BuaXua Calendar Module - Calendar Events for Joomla!

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BuaXua Calendar is a module for Joomla! It can display the date, time and events in a year on your website. You can set up the events of the year and You can set up the events of the year and each event can be linked to an article or a URL. This module allows you to change the color and it allows you to select the 15 preset styles.

- Show current date and time.
- Show events.
- Event can be linked to an article or URL.
- Open all events in popup window.
- Show random text if no event.
- Changing time zone.
- 15 preset styles.
- Support CSS override.
- Support multiple languages.

Release History:
- Version 1.7.4 - Fixed some bug; Changing codes; Adding: Event text can be linked to an article or URL, open all events in popup windows, 15 style calendar,...
- Version 1.7.3 - Fixed some bug; Changing codes; Remove CSSS file; Adding: Random text, time, time zone.
- Version 1.7.2 - Fixed some bug, Adding events
- Version 1.7.1 - Supports multi-language translation
- Versin 1.6.0 - First release

Fantastic module

Posted on 13 December 2011

A module easy to install, customize, and congratulations to the developer, and also includes commemorative dates that you can add.

BuaXua Floating

BuaXua Floating

Free | Modules Panel | buaxua.vn
17 reviews
This module can displays any images or modules (Menu, Banner, Images, Custom HTML, ...) with floating. When you scroll the browser window, the modules are alway displayed. You can select to dislay your modules on any position to float. This module is suitable for display Ads, Banners, Menu, Button, Custom code,... Features Left Box / Right Box Offset. Custom CSS. Adjustable width and Height. Float both sides (left and right). Displays any images or modules (Banner, Images, Menu, Custom HTML, ...) with floating. Selectable module position to float. Auto centered. Auto Show/Hide. Fix display. Compatible with Joomla! 2.x & Joomla! 3.x New features from previous version Fix display: Fix the module not display correctly on some templates. Left Box / Right Box Offset: Move the box to left or right. Used to adjust the box in place if necessary. Fixed and optimize code. If you have a problem with older versions of this module, please try the new version with more features and bug fixed.

Buaxua Calendar

Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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