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Need a dependable test management system? Babel-U-Exams gives you the power and flexibility needed to create and manage standardized evaluations like the TOEIC, JLPT or the PMP certification exam!

Key Features:

  • Create Exams with or without time limits.
  • Limit the number of times a user can take an exam.
  • Define the “Cool-Down” period between exam retakes.
  • Allow users to pause and restart exams.
  • XML & CSV Import/Export for all data tables.
  • Create problems with 3,4,5 or more options.
  • Organize problems into reusable problem groups.
  • Supports Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, T/F,
  • Short Answer, Short Essay, and Extended Matching question types.
  • Problems can have more than one correct answer.
  • Display any problem in any supported format!
  • Randomized problems
  • Computerized and Manual grading options.
  • Users can review past results with or without correct answers.
  • Add additional content and comments to in the results.
  • Notify administrative contact when exam is submitted.
  • 100% customizable notification messages.
  • 100% translatable front and back-end.
  • and much more.

for details on all the features of the Babel-U-Exams online test management system visit our site or try the demo and see it in actions.



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Uses Joomla! Update System