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Turn your Joomla website into a webservice to manage SSO, integrate with enterprise infrastructure, power mobile apps and more!

Extend functionality with plugins

Take advantage of our growing library of API webservices plugins.

Save your application servers

Built-in API rate throttling can be configured globally or an a per-token basis. Provides intelligent feedback which API consumers can use to proactively throttle requests before hitting hard limits.

Control access without the hassle

Leverage Joomla's robust ACL to control access to any add-ons, routes or request-types. Expert users can leverage Joomla's pluggable authentication architecture to open up corporate middleware and SSO capabilities.

How does it work?

cAPI injects the Slim micro-framework into the Joomla application instance, allowing for service route plugins to be built at any level of the event stack. But that's only the beginning!

A Services Control Panel manages the creation of JSON REST API access tokens, Slim framework parameters and API rate limitation rules. This allows an administrator to create tokens mapped to specific Joomla users who in turn are assigned unique group permissions using Joomla ACL.

The service routes are built into Joomla plugins which can be enabled / disabled or assigned access permissions individually. This opens the door for development of feature expansions to the core cAPI services to expose 3rd party Joomla extensions, database querying or even remote LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory) as RESTful JSON APIs.

Additional Notes

After installation, make sure to enable the newly installed cAPI plugins. In the future we will enable all install plugins by default. Also, please make sure that you secure your public websites via HTTPS before enabling API functionality.

Change Log

cAPI v1.3.6.1

The following release includes a fix to resolve an icompatibility issue with PHP 8+ resulting from a deprecated function.

  • Implemented fix to avoid deprecation error for function getmagicquotes_gpc(). Tested successfully in PHP8.1 but still recommend running on stable version of PHP 7.4.x or lower.
  • Updated version to

cAPI v1.3.6

The following release includes a new user method allowing authorized administrators to return a list of all user accounts.

  • Create new method GET /user/list/all (getUserListAll)


The following update is a minor bug fix to resolve an issue with a missing password field in Swagger UI for the POST / user/edit (create user) method.

  • Increment version to
  • Add password field to postUserEdit
  • Remove capi folder from services/libraries as it is not needed for now.
  • Remove capi from libraries list is there is no currently used services/capi library

