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Tabs GK5 Module

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GK5 is one product of the next generation of GavickPro extensions designed exclusively for Joomla 2.5+.

With the Tabs GK5 module, you can implement space-saving tabs on websites and incorporate a variety of content types via modules or user-defined custom HTML code. Thanks to the tab management system we've integrated into the module, Tabs GK5 remains easy, intuitive and quick to configure. With built-in support for external data sources, the possibilities for implementing this new release are unlimited!

Following is a list of improvements from GK4 series to be found in Tabs GK5:
* Load & Save configuration
* Full access control list (ACL) support for tabs
* JSON / XML support as the external sources
* Option to set individual ID for each tab
* Option to set individual animation for each tab
* Auto-height
* Scalable layout
* New vertical scrolling animation
* MooTools & jQuery javascript frameworks support 'cleaned' HTML5 code recoded and restyled back-end
* 12 built-in styles (6 horizontal and 6 vertical) using CSS3 instead of images

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Reviews: 4
Very cool module. Super. I almost bought a paid module but lucky I found this one. Very nice. Only problem with inserting other modules into tabs. No documentation on that. So you need to manually add a new position tab1, tab2, publish needed module in that position and only then select in tabs that you want to load something with position tab1. Great module and great job! :)
Reviews: 14
Excellent for advertisement site where I use a lot of modules displaying ads "premium", etc.
simply to use, you just need to understand how it works with positions and it goes ...

Thanks for this guy ..
Reviews: 1
I really looked hard for Tabs like this, I have no problems to run modules scripts etc within, the admin-UI is really great to work with, they are the only as far I found out, which try to come along with the demands of responsive templates, but here is the only shotcoming I currently experienced, the auto height does not seem to work unfailable enough. If I have all tabs on top or on the bottom, and the tabs filled with likewise rezising content, the height is often displayed wrong when calling the page and only corrects after choosing another tab. One can avoid that by placing the tabs left or right, but then the only the content shrinks when you are rezising the window leaving the tabs at their original size. I confess, do not know any tabs that are likewise flexible and likewise intended to meet the demands of responsive templates, but in this respect they still seem improvable to me.
Reviews: 6
Works perfect. No problems with different theme styles or content inside the tabs.
Reviews: 14
Exactly what I was looking for. I got it up running on my site in notime. User-friendly config options from the backend which allows you to customize it so it fits your website.

Many thanks to the developers of the module for sharing it (for free) to the Joomla! community.
Reviews: 3
Thank you team of GK for good work!
Nice, easy, flexible extension!!!