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Joomla Sales Google Tag Manager is a plugin built to add Google Tag Manager Container to all of your site's pages.

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At Joomlasales.com our mission is to enable Joomla webmasters to make better marketing decisions. Even though marketing can encompass a wide variety of strategies and methodologies, the basis of any good marketing strategy is solid tracking. The fact that you're adding Google Tag Manager to your site is a great start!

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JS Countdown Timer JS Countdown Timer

JS Countdown Timer

By Joomlasales.com
JS Countdown Timer is a Joomla 3x plugin designed to help you display a countdown easily with just a simple shortcode. Choose between four very different types of customizable countdown timers which will help you to communicate a sense of urgency to your customers helping to increase your sales. The countdown timer provides a visual time contraint that will compel users to buy now or miss out on...
LPs Simple Landing Pages LPs Simple Landing Pages

LPs Simple Landing Pages

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Landing pages
LPs Simple Landing Pages was built to succeed where other content managers fail: pushing webmasters to set up targeted pages that are built for marketing performance and ease. Deploy landing pages from several simple, grid-based templates, quickly add your content and styling. Create a landing page that is specifically tailored to help your users complete a specific call to action. Packaged with...
Encouragement Email Marketing Encouragement Email Marketing

Encouragement Email Marketing

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Mailing & Distribution Lists
Encouragement was specifically designed to send email campaigns to your Joomla site users easier than ever before. Includes -com encouragement-v-2.7.zip - Encouragement Email Marketing Component v2.7 - the brains of the operation -plg joomlasales htmleditor-v-1.1.zip - Template HTML Editor v1.1 - powers the administrator template editor -plg encouragementrunner-v-1.1.zip - Encouragement Runner...
JS Google Analytics JS Google Analytics

JS Google Analytics

By Joomlasales.com
Joomla Sales Google Analytics is a plugin built to add Google Analytics tracking code to all of your site's pages with support for various GA features. Joomlasales.com was created to help Joomla webmasters to make better marketing decisions. Even though there is so much that can be done on-site to boost your conversion rate, good marketing decisions all start with good tracking. The fact that you'...
JS Google Content Experiments JS Google Content Experiments

JS Google Content Experiments

By Joomlasales.com
JS Google Content Experiments is a module built to help you easily conduct split testing using Google Analytics' Experiments functionality. To get started simply create your experiment in your Google Analytics account. Create multiple articles in your Joomla Article Manager. These articles will be used as the variations in our experiment. JS Google Content Experiments allows up to 5 variations per...
JS Google UTM Tagging JS Google UTM Tagging

JS Google UTM Tagging

By Joomlasales.com
Generate custom campaign parameters for your advertising URLs from your Joomla Administrator. The JS Google UTM Tagging component is an administrator component to help you with easily adding parameters to URLs you use in custom web-based or email ad campaigns. A custom campaign is any ad campaign not using the AdWords auto-tagging feature. When users click one of the UTM Tagged custom links, the...
JS Google Tag Manager Ecommerce JS Google Tag Manager Ecommerce

JS Google Tag Manager Ecommerce

By Joomlasales.com
HikaShop extensions
JS Google Tag Manager Ecommerce is a plugin made to add both Google Tag Manager and Ecommerce Analytics Tracking for Tag Manager to your Hikashop store. Google Tag Manager engineered for your Joomla site and Hikashop store and built with funnel optimization in mind! First Steps: Head over to the plugin manager Search for 'JS Google Tag Manager Ecommerce' Locate and click into the plugin Add your...

JS Google Tag Manager

Last updated:
Dec 04 2015
Date added:
Nov 25 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

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