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WordPress has been used from Marketers for a long time because of the handy plugins that can automate tasks for them and grow their reader base.
It is time for some of the tools to be available for Joomla as well - there are over 400 000 Joomla websites built and used but Marketing automation is definetely lagging behind.

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Lead Magnet for Joomla is the perfect content upgrade or bait opt-in for every Marketer.

You are getting the following:
* Collect user's email addresses in exchange to a Download.
* Users are silently registered to your website so you can further communicate with them.
* Sort users who assign into Joomla groups.
* Unlimited Download offers.
* Form or Pop up email collection.
* Multiple modules published anywhere on your website.

New in version 1.0.3 (10/07/2015)
+ New module parameters: Show name, Popup Background, Font color.
+ Pop up background images.
+ File download link in email with expiration instead of allowing download instantly.
+ Social Share icons with Thanks message after form submission.
+ Live update at the back end.

Taxi Booking

Taxi Booking

Paid download | Booking & Reservations |
34 reviews
Taxi Booking has a brand new bootstrap responsive front end design and to celebrate that only for the month of July we offer to anyone coming exclusively form Joomla's extension directory a discount. Coupon code 50% off: JOOMLA50OFFJULY Offer ends 31st of July 2016 With Taxi Booking you get 4 types of software in one package - Metered taxi services, Limo and Private hire pre-booked fixed fares, Hourly car hire, Shuttle and Bus ticket sales. Taxi Booking users can be included for free in the mobile Android/iOS app to receive mobile bookings. Ask for details. There are 15 configuration settings of Taxi Booking: Settings, Payment methods, POI Categories, Points of Interest, Cars, Tariffs, Special routes, Shuttle routes, Custom fields, Coupons, Booking calendar, Orders, DriveNot network, URL building tool and Live Update. Click on Documentation button to get more detailed information. Taxi Booking is suitable for Taxi/Mini cab/Private hire companies, Hourly rentals, Limousine/Fixed price journeys, Shuttles, Buses, Tours, Transfers, Delivery, Removals/Moving companies and other transportation businesses. Taxi Bookings uses Google Maps API to calculate distance and prices. In some cases Google Maps can be disabled to run Boat, Ferry, Air plane business as some of our current clients do. Taxi Booking version 3.11 (17/02/2015) + Cancel orders - options in Settings > General settings + Cancel order by Reference No at front end + Cancel order in Order management for logged in users Taxi Booking version 3.10.9 (14/02/2015) + Add/Delete Users directly in Taxi Booking > Users + Assign Child Users to Clients in Taxi Booking > Users who are able to make bookings with Invoice later for Taxi Booking Corporate + New Archive order email template for customer Review invitation Taxi Booking version 3.10.5 (06/01/2015) + Address book for logged in customers + My Orders in Separate tab in the booking form for even better iFrame integration + Sections for Customer log in, My Orders and Address book for logged in customers + Show warning message at back end Google Calendar settings when Google client library is not uploaded + Option at back end Payment methods (PayPal and for New Orders handling. Waiting status - Send email: Yes/No, Accepted status - Send email: Yes/No Taxi Booking version 3.10.4 (19/12/2014) + Create New POI in Shuttle Route screen Taxi Booking version 3.10.2 (23/11/2014) + Status and Driver change functionality in Order Details screen. + Number of Passengers column in Back end Orders list. + Add Coupon service in App API. + ACL in Taxi Booking Options to control access to Settings and Options sections. + Report chart for Bookings by month in DriveNot network section - Web and Drivenot Orders bars. + Analytics for App Coupon Sharing Short URL and Analytics results in Taxi Booking > DriveNot network section - Shared and Clicked count. + URL shortner in URL building and Click count for each Short URL. Taxi Booking version 3.10.1 (17/11/2014) + Show number of sold Shuttle tickets in Car table. + Automatic building of Google calendar for all Cars in Booking calendar section (calendar for each car still has to be added manually). Taxi Booking version 3.10 (12/11/2014) + Booking via URLs - Search URLs via URL building tool. + Currency conversion in PayPal payment plugin - convert non-PayPal currencies to PayPal chargeable amount. + Generate Booking Calendar HTML automatically with all Cars that have calendar added. + Custom fields assignment filters (pick up, drop off etc.) for easier ordering view at front end. + Shuttle booking without Google Maps API if Show Google Map for Shuttle booking is set to: NO Taxi Booking version 3.9.1 (01/11/2014) + Option at back end Settings > Terms and Conditions tab > Use Terms and Conditions: Yes/No. + Add Orders in Google calendar when New order is created from back end. + Auto approve of Orders option for a FREE/No price orders. + New translatable label at front end booking form above Date selection. + New Custom field type Text area. Taxi Booking version 3.9 (24/10/2014) + Integration of Google calendar to show bookings in Car management. One multi Car calendar for all bookings at Booking Calendar section - tutorial. + iFrame booking form - now you can publish Taxi Booking on any website and platform via iFrame. Bookings will be recorded in your own database. + Added more fields in CSV export and only selected orders will be exported. + DriveNot section - apply to join DriveNot mobile app via your back end. + Separate Thank you page URL. + IP of Order submitter recorded and attached at the bottom of Admin order email for security reasons. Taxi Booking version 3.8.2 (18/10/2014) + Language filter in payment methods for multi lingual websites. + Removed Gender from booking form and added it as a Custom field in User details. * Fix to add a missing (shuttlerouteid) column in Order database. Error only when updating from Taxi Booking version 3.6
c m p
Share Cost

Share Cost

Paid download | Donations |
0 reviews
New Price - 50% less at the moment. From the creators of Taxi Booking for Joomla here is Share Cost - crowdfunding for Joomla. Ideal for software developers, artistic types, local improvement projects, charities. Note: This is not an extension that will help you running a crowd funding portal. It is for single organization use to get their Seed funding and crowd source some opinions on new ideas or ongoing projects. Read the documentation and contact us if you have any doubts. Brake the projects into small pieces and collect the funds needed in stages as a separate jobs towards a bigger goal. Share Costs key features: * Fundraise through multiple contributors - crowdfunding * Break a big project to small easy to explain and mange jobs or have just one fundraising goal * Engage your current supporters and form a seed funding group should you decide to use a crowd funding platform in the future * Harness the power of collective thinking via the built in Comment system for each job chunk * Create project categories to fundraise for more than one project at a time * Fully responsive design to fit any device screen * Multi domain license fully open source GPL v.3
c payment for Taxi Booking payment for Taxi Booking

Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted |
0 reviews
This is a payment plugin to accept Credit Cards through This payment plugin is for Taxi Booking extension for Joomla and will not work on it's own or for any other extension.

Lead Magnet

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Jul 10 2015
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May 22 2015
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