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This Plugin allows you to display Mapbox Maps on your website.Display Beautiful Styled Mapbox Maps with Locations markers on your joomla website. You can display Mapbox Maps in Articles or in joomla module. You can customize the maps from settings in your joomla administrator. You can show locations with markers of your corporate offices, stores, restaurants, hospitals, shops etc with ease. Also you can apply custom locations marker image to map markers by setting image url in plugin backend. You can also display different map styles according to your website look and feel.

This Maps Plugin is very simple and easy to setup. You can also customize the Maps to be displayed according to your page requirements in your website.

JooMapbox Maps Plugin can be also used as a Store Locator plugin to display your business Stores Locations.


  • Set Maps Width (px)
  • Set Maps Height (px)
  • Set Maps Style (basic-v9, bright-v9, light-v9, dark-v9, streets-v9, satellite-v9)
  • Set zoom level for Maps
  • Set Maps Center Latitude
  • Set Maps Center Longitude
  • Set Maps Locations Marker Image Url
  • Set Maps Locations Marker Width
  • Set Maps Locations Marker Height
  • Set Maps Locations Markers Latitude
  • Set Maps Locations Markers Longitude
  • Set Maps Locations Markers Popup Text
  • Display Multiple Locations Markers in Maps
  • Display Maps in module
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Last updated:
Nov 26 2020
1 year ago
Date added:
Dec 28 2016
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System