Virtuemart compatible
- Image menu with suffix for mouseover images
- Theme css3megamenu to make the same menu as on
- Hikashop compatible
- RTL compatible with a specific stylesheet (see the documentation)
- Joomshopping compatible

VERSION 6 (J!2.5):
- Compatibility Joomla 2.5
- ACL management
- Cache management
- Creation of columns AND rows in submenus
- Code improvement
- New theme css3megamenu to create the same menu as on
- New ergonomy in the module administration
- New parameter [col=180] to create columns without separator

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Reviews: 1
This module is great in that it can achieve everything you can throw at it. The extra paid module make any programming changes effortless and are worth the contribution to the author to continue to produce great module to expand the culpabilities of templates with shortcomings.
Reviews: 3
I have tried many other mega menus(rocket, ice...), but they did not work on my full custom template. This zone work great !
I have bought the mega menu param CK, and the last version is awesome ! Simple, clear, easy to use, wisiwig, unlimited possibilities! Ok friendly setup and documentation are payed... But with the support of Cedric is a vert good investemnt to save jour tome with a powerfull menu !
Reviews: 1
As a longtime user of Joomla and probably hundreds of extensions I have to say Maximenu CK is without a doubt my favorite. I have never used an extension with such solid documentation, demonstrations, flexibility and superior customer support. As a free extension its remarkable. With the params addition, it simply cannot be beat. Thank you for making my work feel hardly like working at all.
Owner's reply

thank you for your great review :)

Reviews: 2
Very good work with this module.
Excellent result
Reviews: 15
I used this menu module for creating horizontal menu - other similar modules had rudimentary horizontal output.
This one is just great, but, unfortunately, free version is very limited in term of configuration.
Without paying you cannot either change colors (need to purchase themes), cannot configure how menu looks ( need to purchase Params Plugin), mobile "responsive" output becomes utterly broken (need to purchase Mobile plugin). And all that options sold separately.
Even documentation itself is not free.
I feel this is great product, and understand that developement need to be funded, but this is way too much of "bait and switch" strategy.
I recommend to look for other products if you need more config options, like color, in free version. Cinch Menu for example.
Owner's reply

thank you for your review. For the colors, you can do what you want by editing the theme file and using your own CSS. No need to pay for this.

Reviews: 2
Have used this on a few sites now and love it! For full benefit it is well worth paying the 11Euro for the Params Plugin, which gives you so many styling and layout options that the only limit is your imagination. Great work, thanks Cedric!
Reviews: 11
Great Menu, great support. Nice responsive Menu, works with J3.2. Very flexible layout. Moreover the CK support is very reactive, and THAT is most important.

The team updated a file to fit my needs in 48h.

thanks again
Owner's reply

thank you for your great review :)

Reviews: 3
This helps me create multilevel drop-down menu, now i don't need to worry about site, my client don't try to change template code (he was tried it before :/) and can't broke site :D
Reviews: 13
A good and unique menu can be the key emotional selling proposition of a website!

I like Maximenu because it annihilates the limitations of a menu:

You can have images for a menu item, descriptions for a menu item, you can even have no menu related stuff like a module in your menu.

When you look for an opportunity to make your website unique, choose maximenuCK!
Reviews: 1
I must say this menu beats out everything in the JED. I'd highly recommend people to spend a few dollars and get the parameters plugin because it makes customization quicker and easier. Think about it...a few dollars vs your valuable hours. Not to mention that when a new version comes out, your settings will be overridden.
Reviews: 7
This is the most beautiful and customizable menu in JED period. I highly recommend the customization plug-in. Support is not supposed to be included but the developer goes out of his way to help you out. Again, thanks for everything.
Reviews: 2

Thanks a lot for this component !!! For me have been very useful and it's highly recommendable !!! Also the support in the Forum is very good and fast.
Reviews: 4
I have nothing to say! Great menu with lovely effect! Thanks
Reviews: 8
This non-commercial is complete, yet very easy to install and configure.
This quality and innovation of this software justifies the few bucks you would be advised to give the developer in buying the full documentation or complementary plugins.
Reviews: 12
I see a couple people complain because they need documentation but don't want to pay for it. if you need the documentation or extra features you shouldn't complain about paying for it. this is a very nice, complex extensions that is of great value for FREE to everyone. anyone with modest skills should find them very useful with no instruction manual and buying some upgrades helps keep up dev work. thanks for the great menu (& all the other great joomlack extensions), glad to see the jed thing was resolved!
Reviews: 2
It's an excelent module. It can fatch the stayling from the fault template, it looks good, you can tweak it, there are style and visual options. The bad thing is there is no documentation. The author can at least include a free non-commercial stripped down documentation.
Reviews: 5
So far the best and the most excellent menu extension ever. once you familiarize yourself with it, it becomes very easy to use and set up, even without the plugin. and it works perfectly.
as for support, i can only say outstanding, he provide support better than some paid extensions and takes his time to answer every question.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your great review :)
Yes I try to help for each question, even if this is not always easy ...

Reviews: 1
I made a really nice menu to my food site. The options are great and with some minor css change I got it to look exactly as my designer draw it up.

The placement of my menu was further down on the website and the article underneath. This made every change of the page not visible on screen. I sent Cedric an email regarding use of anchor-tag in menu item. A few week later and an update with my request was available for download.

Best service I've had in ages.

If you have a more complex menu to make this one is a great option
Reviews: 19
I have used this on a number of sites and it’s great to be able to have stunning menus!
I highly recommend the parameters plugin, for a small price you can have all styling options in the module and also in the menu items which makes things much easier and quicker. Support is also very good. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
It had potential, but very very difficult to manage without instructions. And those are being sold by the developer of this module. Kinda shady if you ask me.
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