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Kommunicate provides an open-source live chat and chatbot plugin. The Kommunicate plugin is flexible, lightweight, and easily integrable. It lets you easily add real-time live chat, chatbots, and in-app messaging to your websites and web apps for customer support. The live chat plugin is equipped with advance messaging options such as real-time chat, sending attachments, sharing location, and rich messaging.


Main Features

  • Live chat UI: A clean and simple UI for adding live chat to youe website, apps, and webapps
  • Chat UI for chatbots: An easy way to add chatbots on your websites and apps and interact with chatbots
  • Chatbot to human hand-off: Automatic or trigger-based hand-off of the conversation to humans if the bot is unable to answer
  • Chatbot builder: Make custom bots for your business with our no-code bot builder powered by conversational AI
  • Third-party chatbot integration: Codeless-ly integrate popular bot-builder platforms such as Dialogflow, IBM Watson and Amazon Lex
  • Rich messaging support: Use multiple rich messaging templates in chat such as buttons, lists, carousels and more
  • Typing indicator: Comes with many customizations such as typing indicator, auto-refresh and others. Refer docs for more
  • AI and NLP platform: Proprietary AI and NLP solutions to make chatbots and improve them
  • Customizable UI: Fully customizable UI
  • Dashboard for managing data and conversation: A powerful dashboard to manage data and conversations, see analytics and more

Technical Documentation

Please refer to the detailed documentation for more features, implementation support and customizations.

Kommunicate Chatbot and Live Chat

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Sep 11 2021
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Sep 03 2021
GPLv2 or later
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J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System