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This IOTA plugin works on the basis of the IOTA button which can be found here.

This plugin lets you easily insert this button anywhere on your Joomla site. Whether in an article, on a page or as a widget.

There are 4 entries you need to make:

The Address
this is the same as your address in the Firefly app. This is needed so that you can receive your donations and earnings.

The amount
here you enter the amount of IOTA you want to receive. It is calculated in the smallest form of IOTA.

The Currency
specify here which currency you want to have, in case you want to give people the possibility to convert to USD/EUR for
example, you will still get your donations and income in IOTA here. The conversion rate will be updated every minute.

The user
this input will be necessary for the {donationbtn} button. The users will see who they are donating too. Here you can enter
your name or the name of your website.

How to use:

To insert the button anywhere on your Joomla site, simply paste the shortcode {iotabtn}
This is the Button for a payment with IOTA

The shortcode {fiatbtn} stand for the button with the option to make a transaktion with a conversion fiat currency

The shortcode {donationbtn} gives you the Button for a Donation. The user can enter here set or own data for the sum.

For more information visit:

Pay With IOTA

Alexander K.
Last updated:
Mar 07 2022
2 years ago
Date added:
Aug 30 2021
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System