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Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider is a Twitter widget (Joomla Module) that no doubt will help you manage your followers on twitter as well maintain website users and clients to your Joomla site. You can now embed your Twitter profile timeline using twitter username only.

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Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider is a very effective and reliable widget when it comes to sharing information on your Joomla site straight to your twitter followers. As well sharing your twitter post to your website viewers. Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider is an awesome module that helps you display tweets with multiple features including changing colors that match your site.

This particular twitter widget has various twitter features including twitter width, twitter height, twitter auto width for new twitter results and twitter scrollbar among others.

Benefits of using Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider

  • Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider can positioned on your website absolute area. So it doesn't take extra place on your website.
  • Our Twitter icon is attractive. So it can easily attract people to view our twitter widget feeds.
  • Our Twitter module is very easy to install and configuring is super easy. You don't require lots of Joomla or Web Language knowledge to setup.
  • Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider can be positioned on either left or right. So now you are getting more independence of setting or display your twitter feed on either left or right position.
  • With Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider we're offering free 24/7 support.
  • Our Twitter Widget documentation is very easy to understand.
  • We're up to date.

Similarly, with our Twitter widget you can engage yourself in crowd sourcing whereby you will get answers to almost all questions you put forward. Another major advantage of the Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider is that your website visitor can get a chance to find a twitter feed easily using our Twitter Widget Module.

Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider Features

  • Can display Twitter widget on Left or Right.
  • Attractive Twitter Module.
  • Can setup Twitter width and Twitter Height.
  • Advanced Twitter configuration features available.

Awesome Twitter Slider Configuration Options

  • Twitter Username: Put your twitter username here. example: If your twitter profile url is like - https://twitter.com/twitter or - https://twitter.com/twitterdev then your twitter username is like - "twitter", "twitterdev"
  • Margin Top to Bottom: Margin top from website absolute area.
  • Twitter Width: Your Twitter Widget width size in px.
  • Twitter Height: Your Twitter Widget Height size in px.
  • Select an Align: Display your twitter widget module on Right or Left.
  • Twitter Color Scheme: Twitter widget offers two pre-embedded color schemes. Dark or Light.
  • Load jQuery: By default it should be selected to No and you should never use this unless your Joomla Website loading no jQuery by default.

Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider is a Twitter Sidebar Slider Widget which displays during hover on it. You can hover over the icon in right or left and a sweet twitter feeds will shows up.

For any business owner looking forward to get noticed on any social network platform, consider Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider. Just open a twitter account and find twitter followers then leave it for the twitter widget to lead more and more people to your site giving you the chances of attaining more customers and clients as well.

This particular twitter module is very easy to install, takes just a few minutes to install and display a nice twitter widget. This Twitter widget has customizable features that enable you customize your twitter widget in more ways than you could have before. Similarly with the recent changes in twitter and can support even future developments too. Furthermore, it is a free twitter widget which gives you so much without having to risk or put in too much effort.

Awesome Facebook Feeds Slider

Awesome Facebook Feeds Slider

Free | Social Display | Awesome Sliders
1 review
Facebook is one of the most highly regarded social media platforms circulating the web. By using Awesome Facebook Feeds Slider you can connect your users with your Facebook fan page. Awesome Facebook Widget Slider is here to help connect your website visitors with your Facebook page. Awesome Facebook Like box Slider is recommended for websites and blogs because social media generally has a great impact on web users and you are able to convert your website visitors to Facebook likes using our module. All Joomla websites can benefit from having this Facebook like box extension. After installing our Facebook widget visitors can view Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Facebook friends and Facebook cover photos, without travelling to your Facebook page. Awesome Facebook Feeds Slider is completely free Facebook like box extension. Awesome Facebook Widget Slider can be your first choice to put Facebook Likebox on your Joomla website. Download our Facebook widget now and use Facebook to find new Facebook likes or social media connections. By downloading Awesome Facebook Feeds Slider you can keep your Facebook fans one place. Interact with your website visitors. Let them know new promotions or updates on Facebook. Facebook account directly onto your website via this Facebook like box slider widget, you can gain Facebook friends, Facebook shares and Facebook likes. Our Facebook Slider is best choice, Awesome Facebook Feeds Slider makes it simple for web visitors to view your Facebook cover photos, Facebook friends, Facebook likes and Facebook shares, without having to travel to your Facebook page. Awesome Facebook Feeds Slider is one of the few free Facebook like box extensions and is compatible with all Facebook pages. So make the most of your Facebook account, download Facebook Slider Widget today. A Facebook like box can bestow amazing benefits on any website or blog for the following reasons: Awesome Facebook Feeds Slider can use on all kind of Joomla Websites. Now display your Facebook page plugin on your Joomla sites using our awesome Facebook module. Our Facebook widget is highly customizable. Facebook like box format including adjustable Facebook like box heights and lengths. Awesome Facebook like box display. Customizable headers for the Facebook like box display. Use Small Facebook Header or your Facebook page full header. Free 24/7 support from our Facebook widget specialists. Display or hide Facebook cover photos, Facebook likes, Facebook friends and Facebook shares. jQuery powered Facebook widget. As our Facebook like box slider use jQuery, you won't need to load other scripts to display our Facebook like box. Instant Facebook newsfeed. Easy and free Facebook widget download. Using our Facebook Widget is super easy. Joomla module backend configuration for all Facebook pages. Concealed Facebook widget display that is hover enabled to hide the full Facebook like box display. Simply hover over the Facebook widget display to slide open the Facebook like box. Awesome Facebook Feeds Slider Configuration Options or Module Fields Facebook URL, Facebook Stream Selection, Facebook Cover Photo (Show Header), Align Option (Left or Right), Margin Top, Facebook Width, Facebook Height, Color Scheme, Load jQuery. Note: Many people asks - will Awesome Facebook Feeds Slider will work for Facebook groups too or not. For them - it don't. Our Facebook widget build for Facebook Like box only. Won't work for Facebook Groups.
Awesome Responsive Touch Slider

