Stripe Recurring Payment Gateway for Virtuemart Stripe Recurring Payment Gateway for Virtuemart
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Stripe Recurring Payment Gateway for Virtuemart

By Crevol Software
VirtueMart extensions
Stripe Recurring payment for virtuemart is a wonderful plugin that allows you to receive payments using the credit card or debit card on your Virtuemart store without redirecting to a third party website, stripe payment plugin allow recurring payment if enabled by admin. Features of Stripe Payment for Virtuemart :- Stripe payment for virtuemart accepts credit card or debit card Stripe payment f...
FoolLog Addon for Kunena FoolLog Addon for Kunena
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FoolLog Addon for Kunena

Site management tools
This is a addon (plugin) for the FoolLog component (UWiX) to integrate logging of the Kunena Forum component by the Kunena Team. The plugin can log these actions: Attachments Upload, remove Categories Add, edit, remove, publish and unpublish Topics/Replies Add, edit, trash, restore, remove, sticky, unsticky, lock and unlock User profiles Update The FoolLog component is required to use t...
FoolLog Addon for JoomShopping FoolLog Addon for JoomShopping
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FoolLog Addon for JoomShopping

Site management tools
This is a addon (plugin) for the FoolLog component (UWiX) to integrate logging of the JoomShopping Extension by MAXXmarketing GmbHs. The plugin can log these actions: Addons Install and uninstall Categories Add, edit, remove, publish and unpublish Configuration Updates (also for Config SEO and config Static Page) Coupons Add, edit, remove, publish and unpublish Currencies Add, edit, remo...
CMSE Reset CMSE Reset

CMSE Reset

Ratings & Reviews
Easily reset article hits and votes to zero(0) without manual database editing. This is simply for those who wish to reset a page hit and vote data just because they want to restart. If ExtraVotes plugin is installed and in use, this reset plugin will also handle those votes. Install Enable Edit an article and click Publishing tab to see the buttons at the bottom right...
 DatsoGallery pictures for Geommunity maps  DatsoGallery pictures for Geommunity maps
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DatsoGallery pictures for Geommunity maps

By Nordmograph
Extension Specific
Adds DatsoGallery located pictures or albums to Geommunity3 Google Maps. Also integrates DatsoGallery in Map global search results, and DatsoGallery Categories in Map Dynamic Filter. This DatsoGallery interations into Geommunity Maps include: Markers Ajax loading, and clustering Infowindow display Filtering markers by DatsoGallery type Filtering Markers by DatsoGallery categories DatsoGallery...
JUX Easy Mega Menu JUX Easy Mega Menu
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JUX Easy Mega Menu

By JoomlaUX
Menu Systems
JUX Easy Mega Menu is an amazing Mega Menu module which allows you to customize everything around the menu of your Joomla site in an "EASY" way as exact as its name. The awesome module deserves Joomla users more 11 Beautiful preset styles, unlimited customizations in colors, submenu, top menu, etc. Furthermore, with multi-media and a variety of menu layouts offered, users freely bring images and v...
UniPAY Checkout UniPAY Checkout

UniPAY Checkout

By UniPAY Dev
Payment Gateway is one of the most popular payment processors in Georgia, UniPAY Checkout extension provides the most integrated checkout experience possible with WooCommerce to accept ewallet and credit card processing. ( Visa, Mastercard and AMEX )...
Random Strapline Random Strapline

Random Strapline

By Simon Champion
Simple module that picks a random line of text from the module config to display on the site....
Lab5 - Cookie Commander Lab5 - Cookie Commander

Lab5 - Cookie Commander

By Lab5
Cookie Control
DSGVÖ / GDPR Compliant Use of Cookies ( and Tracking Code ) made easy! - Easily adjustable and extendable plugin. Let your users ontrol every single cookie, at any time ! Let visitors even control the tracking ( Google Analytics, Piwik/Matomo ), live! Super easy setup and config ! Adjustable Info Bar included Embeddable Control Form Translateable Analytics ( Google Analytics + Piwik/Matomo ) T...
SC Random Article SC Random Article

SC Random Article

By Simon Champion
Articles Display
A very simple plugin that allows you to set up a URL for each of your categories that will redirect to the page for a random article from that category. eg, something like this: will select a random article from the mycat category, and redirect to it....
No Boss Page Sections No Boss Page Sections

No Boss Page Sections

By No Boss Technology
Access & Security
Your problems creating content pages with Joomla are over. With this extension, you will simply create different sections within a single page, and you can stylize each section separately. You can also create an integrated search page with Google by simply entering the URL and the API key you created previously with the search engine. Tips: You can also purchase a complete template with other e...
No Boss Blog No Boss Blog
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No Boss Blog

By No Boss Technology
Solution with 10 extensions included Build your blog in a few minutes using a complete solution. There are several extensions available and the installation process is simple. When you purchase this product, in addition to the possibility of creating a new site, you may choose to install each individual extension on one or more existing sites. Advantages: Quickstart: In each solution start wi...
LivresFP LivresFP
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By Fabrice4821
LivresFP is a super easy-to-use interactive flip book (Joomla) component. You will be able to easily present your documents in the form of a flip book on your Joomla site. Open your component, enter a title, insert your photos with a drag and drop function, and Poundspans does the rest. Ditto for PDF files: Drag and drop your file, and all the pages it contains will automatically be converted int...
Ruxin Loading ProgressBar Ruxin Loading ProgressBar
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Ruxin Loading ProgressBar

By RuxinCode
Ruxin Loading Progress Bar makes a beautiful progress indicator for your page load and ajax navigation. It will automatically monitor your ajax requests, event loop lag, document ready state, and elements on your page to decide the progress. On ajax navigation it will begin again! 10 colors and 11 different themes for loading....
supoTalkWidget supoTalkWidget
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By Supo INC
This plugins install and activate supo talk widget chat on your joomla...
Progressive Web Application (PWA) Progressive Web Application (PWA)
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Progressive Web Application (PWA)

By WebKul
Joomla Progressive Web Application (PWA) - Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the next big thing and one of the most talked about technology shifts in the web development which bring mobile-app-like experiences to your users without requiring them to install an app from the app store/ play store. It uses web compatibilities and provides an application experience to the users. So, just by installing a...
LiveChat: live chat for VirtueMart LiveChat: live chat for VirtueMart
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LiveChat: live chat for VirtueMart

By LiveChat
VirtueMart extensions
What is LiveChat LiveChat is a VirtueMart-specific chat application for customer support and online sales; designed to help businesses improve sales and build better relationships. The way it works is simple: live chat sits at the bottom of your site, your visitors can send a message, or you can use it to send messages to those visitors automatically. For you, it means more satisfied customers,...
Ruxin Reading ProgressBar Ruxin Reading ProgressBar
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Ruxin Reading ProgressBar

By RuxinCode
Give your readers a graphical view of the reading progress per page. - iOS and Android optimized - Responsive (Works with all devices) - You can change color and height. - Works with all major browsers IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android browser, Opera, iOs browser. - Works with all Themes - Works perfectly with floating/sticky menu...