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CW Multicategories

By CW Joomla
Multi Categorization
Allows you to publish Joomla! articles into multiple categories. Works for backend&frontend! Full integration for article URL routing, breadcrums, blogs, page navigation, etc. + Preview Button in Article edit page! FEATURES: - SMART CHOSEN layout - drag and drop sorting functionality for selected category order in this layout. - Long awaited drag and drop ORDERING FOR MULTIPLE CATEGORIES! - Drag...


By Lucas Sanner
Multi Categorization
ABTag is a Joomla extension which allows to display articles by tag thanks to a tag view. It takes advantage of the Joomla native tag component to offer a very flexible way to sort and display your articles. The same article can have several tags and therefore being shown on different locations in your website (ie: transversality). ABTag provides a full integration for article URL routing, custom...