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Plug-in "Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets" for JoomShopping-Joomla Ticket for cinemas, theaters, circuses, museums. parties, courses, lessons, training.

The plugin works on the Free basis.

Online Ticket Sales
-The choice of places in the ranks of the hall and areas
-Different costs for each for each location
-Adding seats in the event with the help of intervals: (1ryad 1-25 places for 2.5 dollars, -3 row with 10-80 seats for 3.2 dollars).
-Copying existing event for a new event
-Automatic hide of event to passage
-Support schemes room with a choice of places (in development).
-Online Support: and
-Language support.
-Default Language: (en-GB, fr- FR, de-DE, es-ES, pt-PT, it-IT, zh-CN, ja-JP, ko-KR, uk-UA, be-BY, pl -PL, tr-TR, ru- RU)
-You have the right to use the plug-in preserving the link below the tickets.
-You do not have the right to remove or hide the link from view.
-Recommended pay PRO version of the plugin "Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets".

Stages of cooperation and delivery:
-Choose a plugin for Joomla - Joomshopping
-You download and install the plugin on your site
-Attract customers, conduct demonstrations and seminars.
-You earn money.

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The "Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets(PluginBilet)" extension is a plugin for CMS Joomla that works with the Joomshopping component. This plugin is installed in the standard way through the installation panel extensions Joomla.
After installing the plug-in "Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets" component in the Joomshopping component, new sections appear, as well as existing ones are changed to other sections. Thus, Joomshopping products turn into an event (presentation) that has its own completion date (time). Those. instead of goods, Joomshopping shop starts selling events (presentations), each such event has a date, description, brief description, photos, video. And also each event has a setting for sale of tickets with indication of places. For each such place, you can specify a separate price. Such places with their prices for each event can be up to several thousand. Places for each event can be grouped by rows and zones.

Feature of the plug-in "Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets" for the Administrator
All prices of places can now be specified using intervals. For example, in the event settings on the places tab, you can specify Prices:
- 1st row: 1-15 places at the price of 550
- 1st row: 16-75 places at the price of 620
- 3rd row: 22-120 place at the price of 810
Agree it is very convenient when there are 2000 seats in the hall, and you just need to specify several prices. This way of setting prices saves a lot of time, just imagine if you had to fill each place separately in the old manner: 2000 places * 30 seconds = 1000 minutes = 16h. For one event, it's terrible. This is a lot to fill the seats in the hall. The plugin "Tickets-TheaterKino" saves your time to the minimum as possible.
Moreover, having specified the prices for the hall once you can copy the event and indicate to it (the new event) a new date (time). Thus, you do not need to even indicate the prices for each place of the new "view" next time.

The second feature of the plugin "Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets" for the administrator
For events, you can set the Hall (platform), you can specify the number of rows and the number of seats in the rows for each hall (platform). This will allow you when working with events to no longer worry about the fact that you will make the mistake of incorrectly indicating the row and place in the hall. In most cases, the seats in the hall are located at some rounding around the stage, which means that in each row there may be a different number of seats. The plugin "Tickets-TheaterKino" solves this problem, in the future you simply specify the interval of seats with the price, you will never be mistaken with the number of seats for each row separately. And if it turns out that there may be several such rooms, working with the website and selling tickets will delight you with its simplicity.

Features plug-in "Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets" for the site visitor.
In general, using the site when buying tickets for a site visitor is not much different from a regular store on Joomshopping, except that each product now has a display date. And the event itself (presentation) has many buttons (places) under the description of the event display neatly grouped by rows and prices. The site visitor will intuitively easily select the place (s) in the hall, make a purchase and make payment.

Checkout and payment is done in the standard way for the Joomshopping component.

The second feature of the plugin "Tickets-TheaterKino" for site visitors
Together with the plug-in "Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets" you will receive a calendar module. On the site, for example, on the main page, visitors will see a calendar with an indication of the views for each date. The site visitor simply moves the mouse to the desired date, after which he sees a list of views with the time indicated opposite each title. Clicking on the date will open a page displaying views for the selected date only. As well as the plugin "Tickets Cinema Theater" automates the presentation of performances. If the presentation has already passed then after a while the presentation (event) will disappear from the site.

Technical details
Your customers will easily be able to pay for purchases of tickets through the site. Selling through the Internet will allow the site owner NOT to use cash registers in general, which are mandatory for ordinary (classical) forms of sales. You will simply make money on your account.

Installation: The plugin "Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets" does not make any changes to the component, only adds a couple of columns to the Joomshoopping database tables. After installing the “Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets” plug-in, the component can be freely upgraded, but if you need to remove a component and reinstall, the “Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets” plug-in is also required to be reinstalled.

- Ticket sales online
- Selection of seats in the rows and zones
- Module calendar of events, events on the main page.
- Automatic hiding (removal) of the event after completion
- Different cost for each place
- Adding seats to an event using intervals:
- 1 row 1-25 places for 250 rubles,
- 3 row from 10-80 places to 320 rubles.
- Reservation (reservation) of the venue
- Placing booking information (reservation) in the order and ordering a purchase order for the administrator (operator) of the site
- Sending an order (reservation) to the operator (administrator) by mail.
- Collection of information about customers: name, phone, email.
- Copying existing events with already entered descriptions, photos and prices of places in a new event. (reduces administration time).
- Support of payment systems Visa, Mastercard, Momentum, MIR.
- Support for payment systems Yandex Money, Sberbank, etc.
- Improvement is actively underway: A graphic diagram of the hall will appear with the possibility of choosing places on it. And other functions.

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Bilet Movie-Theater Tickets for JoomShopping

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