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Is your website getting malicious visitors? See live.

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  • Who is coming to your website?
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A lot of bad or unwanted bots use your website's precious bandwidth and processing power. This can make your website slow for legitimate users. Get this extension to know more.

EV Front-end Admin navigation EV Front-end Admin navigation

EV Front-end Admin navigation

Admin Navigation
Get quick and easy access to your Joomla website back-end! EV Front-end Admin navigation is a Joomla plugin that brings your administration back-end in an easy to use overlay in front-end. If you are logged-in to front-end of your Joomla! website as an administrator, you do not need to login again in back-end. Joomla Admin from Front-end plugin brings your website back-end in an easy to use ove...
EV Front-end Admin Operations - Pro EV Front-end Admin Operations - Pro
Paid download

EV Front-end Admin Operations - Pro

Admin Navigation
Quick back-end operations are now possible with our new plugin, "Ev Front-end Admin Operations - Pro version". Just login to front-end. You can perform various operations on articles, modules and menu items directly from front end. For example; Duplication of a module requires just a click from front end. Article edit requires just one click Direct links for listing articles, modules and menu...
Hosting Performance Checker Hosting Performance Checker

Hosting Performance Checker

Hosting & Servers
**Is your host giving enough power to your website? ** Is page creation on your server fast enough? This plugin provides an easier way to quickly judge the performance of your web hosting company. And to keep an eye on that. With easy to use data display supported by responsive charts makes it the need of every website....
Ev Website Preloader Ev Website Preloader

Ev Website Preloader

Website Loading with Style. This is not just an ordinary preloader. See the benefits below: Plug n Play. Works out of the box. No need to write css or complex jQuery. No programming required Completely CSS based animations. Loads faster. Easy to change CSS files for those who would like to edit css directly. and best of all, it is FREE. Why wait, give it a try now....
Last Visited Links Menu for Admin Last Visited Links Menu for Admin

Last Visited Links Menu for Admin

Admin Navigation
This plugin displays last visited links in Joomla Admin menu. Seamless integration in admin menu. Looks like a native feature. No complex settings are required. Just install and it works out of the box....
Last Visited & Custom Links for Admin - Pro Last Visited & Custom Links for Admin - Pro
Paid download

Last Visited & Custom Links for Admin - Pro

Admin Navigation
A simple plugin to enhance productivity. Great for Joomla administrators. This is a Joomla plugin that displays two new sub menus in Joomla Admin menu. These are Custom Links and Last visited links. With custom links menu, you can add any backend Joomla admin page to custom links menu by just a single click. Features: Unlimited links Unlimited nested levels One click addition and removal Dire...
EV Easy Modal EV Easy Modal

EV Easy Modal

Popups & iFrames
Create intelligent promotional campaigns with EV Easy Modal. Show different popups on different pages of your website. Also great for e-commerce websites. A great way to show targeted messages to your visitors. For example, If a user is visiting your blog category about cars, you may offer him your eBook about cars maintenance. While if somebody is reading your article about flowers, you can show...
Undo After Save Undo After Save

Undo After Save

Core Enhancements
This plugin solves a usability issue in Joomla backend. While you are editing Joomla articles in backend and you click save, the pages gets reloaded. Now, you cannot use Ctrl-Z to undo any previous changes. We made it for our own use and we liked it a lot. So we decided to share it with Joomla community. Hope you like it....
Heartbeat for Google Analytics Heartbeat for Google Analytics
Paid download

Heartbeat for Google Analytics

Suppose a visitor lands on a very good page on your website and takes 2 minutes and 43 seconds to read the article. After that he just leaves. This visitor stayed 2 minutes and 13 seconds on your page, but never interacted with it. For Google it is a bounce! And bounced visits are marked 0:00 Time on Site. Not fair, right? Many SEO experts believe that a high bounce rate is a killer for your Goog...
EV Easy Modal - PRO Version EV Easy Modal - PRO Version
Paid download

EV Easy Modal - PRO Version

Popups & iFrames
Create Responsive Popups for Joomla Creating Responsive Popups are very easy now with EV Easy Modal - Pro Version. Quick creation of beautiful modal popups. No need to learn difficult javascript & JQuery libraries. Simple and Effective. Equally good for Desktop and Mobile devices. Demo speaks the rest. Give it a try....

EV Security Watch

Last updated:
Mar 30 2017
Date added:
Mar 29 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System