Google Maps Image Gallery


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An image gallery that maps your geo-tagged images on a map.
Easy to use, just add a shortcode to any page on your website.

  • Display your geo-tagged photos (EXIF) on a Map
  • Optionally display your photos organized by folders on a map.
  • Uses HTML5 geolocation if available to find the photos near your visitor's location.
  • Completely customizable with callbacks and external CSS.
  • Simple integration via shortcode

After installing and activating the plugin, you are going to need to get a free Google Maps API key

{exifmap title="This is the title" photos="/images"}

The options available are:

  • photos Photos location path, relative to the joomla root folder (required)
  • title Title to display above the map (optional)
  • search-places Activate the search places input box (optional, default 0)
  • scroll-wheel Scroll-wheel map zooming (optional, default 1)
  • cluster-pins Activate marker clustering (optional, default 0)
  • minimum-cluster-size Minimum number of markers to create a cluster (optional, default 2)

{exifmap title="This is the title" photos="/images" search-places="1" scroll-wheel="0" cluster-pins="1" minimum-cluster-size="5"}

Google Maps Image Gallery

Andre Goncalves
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Sep 01 2020
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Jan 29 2018
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System