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Solidres is a hotel booking extension for Joomla! CMS


+ One page AJAX reservation form
+ Flexible tariff configuration
+ Multilingual with Falang integration
+ Availability calendar
+ Easy media management with drag & drop re-ordering
+ Multiple currencies
+ Custom fields
+ Coupon
+ Tax supports
+ Deposit support: configure whether to accept deposit and configure deposit amount.
+ Extra items can be configured as mandatory and charged per booking or per room.
+ Google Map integrated
+ Built-in Simple gallery
+ Built-in payment methods: Pay Later and Bank Wire
+ Easy to modify email templates via Joomla template overrides.
+ Responsive layout
+ MVC Joomla coding standard
+ Backend drag and drop ordering
+ Joomla template overrides for all component views.

For more details and screenshots you can visit our Feature Highlights page.

For reporting bug or requesting feature or any questions you may have when using Solidres, please contact us via our website.

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Reviews: 2
It is a REAL MVC room reservation component.

We use hub complement for one of our customer.

Solidres gives a load of professionnal functions and support is very reactive and efficient.

Thank you ;-)
Reviews: 1
Solidres it´s a very flexible extension, with lots of features, real integration with gateways and everything you need to have a professional online booking system. And if you need some specific feature, they develop it "tailored" for you, for a very reasonable price.
I have tried other components and all are missing something, but with Solidres you get everything you need. And most importantly, the support is excellent, I can't rate it well enough. The developers actually respond to your questions, before and after buying the extension. They manage to give you fluid and continued support, even if you are on the opposite side of the world, taking out the stress and anxiety of the integration with the payment methods. It is really reassuring to see this type of service, others developers can learn from these guys.For the good of our Joomla community, I hope to see Solidres going far in the future. Thanks for helping me get the work done!
Reviews: 1
This is the best extension for any room based multi properties booking businesses.

The support of Solidres team is excellent. My clients are great happy with the website, I have designed using this amazing component.
Reviews: 7
I used the free version and it was pretty cool. I switch to basic paid one coz I need one extra feature. Overall, it is quite an extension, packed with so much potential and possibilities. Got to admit that it took me a little time to figure it out as a beginner in Joomla altogether. But I managed and I didn't even read the docs(not saying it's a good thing not to read instructions) Anyway, it works like a dream :)
Reviews: 1
Solidres is a great component, easy to configure. It is responsive and easily adapts to any design. The support is really efficient and friendly and quickly solves every need. I am Italian and I can say that the translation is very good. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
As a website developer, I find this extension very well written, it uses best practices in Joomla extension development like MVC structure, namespaced jquery instance. For end user it is easy to use. The developer of this extension is active in listening to user's feedback and constantly improve their product with regular patch and new features. Thank you for releasing it for free!
Reviews: 1
I've been a die hard Joomla fan for many years and of course it is the first one that I recommended to my client when we built their hotel website, then with Solidres installed, it made Joomla a serious platform for hotel websites, perfect combination.
Reviews: 1
This is the best extension for any room based booking businesses. Instead of trying to be "jack of all trades" booking extension, Solidres focuses on room based booking and it is doing well. It has an active development schedule, bug fixes are released quickly and support in the forum is quite good.
Reviews: 2
Our client did not want to spend too much money into building website, we recommended some open source + free hotel booking extension for Joomla CMS and they chose Solidres, with it we built a hotel website very fast comparing to other solutions. Thanks to the friendly user interface we only needed to have a 1/2 training day and our client was able to manage their website themselves. Highly recommend!
Reviews: 1
The only reason I upgraded my website from Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3 is to be able to install Solidres and I have no regret, it is developed as a native Joomla extension from the ground up therefore it is very lightweight and easy to install, the backend user interface blends well into Joomla 3 administrator. The support is very helpful too, great job!
Reviews: 2
I have many years experience with WordPress and I've built many websites with it but when one of my clients need to build a website for their hotel chains then I had to give up because there are not enough good hotel booking solutions for WP. So I switched to Joomla and was surprised because it has several good hotel booking extensions. I chose Solidres because it has everything I need and the support was good too. Thank you Solidres team!
Reviews: 2
At the first glance it is very lightweight and has a nice clean user interface (both frontend and backend). The installation was easy and straightforward, the code base is organized into separated sections and if you are a Joomla developer, you will find it valuable. In addition, it does not come with a bunch of unnecessary features, for my business (a small B&B) it is enough. In the other hand, it need to support Bootstrap 3. Keep up your good work.
Reviews: 2
I got myself familiar with Solidres easily because its friendly user interface. In addition, it follows Joomla M-V-C standard and this is a big advantage for developers who are familiar with how a real Joomla extensions are built.
Reviews: 1
Very nice and intuitive user interface. The back end is organized cleanly into separated sections which make daily management tasks become easier. Each form label has tool tip when hovering make it easier to use without having to consult any documentation. Nice job!
Reviews: 1
I decided to hire a web development company to develop a website for my hotel, but a friend told me to try open source software first, he recommended Joomla and Solidres, I had to thank him a lot, open source softwares like Joomla and Solidres produce such a great combination, I got my hotel website running with zero cost. Great thank to those open source developers!
Reviews: 3
Very good and well done. Support is very fast and good. There are still small trick to be done but I am very satisfied.
Reviews: 2
Our client's server only has MSSQL installed, fortunately Solidres already supports MySQL and Postgres, we followed and made a MSSQL compatible version, it works great thanks to Solidres's commitment to Joomla's coding standard.

It is easy when we need to change the layout a little bit to fit our current template, we just used template override and done!
Reviews: 1
Solidres is very easy to install and configure, I am a hotel owner and not a developer but I was able to set up my own website with Solidres successfully and I am proud of that.

It is lightweight and very responsive. The installation was very straight forward just like other Joomla extensions and did not require special installation methods. Solidres also has an option for you to install sample data (like Joomla's sample data) which is the best way to get started.
Reviews: 2
I've tried several hotel booking extensions but Solidres has the most usable and nicest user interface, I especially like their one page reservation form which some of my clients like a lot when I presented it to them.

The support is also very good and fast even in weekend! Keep up your good work Solidres team.
Reviews: 1
I've been tested many hotel booking extensions for my current project (a hotel website with online reservation ability) and after a week with Solidres, here are my opinions

+ Pros: easy to install, use and configure (may be because of less config options). Being a native Joomla extension and only compatible with Joomla 3+ make the code more readable and understandable for me. It is quite fast too.

+ Cons: less config options mean less customization and not yet has an integrated payment gateway at the time of this review.

However this project is quite new and I hope the developers can address these cons in their upcoming versions.
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