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Highly customizable plugin that provides a rich toolset to customize your Joomla! administration look & feel.

Save Time with a Simplified Customization

The KL Admin Skin plugin is for those who want to give their websites a more personalised and unique administration area.

With the help of KL Admin Skin and without any need of custom coding, in a couple of minutes, you will have a styled & unique Joomla! administration area.

KL Admin Skin allows you to remove all Joomla! logos and insert your own logos, change colors and backgrounds, you will be able to replace some default tags with messages to your client and links.

Now, with more than 70 customizable features to reflect your spirit and to turn Joomla! administration more enjoyable!

Just set your preferences and enjoy it!

What About If You Administer Multiple Sites?

Backup & Restore tools let you easly export KL Admin Skin settings, that you can restore them from at any time without configuring them again. You can use this backup to easily configure KL Admin Skin on multiple sites.
We make your job easier.

Built in with 24 color adjustment presets.

With just a single click you will be able to completely change your Joomla! administration appearance.
The only limit is your imagination!

Includes a New Offline Overrider Option

With Offline Overrider new option, you simply set a override key and add it to the url in your browser.
Now you can navigate as a guest user keeping your site offline.

KL Admin Skin is fully translated in more than 15 languages!*

Afrikaans, Chinese (traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Tamil and Flemish.

Latest KL Admin Skin Versions

  • version 3.3.2 for Joomla! 3.x*
  • version 1.1 for Joomla! 2.5

KL Admin Skin Features List Joomla! 3.x

Login Options

Background Options

Background Color
Second Color
Gradient (linear & radial)
Background Image
Image Tiles (yes/no)
Image Size Property (auto, contain or cover)
Horizontal Position (left, center or right)
Vertical Position (top, center or bottom)

Login Box Options

Show Login Logo (yes/no)
Custom Logo
Horizontal Position (left, center or right)
Show Custom Message (yes/no)
Custom Message
Custom Message Position (left, center or right)
Custom Message Font Size
Custom Message Font Color
Login Box Shadow (yes/no)
Show Login Box Background (yes/no)
Login Box Background Color
Full Width Login Button (yes/no)
Login Button Top Color
Login Button Bottom Color

Footer Options

Show Homepage Link (yes/no)
Custom Link Title
Show Footer Joomla! Icon (yes/no)
Custom Footer Icon
Custom Icon Width
Show Footer Copyright (yes/no)
Footer Font Size
Footer Font Color

Administration Options

Custom Favicon

Header Block Options


Replace Admin Home Icon
Navbar Hover Color
Dropdown Menu Hover Color
Navbar Font Color
Navbar Color
Navbar Second Color
Gradient (linear & radial)


Show Logo (yes/no)
Logo Position (left/right)
Custom Logo
Url Logo
Logo Title
Shown Custom Message (yes/no)
Header Custom Message
Header Message Position (left, center or right)
Header Message Font Size
Header Message Font Color
Header Font Color
Header Color
Header Second Color
Gradient (linear & radial)


Toolbar Color
Toolbar Second Color
Gradient (linear & radial)


Sidebar Color

Background Options

Background Color
Second Color
Gradient (linear & radial)
Background Image
Image Tiles (yes/no)
Image Size Property (auto, contain or cover)
Horizontal Position (left, center or right)
Vertical Position (top, center or bottom)

Footer Options

Show Footer Info (yes/no)
Share Footer (yes/no)
Footer Custom Message
Insert Email in Footer
Insert Url in Footer
Footer Font Size
Footer Font Color
Footer Background Color
Footer Shadow (yes/no)

Offline Overrider

Enable (yes/no)
Override Key



... and that's it!

KL Admin Rocks

Posted on 16 May 2016

Not only does it work as expected, it has features that I was not looking for, but love using!

Ease of use

Very easy to use.


I only needed to contact support once and their response was quick, friendly, and excellent.


Very complete.

Value for money

Top notch.

I used this to: I am using the plugin on most of my sites.


Posted on 16 May 2016

Does what it says. Does what you expect...and a little bit more.

Ease of use

Self explanatory


Since one problem was solved with an update before I could even report the problem.... speaks for itself.


Very thorough documentation... which I've never needed. Was just looking.

Value for money

The only better value would be free... but then, would this app get updates and support? Of course not. Happy to pay the reasonable cost for

I used this to: about 20 websites.

Excellent Product

Posted on 02 October 2015

Very comprehensive functionality. Let's you completely change the look and feel of the admin screens without needing to create a whole new t

Ease of use

I'm not sure if they could make it much easier. It's very straightforward. I barely needed the documentation.


Super responsive and fast support.


Highly accurate and easy to follow.

Value for money

If you have multiple clients like I do, the ability to easily customize the look and feel of the admin is worth way more than what these guy

I used this to: Unless I'm building a personal site, I'm going to use this for every site I build going forward. Even for a personal site I think it's worth using just because it makes the admin area look so cool.


All needed to customize correctly the administration part are present.
Suggestion:add the possibility to change the url of the administrator

Ease of use

Very easy, no need to read lot of documantation to understand how it works.


Not needed on my side, because it's very simple to use.


Very well documented

Value for money

Can use on multiple domain, so it's great for agency to customize administrator of our customers for a single price

I used this to: web agency sites


The functionality was excellent. The settings export/import feature is awesome.

Ease of use

Very easy to use and understand. A no-brainer, really.


Really fantastic! The version I installed created a conflict with another component. Support was on top of it immediately.


Very good although the extension is so simple, it's hardly necessary.

Value for money

An excellent value.

I used this to: Changing branding for a client where there will be multiple users accessing the back end to manage directory listings.


Works without any problems.

Ease of use

Very easy to use.


Prompt support from the developer, but really not needed. It works perfecty.


Documentation is included with the component and is available on their site.

Value for money

Costs hardly anything, and can be used on unlimited sites. A bargain!

I used this to: Great for changing the look of the admin panel. My clients like it and it helps me make sure I am working on the correct site when I am multitasking multiple sites at once.

With some simple settings you can completely change the look and feel of the admin interface. If you spend hours every day doing Joomla admin, this is a welcome visual relief!

If you too admin many Joomla environments, you can customize each so that you never again accidentally "do the wrong thing" on the "wrong environment".

This extention is what I was looking to make the admin area more professional and cover the needs of my Joomla costumers. I can change the looking for any company with the logos, images and information that they represent. Very easy to manage. Thank you very much for the great work.

Nice Extension

Posted on 04 September 2014

Nice extention and good support,

easy to use, Thank you !

Nice extention

Posted on 04 September 2014

Nice extention and good support team, it's easy to use.

Thank you.

KL Admin Skin

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Oct 19 2016
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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