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The JoomShopping payment gateway complements the standard site management system, allowing owners of online stores and services to organize secure payment acceptance. Simple integration of the payment system functionality makes it possible to save on specialist services by installing and activating the plugin in a few minutes.

Customers can choose a convenient payment method through the payment gateway's collaboration with dozens of banks around the world. For regular customers, the Joomla payment module has a built-in function for saving and automatically entering bank card details. This simple ordering process increases the loyalty of customers who recommend the store/service to their friends and acquaintances.

The JoomShopping payment gateway ( is ideal for small businesses that want to enter the international market. After the integration of the service, you will be able to accept payments from customers from any country. Our payment gateway works with merchants in 33 countries, supporting payment acceptance in 100+ currencies. Cooperation with the largest banks in the EU and Eastern Europe guarantees the successful processing of transactions.

We are trusted by more than 8,000 legal entities and individuals who are engaged in business activities. Our clients are owners of small personal websites and niche online stores, as well as large international companies. By enabling the Joomla payment module, you can attract customers and get ahead of your competitors without a team of programmers and multi-million-dollar investments.

Why it is profitable to work with the Fondy platform

  • security of business and customer payment data: own fraud detection system “Fondy Antifraud”, COMODO encryption standard, the ability to connect two-factor authentication;
  • you can integrate the payment acceptance service in a few minutes by adding and activating the JoomShopping plugin;
  • the payment gateway works with businesses of any size, helping them to enter the international market, attract customers and increase turnover;
  • availability of a holding system-saving money on the customer's card with the possibility of instant confirmation of the transaction or refund;
  • the ability to create entire teams, assigning each person a specific role and the appropriate access rights to the personal account through Joomla;
  • redirecting a payment to another banking organization if the main bank couldn’t process it;
  • an automated payment system that reimburses funds to customers' accounts without delay;
  • mobile application for monitoring payment acceptance;
  • online invoicing – invoicing directly to the buyer (via email, SMS, messages in social networks and messengers).

Supported payment methods for purchases

  • VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Carte Bancaire, and several other bank cards.
  • SEPA, Skrill, Alipay, Trustpay and other alternative payment methods.
  • Online banking of banks in Poland, the UK, Belgium, France, and other EU countries.

Features of the JoomShopping payment gateway from Fondy

Easy and quick start
The JoomShopping payment gateway is one of the easiest and fastest ways to integrate a payment acceptance service on a website. You need to register (, specify the account or bank card number to receive funds, sign an electronic contract and pass a web resource check by our specialists.

A simple procedure for connecting a payment gateway eliminates the need to spend money on web-developer services, as well as a week of waiting for the development and implementation of payment acceptance. It takes a maximum of 1-2 days to register and check the site, and a couple of minutes to connect and activate the Joomla plugin.

The safety of clients and business
The service supports PCI DSS Level 1 certification, which guarantees the preservation and protection of information about bank cardholders. The platform is hosted in a cloud service that is reliably protected from DDoS attacks, interference by third parties and companies.

Fondy ( supports two-factor authentication: the payment is processed only after entering a special code from the bank's SMS. The COMODO encryption standard provides for the transfer of personal and payment data from the user to the payment system via a secure channel.

Fondy has developed its fraud detection system. Fondy Antifraud uses more than 300 rules and algorithms, which allows you to instantly detect a fraudster.

Entering the international market
By enabling the Joomla payment module, you will be able to receive money from users from all over the world without a staff of specialists and multi-million-dollar investments. The payment system supports the Euro, US dollar, Polish zloty, Pound Sterling and dozens of other currencies.

For those who want to enter the international market, the payment gateway offers a single platform, consulting services, assistance in opening and maintaining a company, and choosing a tax residence. Card processing in 25+ acquiring banks and centers in 30+ countries ensures reliable acceptance of payments from customers from all over the world.

Increasing customer's loyalty
Providing new customers with a simple, convenient and fast procedure for registration and payment of purchases, you will get regular customers.

The joomshopping plugin from the Fondy payment system remembers payment data after the first payment, saving it in encrypted form. In the future, the data will be entered automatically, you will only need to confirm the payment.

A payment calendar is available for subscription services. You need to set the frequency (once a week/month/year), after which the money will be automatically debited from the user's account/card. Users don't have to pay for the order every time, and you don't have to worry about late payments. You can disable this feature at any time.

The holding mechanism in the JoomShopping module helps to avoid awkward situations by maintaining customer loyalty. For example, you accept an order, freeze the money on the customer's account, check the availability of the product in stock, and then write off or return the funds in one click. This function is useful for car rental services, hotels, and delivery services.

Optimization for mobile devices
Fondy is optimized for mobile devices, including using the service on smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. The JoomShopping payment gateway does not put a serious load on the site, keeping the page loading speed high.

Business owners can add payment methods, generate invoices, study individual payments and order processing steps through the convenient app for Android and iOS. Owners of smartphones with NFC chips on Android can use it as a terminal: the client only needs to attach a bank card, after which the transaction confirmation will be triggered.

Functional Analytics system
After connecting to the payment system and activating the Joomla payment module, you will be able to study your customers using smart analytics from Fondy. In your account, you can view the status of payments, payment methods for orders, and the stages of registration of each client in real-time.

The Fondy plugin for JoomShopping captures the device, country, and currency in which the user pays for the order. You can view the received information in your account or create and download a report.

Cost of using the service

Connecting, using online invoices or other features of the Fondy payment gateway is free of charge. The commission is charged for making payments through the platform. If certain conditions are met, which can be studied on the official website, an individual tariff is set with a minimum commission (

How to install the Joomshopping payment gateway?

To install the payment module on the Joomla CMS follow the instructions:
1. Unpack the archive with the downloaded module.
2. Go to the administrative panel of Your site (
3. Open the Components menu - > JoomShopping - > Install and update.
4. In the "Upload package file" section, click the "Select file" button, select the archive with the Joomla payment module ( and click the "Download" button.
5. Then go to the "Components" menu -> "JoomShopping" -> "Options" -> "Payment Method", click on "Fondy" and on the module settings page that opens, go to the "Configuration" tab. In this tab, you must fill in the following fields:
- "Merchant ID", " Secret key"
- "Order status for successful transactions": it is recommended to set the status "Paid" (order paid)
- "Order status for failed transactions": if you need to cancel the order when the customer refuses to pay, select the "Canceled" status; if you want to allow re-proceed to payment after the refusal, select the "Pending" status
6. After entering the necessary module settings on the "Configuration" tab, go to the "Main" tab and tick the "Publish" menu item to make this payment method available for selection when placing an order.
7. Save your changes by clicking the "Save" button.
8. Enable no redirect mode: "Yes "to select without redirection and "No" to select the mode with redirection to the payment site.

After installing and activating our Joomshopping plugin, you can accept payments from users from all over the world, analyze data, and improve the order payment process. For convenience and time savings, customers will thank you with constant purchases, recommendations to friends and acquaintances.

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Fondy Payment Gateway for joomshopping

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