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Solidres is a hotel booking extension for Joomla! CMS. Solidres itself is a free extension and you can download, install and use it in unlimited sites as you wish. Also, Solidres follows Joomla coding standard (MVC structure) therefore customizing Solidres or developing template for Solidres is a pleasant task for all Joomla developers/designers. Although Solidres was designed to support hotel (room-based) booking, it can still be used for other type of booking businesses like apartment/villas booking, B&B, guest house, camp site, we can even see some users who use Solidres for cat boarding or 3G USB booking.

Solidres is proudly to be listed in JED since 2014.

Free iOS and Android mobile app are available for all users (requires Solidres v2.11.0+).


  • Solidres app is available for both iOS and Android users
  • Support booking per night or per day
  • 03 reservation layouts to choose from in front end
  • Support private room as well as shared room (dormitory)
  • One page AJAX + well organized reservation form: it is one of our strongest feature, it makes booking a nice experience for your guests, this is very important factor for booking because most of the guests will stop booking if they find it hard to understand the user interface or having to fill a horrible form with too many fields.
  • Flexible tariff configuration
  • Multilingual support via integration with Speedy Translate (Paid extension) / Falang (Free extension)
  • Availability calendar
  • Easy media management with multiple files uploading, drag & drop re-ordering, automatic thumbnail creation with configurable thumbnail sizes.
  • Multiple currencies: you can configure as many currencies you wish and display them in front end in a module so that they can switch the currency as they want.
  • Coupon supports
  • Tax supports
  • Deposit support: configure whether to accept deposit and configure deposit amount. Deposit can be fixed amount or percentage of booking cost or per stay length (for example charging first 2 nights's cost as deposit)
  • Extra items can be configured as mandatory and charged per booking or per room.
  • Google Map integrated: allow drag and drop on map to find your location visually.
  • Built-in Simple gallery
  • Built-in payment methods: Pay Later and Bank Wire
  • Easy to modify email templates via Joomla template overrides.
  • Responsive layout
  • Responsive email templates
  • MVC Joomla coding standard
  • Backend drag and drop ordering
  • Joomla template overrides for all component views.
  • Export reservation as CSV
  • Facebook OpenGraph support
  • Back end reservation creation or amend for staff
  • Single use supplement
  • Supported by multiple Joomla template providers
  • Easy to use and configure (free video tutorial available at our website)
  • Live reservation unread count
  • Ability to send reservation notification emails to multiple email addresses
  • Ability to re-generate all thumbnails
  • Support Google Maps API Key
  • Extensible via plugins and modules
  • Ability to disable online booking and show inquiry contact form instead.
  • Support both Bootstrap 2 (Joomla 3) and Bootstrap 5 (Joomla 4) out of the box
  • Menu types to show single property or single room type
  • Ability to auto detect when guest's session is going to be expired and raise warning
  • Check availability for specific room type
  • Add ability to override language per property's category
  • Support booking require approval
  • Support tourist tax (fixed amount per person per night), this tax is needed by some countries where tourist tax are required
  • Support reCaptcha in booking form to prevent bots and spam
  • Ability to automatically calculate the tax amount for price included tax (tax inclusive or tax exclusive)
  • Support payment method surcharge and discount
  • Support tax exemption
  • Tracking view to allow non-registered guests to check their reservation info using a combination of reservation code and email address (since v2.6.1)
  • Summary module: show a summary of current reservation info for guest

New features in v2.12.0 (Jun 2021, visit our website for full details)

  • Apartment layout
  • Payment method visibility
  • Add read more link for property and room type description, opening in modal window
  • Reservation list view: add quick print button to print reservation list

New features in v2.11.0 (Nov 2020)

  • New Summary module to show a summary of the reservation process for guest, it helps to improve the usability of the reservation process and make it more user friendly
  • New option “Allowed checkin days” for Check Availability module, this option is useful when the property has fixed checkin days and it could make the availability search faster by only showing the available checkin days for guest
  • New room type selection layout, it is improved for better responsive, tested also with Bootstrap 4.
  • New option “Default rate plan visibility”, this is requested by many users when they want to display the rate plans in front end, but hide them by default and the rate plans are only showed when guest click on button “Rates”
  • Improved Bootstrap 4 and Joomla 4 support

New features in v2.10.0

  • Support Invisible Captcha
  • Reservation tracking view: now user can cancel their reservation without having an account
  • Improve PHP 7.4 support
  • Improve Bootstrap 4 support
  • New property option: force customer account registration

New features in v2.9.0

  • New Origins system
  • New permission system for extras item
  • New UI for language override per category
  • Mobile app is now available (requires mobile app subscription)

New features in v2.8.0

  • Master/Slave mode: useful to rent apartment as a whole unit or as separated rooms.

New features in v2.7.3

  • Add full support for Joomla 3.9 Privacy Suite

New features in v2.7.0:

  • Configurable reservation statuses and payment statuses
  • Payment history: record all related payments for a reservation
  • Front end availability calendar can show fully booked dates and partially booked dates

For more features, details and screenshots you can visit our Feature Highlights page at our website.

For reporting bug or requesting feature or any questions you may have when using Solidres, please contact us via our website.

