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The VirtueMart extension is a native PHP plugin developed by the EshopsWithIQ team. It is designed to make the initial installation as easy as possible and to give the eshop owner access to all the features of the platform.
The extension will connect the eshop to the EshopsWithIQ platform, sending information about products, orders and visitor behavior, so that the analytics mechanism will operate correctly. It will also enable the generation of product & category feeds for the purposes of listing products of eCommerce stores and integrating with multiple online sales channels.


Main Features

1.The most powerful Marketing Automation platform
EshopsWithIQ helps you get more done in less time by standardizing processes, targeting specific audiences, unifying data and capturing and analyzing sales metrics. When you create an EshopsWithIQ account, multiple automated processes are taking place in order to allow you to start advertising immediately. You can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend setting up and managing your campaigns while improving your results. When you reduce the amount of time you spend on repetitive, time-consuming tasks, you free yourself up to spend more time on other high-value work.
• Run fully automated Google Ads and watch your performance increase as the campaigns are optimized with our powerful AI algorithms.
• Win the social media game with targeted product catalog ads on Facebook and Instagram.
• Leverage dynamic ads to reengage your customers with personalized experiences, built from your product feed.
• Get the competitive advantage by utilizing retargeting ads powered by data of your customers behavior to help you understand who buys your products and why. EshopsWithIQ is learning about your customers, both the ones you have today and those who are about to discover your products.
2.Expand your business horizons with Data Feed Management & Optimization
For optimal control of your online presence, a data feed management platform like EshopsWithIQ is essential. This will allow you to feed product information and update sales data across multiple eMarkets, giving you access to marketing channels, price comparison engines, marketplaces and affiliate networks all around the world! Our data feed management platform can help you:
• Create unlimited feeds for more than 2000 eMarkets.
• Add one or multiple data sources of your eShop.
• Create a calendar of your product information updates per source.
• Transform your product data by setting rules & conditions
• Manage your categories in bulk.
• Create product groups with automated rules.
• Audit your feed synchronization easily.
3.Product Insights - Grow your business by making smart decisions
Product insights are used by businesses to gain a deeper understanding of how their products and product categories perform in multiple eMarkets. Analyzing sales data allows companies to really understand what their customers want to buy and where they want to buy it from. Accurate product insights improve the effectiveness of your online sales strategy, increase your sales and revenue.
• Product Analytics are performance metrics about products, product categories and eMarkets.
• Product insights are analytics that come with suggestions, helping you amplify your eShop’s growth.
Product Insights combine product analytics (sales per month, conversion rates, profit margins etc.) with your performance goals on the product or the product category level.
With Product Insights you access information about your sales per eMarket, your performance on each eMarket and you can identify recommended actions in order to maximize your profits and cut your costs.
You can set a rule on a product, a category of products or an eMarket, based on your profitability goals. You immediately gain access to valuable information that can drive your business decisions towards growth actions.
That’s what Product Insights help you understand, why people buy certain products over others and what’s driving those preferences!


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Mar 31 2022
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Oct 19 2021
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