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jTriad contact form allows you to create a triads: first value + second value + email (eg: City + Vacancy + email). Two variables are displayed as the two dropdown list, that allows you to create any number of addresses to send messages from the site, depending on the selected values.

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The module checks the correspondence between the first and second value, showing a warning; also implemented validation of filling out forms. You can edit text alerts in the files in /assets/formValidator/jquery.validationEngine.js and helper.php, an administrative panel of the module currently does not offer this possibility.

Attention, this module requires the inclusion Recaptcha-plugin!

jWeather by ip

jWeather by ip

Free | Weather | rishard
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jWeather by ip The module jWeather by ip shows a unique weather for each visitor to your site. The module jWeather by ip allows you to choose between World Weather Online and Weather Underground, and between REST API SypexGeo and binary file SypexGeo. SypexGeo distributed under the BSD license, it is absolutely free. Getting Started, step by step: - Install module. - Go to Weather Underground and get your free apikey. - Optional: go to World Weather Online and get your premium apikey. Attention, World Weather Online Free API signup has now been suspended. For new users to use Weather API they will be issued Premium Trial key for free testing for 60 days. - Optional: go to and download Sypex Geo City UTF-8. Unzip the file. You must move SxGeoCity.dat to the directory module - /publichtml/modules/modjweatherbyip/ . - Optional: go to Sypex Geo and get your free (or Premium) apikey. - Go to "Module Manager" -> "jWeather by ip", enter your apikeys, select the required options and turn on the module. - Enjoy!

jTriad contact form

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May 29 2016
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May 17 2016
GPLv2 or later
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