Cheaters from Vietnam

Posted on 01 December 2021
A product that does not work is hidden behind a beautiful wrapper. You can waste a lot of time and get frustrated. Don't waste time with thi
Ease of use
It took a month to understand how everything works. Our team has been studying this intensively. There are no reviews anywhere. The support
Our manager made every day attempts to contact the support of the project and ask for help in training employees. As a result, his account w
The documentation is outdated. The information is not updated. It is very difficult to understand.
I used this to: Tourist agency. We wanted to create a website for our company and were very disappointed. The attitude of developers and support is negative. We have been creating our site for a long time and at the very end we realized that this system does not work.
Ich benutze die kostenlose Variante und die deckt bereits alles ab, was ich als kleiner Anbieter eines B&B-Zimmers brauche. TOP
Ease of use
Die Bedienung ist sowohl im Frontend für den User, als auch im Backend für Admin beinahe selbsterklärend. Dank den vielen Sprachpaketen. TOP
Ich hatte ein Problem und die kostenlose Variante. Auf meine Anfrage im Forum wurde mir kompetent, unbürokratisch und umgehend geholfen! TOP
I used this to: Bed&Breakfast - Angebot. Ein einzelnes ZImmer zum schlafen, wohnen, lehren, lernen.
Everyone can check how malicious this extension is using the JED Checker component in Joomla 4.
Dirty code. Rukits.
Ease of use
It is difficult to understand the interconnection of all components with very poor documentation. It was possible to shoot elementary traini
Disgusting support service. Lowest grade. It takes several days or weeks to resolve the problem.
One message a day. Stone Age.
Documentation without rendering. You need to study a lot to understand everything.
I used this to: Purchased a subscription for a hotel chain reservation system. Faced with a classic example of fraud. The developer embeds malicious code. Constantly promises fixes in the update. Incompatible with YOOtheme templates.
Only free demo version works. As soon as you buy a subscription, the nightmare begins. And the user understands how he was deceived by $ 500
Ease of use
To use it, you need to study a huge amount of documentation. Bump into broken components. Wait a week for a response from the support team.
Help desk visibility No help. The answer is once a day. Ignored for several days. Communication with a satellite on Mars is faster.
The documentation is there. And that's already good. There are descriptions with screenshots. Unfortunately, there are no training videos.
I used this to: Real estate agency "Monolith". Rent and sale of real estate. Yacht charter. Cruises. Hostels in Phoenix.
Отвратительно. Не работает на Joomla 3.10.3. и на joomla 4.0.4
Разработчики осознанно создают ошибки обещая устранить их в обновлении.
Ease of use
Весьма неплохо. Замысел всей системы отличный. Этим и привлекают клиента. В демо версии всё красиво и всё работает. Но это рекламный обман.
Самая плохая служба поддержки из всех существующих. Все ответы пользователям составляет один человек, один раз в сутки кроме выходных дней.
Документация хорошая. Всё детально объясняет. Но только в виде статей со скриншотами.
Видео , к сожалению, очень мало.
I used this to: ? ??????? 6 ??? ??????? ????????? ???? ?? ???? ???????. ???????? ?? ???????? ? ?????????? ????? 1000 ????????. ?? ???? ???????????????? ????????????? ?? ????????????. ??? ????? ?????? ????? ??????? ??? ?????????? ???????. ????????? ? ????????????? ???????? ? ?????????? ???????.
The free standard version has already a lot of features one can use to operate an accommodation or tour website.
Ease of use
It is easy to use and to configure the system. Everything is structured logical. The free 8 templates could be adapted to bootstrap 4.(now 2
Very good support. The developers answer within 24 hours. Many open questions one can also find in the forum or documentations
The documentation is almost perfect. There are video tutorials and written manuals.
I used this to: an internet reservation component to offer tours on Flores and in the Komodo National Park as well as for a guest house. We will soon upgrade to version 2.11.3 as this version has meanwhile more functions especially the tour component.


Posted on 24 October 2020
Bastante completo para ser una versión gratuita, si lo que quieres es comercializar una vivienda familiar como alojamiento
Ease of use
Muy fácil de utilizar, no se necesita grandes conocimientos informáticos.
Dispone de toda documentación reglamentaría, para cada una de las versiones que utilices.
I used this to: El desarrollo de comercialización de un inmueble familiar, gestión comercialización y reservas para clientes interesados en todo el mundo a hospedarse en nuestro lugar de alojamiento.
Bereits die Standard Lieferung von Solidres deckt gut 99% aller Bedürfnisse ab. Erweiterungen und Overrides sind extrem einfach und gut doku
Ease of use
Die Usability ist massiv besser als alles andere was ich bereits benutzt habe als Reservationssystem unter Joomla. ich finde Top!
Der Support ist sehr gut. Kompetente und hilfreiche Antworten innert 24h. Bis jetzt Tadellos!
Die Dokumentation ist noch nicht so das wahre. Aber vieles ist im Forum beschrieben oder man macht ein Ticket und es wird erklärt.
I used this to: Vermietungsportal von Ferienwohnungen in Davos, Schweiz. Website www ferienwohnungen-davos ch. Hub-Version mit sehr vielen Wohnungen und vielen verschiedenen Vermietern.
This component has all I need to build and run a hotel booking engine in my own Joomla site, we could not ask for more!
Ease of use
From the installation and configuration and running, we have no major difficulties at all
I used this to: Joomla powered site for a boutique hotel that want to start their online booking site in 2020, times come.
We tried many different Joomla booking extension and Solidres is definitely the most actively developing Joomla component
Ease of use
installation is very simple, the configuration steps are logical and together with clear UI, it make our taskes a lot easier
I used this to: We use this great component for all of our projects related to hospitality industry and tourism websites and online booking portal
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Solidres Team
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Dec 03 2021
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Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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