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Amazon Pay makes it simple for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers around the globe to shop on your website or app using their existing Amazon accounts. Amazon Pay is a quick, easy, and secure way for customers to buy products from your J2Store powered store. When you enable this payment option, customers can pay using the billing information that’s stored in their Amazon account.

Take your online business to the next level leveraging two decades of Amazon eCommerce innovation. Amazon Pay can help you acquire and retain new customers, increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment by allowing your customers to checkout without leaving your site or creating a new account.

* Customers stay on your site during the entire checkout process
* Easy onboarding and setup
* Amazon proven fraud protection and detection technology
* Mobile-optimized widgets for tablets and smartphones
* Multi-currency functionality
* Recurring payment support for J2Store Subscriptions Plugin

JStats - J2Store Expansion Pack
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JStats - J2Store Expansion Pack

By Joomla Gears
J2Store extensions
Whether your e-commerce site is already thriving or just starting out, you need data to grow. It's not enough to see a simple summary of revenue over a specific period, you want to slice and dice those sales to understand what's working and what needs to improve. J2STORE EXPANSION PACK BENEFITS * Instantly see Customer Lifetime Value to make decisions about pricing and ad-spend * View sales proje...


By Joomla Gears
Admin Reports
Track your core Joomla!® metrics & keep your finger on the pulse of your site. Joomla!® is an extremely powerful CMS. Whether it's just you creating content or a whole team, it's critical to see the big picture. JStats provides that higher level look at your site so you can understand what is getting your users' attention and what is falling flat. JStats Core comes packed with tools to track...

J2Store - Amazon Pay

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Apr 03 2021
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Mar 01 2021
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