Awesome Responsive Touch Slider

Free | Slideshow | Awesome Sliders
2 reviews
Adding Slideshow on a site is most important part of building a website. Download our Awesome Responsive Touch Slider Today! Awesome Responsive Touch Slider provides advanced way to represent your images in slides. Our Responsive Touch Slider is mobile responsive and looks very nice on smaller device. Creating image slider on Joomla site using our Awesome Responsive Touch Slider is very easy. Add your beautiful images into our responsive slider. Setup our Slider module on your selected module position and get up a image slider on your Joomla slider in no time. Create Unlimited Sliders on Your Joomla Website using Our Awesome Responsive Touch Slider. Awesome Responsive Touch Slider is fully responsive and mobile friendly. All your images on slider will appear as beautiful sliders on your Joomla website. Awesome Responsive Touch Slider is the most stunning and attractive responsive slider. Our slider is designed to use on all type Joomla sites. Why should you put a Slideshow on your website? Most people respond to visual content and a slider is an awesome way to show important parts of your website. By putting a slideshow on your website you can deliver your thoughts or website goals much easily to your website viewers. It's very easy to digest your idea using a Slideshow. You can share your idea using our slider. A Slideshow make concepts come alive. A Slideshow is best solution to display interactive images on a Joomla Website. Why should you use our Slider or Slideshow Joomla Extension on Your Website? They're simple to Create Creating slideshow using our Awesome Responsive Touch Slider is very easy. Even a person with very low Joomla knowledge can use our slideshow extension. They're easy to customize You will able to customize your slider images anytime using our Slideshow Extension. It's very easy to either change images or text of your slider. Awesome Responsive Touch Slider is Mobile Responsive Our Slideshow extension is mobile ready. It will work on all type major mobile devices as well tablets. Awesome Responsive Touch Slider is Touch Enabled Our Slideshow extension is Touch enabled. It will change slides on touch. Also Awesome Responsive Touch Slider have many more features. You can control your slider speed as well positioned your Slider Description Text easily from Backend Awesome Responsive Touch Slider is developed using Owl Carousel and jQuery. Now you can have power of jQuery and Owl Carousel Slider on your Joomla site by installing our extension. Install and build your first Joomla Responsive Slider in minutes. Create Swipe - Drag and Responsive Slider now! Awesome Responsive Touch Slider Features Infinity Loop Slider: Slider images will be infinite loop which makes the slider extension much fantastic. Position Slider Description: Slider Description can be positioned on many places. The options available are- Top Right, Top Left, Top Center, Center, Bottom Right, Bottom Left, and Bottom Center. Unlimited Slides: You can create unlimited slides using our extension. Unlimited Sliders: You can create unlimited sliders using our extension. Highly Customizable Slider: Awesome Responsive Touch Slider is highly customizable. You can put custom css on our extension as well to extend the module. The Awesome Responsive Touch Slider is an efficient slider for Joomla websites. The Slideshow presented by this tool is responsive and provides a user-friendly slider interface to the visitors. The touch slideshows can be operated by the visitors (touch slider, swipe slider, responsive slider by users)conveniently in order to browse varieties of products and services. The slideshow offered by the Awesome Responsive Touch Slider has a standard design and the slider pictures present in these slideshows are of high quality. The responsive slider can be switched without any kind of lags and renders an eye-soothing image slideshow experience for all the visitors. The most attractive thing about our slider is that it supports touch enabled slider which is responsive slider in nature and compact slider in design. Presently, the Awesome Responsive Touch Slider is only compatible with one of the latest versions of Joomla, i.e. Joomla 3.x. The slideshows have least scope for conflicts because Joomla 3.x presents a proper platform to the slideshows to run smoothly and have responsive effects. Basically, every slideshow categorized under the awesome responsive touch slider runs in a no conflict mode of jQuery. You can customize the slideshows as per your preferences and needs. Customization doesn’t bargains with the responsive effects presented by the module. You can insert certain texts or content in addition to the images in the responsive slideshow. As the module renders a powerful and responsive slider which can be operated conveniently, the touch slideshow is one of the best things you can have on your website to offer a fascinating user experience to visitors. We really love our Slideshow extension. Hope you'll do the same. You can shower some love using the reviews section as well. You can create as many slideshow you want using our extension. Also will able to run multiple slideshows on the same page. Feel free to contact us about our Slideshow extension. We will reply all of your questions related our Slideshow extension for free of charge.
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Awesome Twitter Feeds Slider

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