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jTriad contact form allows you to create a triads: first value + second value + email (eg: City + Vacancy + email). Two variables are displayed as the two dropdown list, that allows you to create any number of addresses to send messages from the site, depending on the selected values.

The module checks the correspondence between the first and second value, showing a warning; also implemented validation of filling out forms. You can edit text alerts in the files in /assets/formValidator/jquery.validationEngine.js and helper.php, an administrative panel of the module currently does not offer this possibility.

Attention, this module requires the inclusion Recaptcha-plugin!

jWeather by ip

jWeather by ip

By rishard
jWeather by ip The module jWeather by ip shows a unique weather for each visitor to your site. The module jWeatherByIp allows you to choose between WorldWeatherOnline, Dark Sky, Visual Crossing, Open-Meteo and OpenWeatherMap, and between and v.2.4.1: toward J5 without B/C plugin. Starting from v.2.4.0, jWeatherByIP can use MeteoSource weather station. Starting fr...
XMAP - Kunena for OsMap

XMAP - Kunena for OsMap

By rishard
Search & Indexing
OsMap plugin for Kunena 6 Forum. This plugin adds OSMap integration for Kunena Forum to generate proper sitemap. This is the reincarnation of the XMAP Kunena Plugin. Works seamlessly with the OsMap component: enable this plugin and check Kunena Menu in the OsMap settings....
Masterpro Nivo Slider

Masterpro Nivo Slider

By rishard
This is a fork of Vinaora Nivo Slider. I really wanted you and I to be able to use this great software on Joomla 4 & Joomla 5. Masterpro Nivo Slider is a great responsive slideshow module for Joomla. It allows you to easily create an image slider (slideshow or slide-show) using Nivo Slider. This javascript slider created by dev7studios and was the world's most awesome jQuery slider (hit over 2,20...

jTriad contact form

Last updated:
May 29 2016
8 years ago
Date added:
May 17 2016
GPLv2 or later
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