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Jsocial Integration includes many social features like Login by facebook, Add open graph protocol tags in website pages, display your facebook home page news feed and social plugins(like button, comments, share button..) in your site.

Login by facebook :
One click login by Facebook. Let your users access your site quickly and easily with no forms, user can
connect their existing account or creating new account with facebook by the login module. Also you can place login tags anywhere in page to inject FB login button separately.

Open grah meta tags for social media(Facebook, twitter..) :
By jsocial integration plugin you can easily add title, description, image, and other information which are shown anywhere in facebook & other social media when your page is liked, shared, or commented on. It is must needed to present your content efficiently across social media. You can override those og meta tag content by using jsocial integration og tags in any page. Also, by default og image is set from joomla default article or k2 article if present.

Social plugins :
You can add facebook social plugins - like button, comments, share button, follow button... by putting Jsocial integration social tags with different parameters as written in doc anywhere in page, templates, articles..

Just view demo and images for all these features.


  1. Login by FB or normally by the login module and there are many settings

  2. Inject FB login button by placing custom login tag anywhere in pages, templates, articles ...

  3. First time user can associate their existing account or create new account

  4. Add default og meta tags in all pages from plugin settings

  5. Override default og meta tags in any page by placing custom tags with those content

  6. Display all connected social users in admin panel

  7. Delete connected users

  8. Control whether to add FB sdk scripts for login from component settings

  9. Show/hide login/logout progress image

  10. Add facebook social plugins(like button, comments, share button...) anywhere in pages, templates, articles by placing social tags with parameters as written in details in documentation.

version 1.1
facebook removed home page news feed display so is related module removed, other fixes.

facebook wall and social integration
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facebook wall and social integration

By mridul samadder
Social Display
Facebook wall and social integration shows fully customized wall posts of Facebook page/group/profile and also have some Facebook social features like comments, like button, page cover, follow button for your websites. You can customize the Facebook page/group/profile posts display all the ways, from showing/hiding each part of the post to coloring and setting font sizes. There are many features a...
Daily Task List
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Daily Task List

By mridul samadder
Personal Life
Daily task list component provides ways for users of your site to add, edit, delete, mark complete their own tasks/notes/reminders etc. Furthermore admins can create custom tasks in a category & display at front end under a separate menu item page so that specific users can mark each custom task as complete or incomplete. Daily task list component provides ways for users of your site to add, edi...
Mitsol Tweets
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Mitsol Tweets

By mridul samadder
Social Display
Mitsol tweets displays tweets as slide view or vertical display view for any user-tweets, hashtag-tweets, search-tweets. Watch demos and images for all these views and stunning features not to be missed. There are lots of settings of these two views as written under features below, it also caches tweet data from twitter into database to deal with twitter Api request limits. Mitsol tweets package...


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Apr 25 2018
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System