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A free content plugin that provides a simple way to display two images overlapping with a slider between them to reveal parts of each. Excellent for before and after photos or other comparisons.

Uses a simple shortcode. Just publish the plugin, use the shortcode in your article, insert two images inside it however you'd like, and you're set.

Key Features
- Easy shortcode
- Lightweight and uses vanilla js
- Easily customizable
- Vertical sliders
- You can add before/after labels, or custom labels to images if you want

This is an implementation of a free MIT licensed JS library - see "image compare viewer" js library by kylewetton on GitHub for more details on what's used.

Auto ScrollSpy (Article Table of Contents/Anchor Generator)

Auto ScrollSpy (Article Table of Contents/Anchor Generator)

By Kevin's Guides
Article Elements
This package scans your articles for headings and automatically creates a 1 or 2 level anchor navigation area. For example, if you have a long article with 5 subheadings, you can set this to automatically turn each heading into a different linkable section. You can use this for a basic table of contents, or you can enable the Scroll Spy feature so it tracks the section of the page the user is on...


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Education & Culture
YaQuiz is a free open-source quiz extension for Joomla 4. You can use it to create review quizzes, tests, exams, etc. on your Joomla 4 powered website with relative ease. Key features include: - Question Types -- Multiple Choice -- Short Answer (Text Response) -- True False -- HTML section (not a question but you can put whatever you want here) - Question Feedback - Save test scores and statisti...

Image Comparer

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Last updated:
Oct 26 2023
8 months ago
Date added:
Apr 26 2023
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System