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CW Multicategories Component

Allows you to publish Joomla! articles into multiple categories via modal window with AJAX functionality. Works for backend&frontend! + Preview Button in Article edit page!
Full integration for article URL routing, breadcrums, blogs, page navigation, etc.

1) Classic interface with modal window + including NEW autocomplete input search box for faster work

2) Chosen - selectbox with rich features - No modal window, all functionality right in selectbox

- + Other improvements

- Button for modal window with category list - just like classical Category list view
- Pagination in category list
- Filtering categories
- ACL included - visible only categories acording to user rights
- AJAX & jQuery powered
- No problems with SEF
- Featured articles, Blog view, Article view - articles have all categories displayed, linking into the correct category view
- Page navigation - in the article detail view routing correctly within the current category - even if article has multiple categories assigned
- Breadcrumbs - showing correct path depending on in which category is the article viewed from (as it can be published in more categories)
- Possibility to enable creating Canonical URLs for articles in multiple categories - for avoiding having duplicate content!

All the functionality is also available in Frontend article management!

As a bonus, you will recieve an Article Preview button functionality in toolbar of Article edit form view!

Update system for user friendly install/update process

Joomla! update checker indicating new versions of extension

Drag and drop sorting category order for article in article detail form

Safe to install and uninstall.

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Reviews: 6
Everything works exactly as promised. Very well thought out and done. We use joomla! since 5 years now incl. lots of paid extensions and can fully recommend this one.
Reviews: 1
This extension is WONDERFUL and does exactly what I need - add many categories to a single article. It works perfectly! The developer is terrific - he helped me edit the php file for my template so that all the categories are now shown. For my site, if I could only have one extension, this would be it - I can't live without it! Kudos to the developer!!
Reviews: 1
Just perfect! Simple and easy, does what it says, saving a lot of time and trouble:)
Well done, this should be included in the Joomla version.
Reviews: 16
I really appreciate the usefulness of the extension but also the fact that the developer has developed many different versions depending on your joomla version installed. A great job, congratulations!
Reviews: 5
It does what it says on the tin!!!
Required for team member articles - some were in the UK category, some in the International category & some in both.
Reviews: 13
Realy needed this extension on my site. It worked first time and did what it said.
Had I small problem with another extension in conjunction with this one that did not work correctly and Pavel had a look and fixed the other extension problem for me.
That is what I call fantastic support.
Would recommend this extension to anyone that wants to use Multiple Categories.
Reviews: 1
I have used CW Multicategories on multiple web sites for at least a year now and it's absolutely invaluable if you have content that goes into several categories and menus on your site.

Installation and operation is hassle free and intuitive. Improvements are added on a regular basis and the developer is open for suggestions.

I had some issues with one of the updates and found that the support from the developer was both quick and helpful.

Thanks for a very, very useful component. Top marks from me.
Reviews: 1
Excellent support (thank you Pavel) ! The extension is very helpful too. I recommend it.
Reviews: 1
This extension is a must have! It worked right out of the box without any problems what so ever. Simple to use. Well done Pavel
Reviews: 2
Excellent support and extension is very helpful and easy. No configuration, just pure usability.
Great job. Thank, You to add functionality to Gavick News Show Pro GK5. This was very nice of you :).
Reviews: 1
Easy to use and learn for a newbie like myself. I did have one issue which was resolved quickly after emailing support. I was amazed at the fast, quality support I received.
Reviews: 5
The multi category feature is a must have feature for such a big CMS - this extension provides it and it simply it does what it promises! THX to the developpers for the good work!

One thing - after updating Joomla to 2.5.17 the component was inactive. A quick reinstall solved the problem. Don't know if this is a problem of the component
Reviews: 2
Can't believe Joomla 3.2 doesn't have the functionality that this great extension provides. Installation and set up was easy but it didn't work with my themeforest template at first. I emailed the developer CW multicategory and he made a small modification to my template and now everything works great. Brilliant extension and backed-up with first class support. Well worth the investment. Cheers
Reviews: 1
Wow, this extension is really great! It works fantastic without any problems. Very easy to configure and very easy in its use!
It does exactly that, what it should. :)

And if you have any problem, the support is really helpful, nice and quick!
Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says and allows you to very easily add your articles to multiple categories. Nothing to configure or hammer into place, it just works.

Support was quick and solved any issues right away. I had two problems with the extension (one with sub-category article display in parent categories, another with user group permissions in the front end editor), both of which Pavel solved very quickly and required nothing of me but to install the patched component.

Definitely recommended!
Reviews: 1
A very handy extension. Had a few compatibility issues on installing it, but the developer went above and beyond to sort them out for me.
Reviews: 11
I was duplicating articles and then forgetting to change all the copies when they needed updating. This extension gets round that problem by allowing one copy of an article to be shown in multiple categories.
The only thing you have to remember is that there is only one article and therefore there is only one Article Ordering number so if you rely on this to sequence your articles in the categories you will have to think carefully about what to number the article in its base category.
This didn't prove a great problem for me and I think the extension is a real must have!
Great support as well when needed.
Reviews: 2
Multi categorization is a must have and this component does the job.
But I couldn't find a way to order my articles, in the different categories.
Reviews: 1
I needed an extension that suited a directory structure of articles, without having to duplicate content. It was also important to work well with other extensions - this one suited best. Other reviews gave me the confidence to purchase. I had one small issue with my template, Pavel attended to this specific 'tweak' in a flash. Recommended.
Reviews: 2
The plugin is great! anyway I had a little problem, I opened a ticket and in a very short time I fixed it! Excellent!
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