cAPI v1.3.5

  • Fix GET /tag/types response to JSON decode any encoded fields.
  • Add en-GB language definitions for token views.
  • Add en-GB definition for COMSERVICESTOKENS_ACTIONS
  • Update docblocks to parameterize license, copyright, author and version for build plan.
  • Temporary update to improve compatibility with CORS on different browsers until a more granular solution is implemented.
  • Allow for blank or null dlid values.
  • Create validation rule class JFormRuleCapidlid for capidlid and move function setDlid() into this validation rule.This allows for dlid updates on save and save & close and ensures only validated input is saved.
  • Resolve bug which prevented the cAPI download ID from properly being assigned to the extension update site.* Remove dedicated capi/dlid library and associated ARS dlid API methods and refactor that functionality into a custom Joomla field for com_services administration.
  • Remove Akeeba Release System (ARS) API method GET /ars/dlid
  • Update downloadid field schema
  • Remove dlid from capi services and add capidlid.php custom field class to com_services models.
  • Resolve issues with token and tokens views and configure administrator custom field token.xml
  • Token custom field for administrator and site token edit view.Userid for site token edit view, required to force pre-population of userid of current session.
  • Resolve bug with status icon in tokens list.
  • Remove mode and debug from tokens administrative view.
  • Update com_services admin images
  • Update language definitions.
  • Remove api_throttle front-end filter item
  • Add userid.php class to /administrator/com_services/models/fields/
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/views/token/tmpl/edit.php
  • Create com_services administrative model field class token.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/views/token/view.html.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/views/tokens/tmpl/default.php
  • Update docblocks with variablized fields.
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/views/tokens/view.html.php
  • Update docblocks with variablized fields.
  • Corrections to controller.php docblock
  • Remove history from component configuration.
  • Create custom read-only front-end field userid.php to populate tokenform.
  • Create custom front-end field type: token
  • Remove fixed default token value in front-end view and make read-only
  • Include front-end view classes for tokens.
  • Update joomla-packager.xml to prevent errant deletion of build directory folder.
  • Include installer structure.xml with com_services component.
  • Compatibility updates to com_services services.xml
  • Update joomla-packager to place media files in correct location in compiled package and updated services.xml to include parameters for media file installation.
  • Increment version to 1.3.5 and updated copyright date to 2018.
  • Resolve bug which results in the following error when any level of error reporting is enabled."NOTICE: Trying to get property of non-object"
  • Include postflight() function in comservices script.php to automatically enable services plugins, included with pkgcapi_core, after they have been installed.
  • Revert work on package manifest installer script.Move functionality into component installer script.
  • Update joomla-packager.xml to handle Package install scripts.
  • Update package script name and manifest reference to pkgcapicore.php
  • Include reference to package script file pkg_script.php
  • Removed commented-out parameters from com_services services.xml
  • Remove plugin install function from script.php
  • Revert changes to language file folder definition.
  • Ensure /installer/structure.xml is created in build, but removed from original directory /administrator/installer/
  • Updated to accommodate structure.xml
  • Compatibility updates to /components/com_services/services.php
  • Compatibility updates to /components/com_services/router.php
  • Compatibility updates to /components/com_services/controller.php
  • Update copyright year in doc blocks
  • Compatibility updates to /components/com_services/views/swaggeruimisc/view.html.php
  • Compatibility updates to /components/com_services/views/swaggerui/view.html.php
  • Compatibility updates to /components/comservices/views/slimphpframework/tmpl/defaultfilter.php
  • Compatibility updates to /components/com_services/views/slimphpframework/view.html.php
  • Compatibility updates to all front-end model fields. Includes two new fields:filemultiple.php modifiedby.php
  • Add token form and filter xml files to front-end model forms.
  • Compatibility updates to /components/com_services/models/slimphpframework.php
  • Add front end models for token management.
  • Compatibility update to /components/com_services/helpers/services.php
  • Add front-end controllers for token management.
  • Compatibility update to /components/com_services/controllers/slimphpframework.php
  • Compatibility update to /plugins/search/services/services.xml
  • Compatibility update to /plugins/search/services/services.php
  • Add com_services media to component
  • Update config.xml with comment block including latest examples of fields.
  • Compatibility update to /administrator/components/com_services/script.php
  • Compatibility update to com_services config.xml
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/controller.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/services.php
  • New administrator model field modifiedby.php
  • New administrator model field filemultiple.php
  • Compatibility update to services.css
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/controllers/token.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/controllers/tokens.php
  • New com_servers administrator helper class listhelper.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/helpers/services.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/models/fields/timeupdated.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/models/fields/timecreated.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/models/fields/foreignkey.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/comservices/models/fields/customfield.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/models/fields/createdby.php
  • Compatibility update: include /administrator/components/comservices/models/forms/filtertokens.xml
  • Remove token default setting in token.xml
  • Compatiblity updates to /administrator/components/com_services/models/forms/token.xml
  • TODO: These administrator model classes will needs to be updated in a future release:- slimphpframework.php - swaggerui.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/models/token.php
  • Compatibility updates to /administrator/components/com_services/models/tokens.php
  • New sql update script: update.mysql.utf8.sql
  • Remove default time for checkedouttime and last_used.
  • Update class ServicesTabletoken to match current Joomala development guidelines.
  • Updated GET /token/manage/all to required either general core.admin or comservices core.admin in order to list all tokens.IMPORTANT: Within Service Control Panel > options > permissions, a group should NOT be given "Configure ACL & Options" privilege if the administrator does not intend that group to have core.admin privilege on comservices.
  • Updated security on updateTokenServicesRestManage() and deleteTokenServicesRestManage() - restrict to core.edit.own privilege on specified $tokenid
  • Remove check preventing requester from deleting the same token used to authenticate access to the method.Updated permissions to allow non-core.admin users to delete their own tokens.
  • Update tokenServicesRestManage() to allow own-token updates in current session.


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