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Create any possible type of Javascript or CSS menu for your Joomla websites (through the Joomla Component and the AllWebMenus Pro desktop application) or for any other CMS (like WordPress, etc.) or authoring tool (like Dreamweaver, etc.).

AllWebMenus Pro does not limit you to the standard Joomla positioning methods for placing your menus on your pages; using any of its 3 flexible positioning options (relative to Window, a page Element or a page Image) you can place your menus anywhere you like.

All menus you create will behave and look alike in all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and devices (desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.), without any problems or inconsistencies. You can create "responsive menus", "mega menus", "sliding menus", "accordion menus", "horizontal/vertical menus", "tree menus", "floating menus", and much more.

List of major features:

  • 200+ themes/examples for creating stylish menus.

  • A rich & intuitive User Interface.

  • Support for Joomla™ 2.5 & Joomla™ 3.

  • Plenty of buttons, icons, bullets, arrows & backgrounds to use.

  • Optimized menu javascripts that support all browsers and all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, smartphones, iPad, etc.).

  • Menus populated EITHER within your menu projects OR "on-the-fly" based on your online Joomla menus (or UL/LI elements of your choice).

  • Right-to-Left language (RTL) support (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.).

  • "SEO CSS Menu Addin" for Search Engine friendly menus.

  • Many options for Sliding Menus, Floating Menus, Popup menus (opening on right-click), Mega menus, Responsive menus, etc.

  • Options for Multiple Rows or Columns per menu.

  • Plenty of Opening and Closing effects, full customization.

  • Option for showing a Scrollbar or applying "Auto Scroll" on large submenus.

  • Option for "auto highlighting" the last visited item.

  • Menus can appear over flash objects, form elements, applets, iframes, etc. without problems.

  • Multiple menus on the same page can be used.

  • Options for "Rounded Corners", "Shadows", etc.

  • Support for "Keyboard Navigation".

  • Support for Section 508, WAIG menus (for fully accessible menus).

    …and many more.

AllWebMenus Pro

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