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This Plugin allows you to display Mapbox Maps on your website.Display Beautiful Styled Mapbox Maps with Locations markers on your joomla website. You can display Mapbox Maps in Articles or in joomla module. You can customize the maps from settings in your joomla administrator. You can show locations with markers of your corporate offices, stores, restaurants, hospitals, shops etc with ease. Also you can apply custom locations marker image to map markers by setting image url in plugin backend. You can also display different map styles according to your website look and feel.

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This Maps Plugin is very simple and easy to setup. You can also customize the Maps to be displayed according to your page requirements in your website.

JooMapbox Maps Plugin can be also used as a Store Locator plugin to display your business Stores Locations.


  • Set Maps Width (px)
  • Set Maps Height (px)
  • Set Maps Style (basic-v9, bright-v9, light-v9, dark-v9, streets-v9, satellite-v9)
  • Set zoom level for Maps
  • Set Maps Center Latitude
  • Set Maps Center Longitude
  • Set Maps Locations Marker Image Url
  • Set Maps Locations Marker Width
  • Set Maps Locations Marker Height
  • Set Maps Locations Markers Latitude
  • Set Maps Locations Markers Longitude
  • Set Maps Locations Markers Popup Text
  • Display Multiple Locations Markers in Maps
  • Display Maps in module
Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat

Paid download | Live Support | JooMapbox Team
4 reviews
A website Facebook Chat Support System is absolutely necessary when you have a product website. In Joomla many support extensions are available but what if you want your support system to work flawless to send you notifications wherever you are, is quick and there’s no delay in reply and response etc.To address all these needs we have introduced Facebook Chat extension for Joomla. This is a simple extension which integrates Facebook Chat functionality in your joomla website. Your customers needs to log in into their Facebook account, send you a message and then they can continue the conversation with you via Facebook website or the messenger app on your smartphone. Its really that simple and works flawless. The installation is very easy. You need to just install the Facebook Chat plugin through Joomla Admin, enter your Facebook page url and the Facebook chatbox will be displayed on frontend. Now Operate your Websites or Products support system through Facebook Chat plugin. Just log in your Facebook account through Facebook Chat extension and start chatting via Facebook Chat messenger app. Simple,Light and Easy to setup. Stable and works on latest Joomla Version.
Change Admin UI

Change Admin UI

Paid download | Admin Styling | JooMapbox Team
19 reviews
Change Admin UI is a plugin to change default styles & design of your Joomla administrator. Customize your Joomla administrator according to your requirements. No coding or Technical Skills required. Just install the plugin, change the settings in the plugin and you get a beautiful custom Joomla Admin. This plugin provides rich tools to customize your Joomla administration design Change Admin UI plugin allows you to remove Joomla logo and replace it with your own logo. You can also change default admin background with your own background image, change footer text link in Joomla admin. You can also add transparency to the default Joomla admin login box and do many more things with this plugin. This extension is efficiently coded. It never increases your site loading time. It is flexible and easy. Anyone can configure it in few minutes. It never screws your Template while editing the code. This extension saves your precious coding time You get options to style even the footer area of Joomla with custom copyright / other messages. Works on Latest Joomla Version. Features Change Admin Screen Background Image Change Admin Screen Background Color Show / Hide Logo in Login Box Change Login Box Logo Change Login Box Logo Margin (px) Change Login Box Color Change Login Box Opacity Value Change Log In Button Color Change Admin Screen username textbox height Change Admin Screen password textbox height Change Admin Screen textbox icons height Show / Hide Admin Screen Footer Homepage Link Change Admin Screen Footer Homepage Link Text Change Admin Screen Footer Homepage Link Font Size Change Admin Screen Footer Homepage Link Font color Show / Hide Admin Screen Footer Joomla Icon Show / Hide Admin Screen Footer Copyright Text Change Admin Screen Footer Copyright Change Admin Screen Footer Copyright Font Size Change Admin Screen Footer Copyright Font Color Change Admin Panel Background Image Change Admin Panel Background Color Change Admin Toolbar Color Change Admin Menu Color Change Menu Links Font Color Change Header Right Logo Change Header Color Change Admin Header Title Color Change Admin Font Color Change Odd Rows Color Change Admin Links Color Change Admin Footer Strip Color Change Admin Footer Strip Font Color Change Footer Strip Links Color Change Sidebar Hover Color
Google Autocomplete Address

Google Autocomplete Address

Paid download | Forms | JooMapbox Team
11 reviews
Google Autocomplete Address extension allows you to add autocomplete address functionality on any textbox in a form. You can add it on a simple contact form address field,shopping cart billing and shipping address fields, search bar , location fields etc. This extension is very easy to set up. Just save textbox id in extension, thats it and the google autocomplete address functionality appears on that textbox. This extension easily integrates with famous joomla extensions like Virtuemart, Breezing Forms, JEvents, JU Form etc. No coding or Technical Skills required. Just install the plugin, change the admin settings and you get an autocomplete address box anywhere you want.
Tweets Map

Tweets Map

Paid download | Social Media | JooMapbox Team
0 reviews
Tweets Map is used to display recent Twitter tweets on Google Map according to hashtags. Now you can know from where twitter users are tweeting about your website, organization, business etc. It fetches tweets by hashtag and displays it on an infowindow popup on google map.


JooMapbox Team
Last updated:
Aug 16 2017
Date added:
Dec 28 2016
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

Demo Support Documentation
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